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Chapter 521 - People of the Middle East Were Stunned!

Medical Master
     Chapter 521 People of the Middle East Were Stunned!

    In the branch of the Gospel Division of Esfahan. “Is this Heavenly God’s will?”

    Looking at the corpses of armed terrorists, all the government soldiers were surprised and delighted. What shocked them was that there were hundreds of people in the branch of the Gospel Division. How could they be wiped out without being noticed?

    They were ecstatic because the Gospel Division was one of the four major second-rate forces in the Middle East. Once this branch was destroyed, Gospel Division would inevitably suffer a great loss. Under these circumstances, the government army would have a chance to completely control Esfahan and drive the division out of the city.

    “Who did it? Who?” The leader of the army looked around in great shock. He couldn’t figure out who was able to do this as he saw his men taking away all the arms of the Gospel Division and as he looked at the impregnable fortress.

    At this time, a soldier said, “Sir! Report!”

    The leader immediately regained his senses.

    The soldier continued, “We’ve found the monitor.”

    Upon hearing that, the leader immediately strode forward and quickly arrived at the surveillance room. When he turned on the monitor, the leader of the army was dumbfounded.

    He wasn’t the only one.

    All the people who stood in the monitoring room and saw the video were amazed!

    From the surveillance video, they could clearly see that it was not a large force or a large group of people that destroyed this branch, but it was one man!

    Just one person! He destroyed this branch with his own strength.

    Within one night, the news that the branch of the Gospel Division was destroyed with no one alive swept across the entire region of the Middle East.

    As soon as the news spread, the two first-rate forces and four second-rate forces in the whole of the Middle East were shocked.

    They also recalled that the Dawn Group was also destroyed.

    For a time, all the Middle East forces connected these two things together.

    According to the news, the Dawn Group was destroyed by one person, while the branch of the Gospel Division in Esfahan was also destroyed by one person. There was a fair chance that the two things were done by the same person!

    If they were the same person, it would be too horrible!

    If it weren’t for that person, it would be impossible that so many powerful talents suddenly popped out in such a short time.

    As soon as they received the news, all the leaders of the major forces ordered to investigate the person quickly. No matter what, they must find out the identity of this person. They wanted to see who this person was and which side he belonged to!

    Not only the major forces but also the Middle East army also began to investigate, trying to recruit this person who eliminated the branch of the Gospel Division.

    Soon, as the entire Middle East was shocked by this news, the international underground force forum also released the monitoring video which was about the branch of the Gospel Division being destroyed in the first place.

    The international underground force forum was an online forum whose mainframe was placed in a lawless area and no one in the world could control. The people who could enter this forum were all the underground forces of various countries.

    The purpose of the existence of this forum was to let all the underground forces in the world connect and trade with other forces through this forum.

    What was more, in this forum, they were able to trade in public because no one knew their identity information at all. It was impossible to trace even if anyone wanted to find out who they were!

    The video of the massacre of the Gospel Division’s branch was released, which soon attracted enormous people to watch.

    They were amazed as they saw the video because the scene of the monitor was too shocking.

    A person killed wherever he went, leaving no one alive. He was merely like the god of death in hell, which made people shudder.

    “He’s so powerful!”

    “This man’s strength is too horrible. He’s not afraid of bullets at all. He even dared to confront rocket launchers!”

    “His strength must have already reached the seven-star level, right?”

    “He should be a seven-star master!”

    On the forum, many people participated in the discussion.

    All the international large underground forces knew that there were super masters in the world, so the strength of super masters was also divided. It ranged from one star to ten stars while the one-star master was the weakest and the ten-star master was the strongest!

    In the surveillance video, Fang Qiu’s great strength was enough to frighten many medium forces.

    There was no doubt that it was indeed a high evaluation that they thought Fang Qiu had reached the seven-star level.

    However, these people didn’t know that Fang Qiu hadn’t shown all his power.

    “Who on earth is this person?”

    “Judging by his clothes, he must be from the Middle East.”

    “Why did he attack the Gospel Division? And why did this branch be destroyed? Did the people of the Gospel Division provoke this God of Massacre?”

    As the major international forces were probing and talking about this matter, they received another news.

    It was confirmed that the killer also rescued dozens of hostages from the branch of the Gospel Division before he destroyed it.

    Some forces planned to investigate these hostages so as to find out who the man was.

    However, they found that the hostages rescued by this mysterious man were from different countries. It was impossible to investigate his identity from those hostages, and they couldn’t figure out the connection at all.

    In the end, the major international underground forces could only name this person according to the X mark he left on the ground after the Gospel Division’s branch was wiped out, which was X.

    The international underground force forum recorded this person to the Black List as soon as possible!

    The Black List: Code name: X.

    Public data: None.

    Comment: His strength was extremely strong with incredibly cruel means!

    Five hours later, it was dawn.

    “Rumble…” The car was still hurtling on the road.

    Iron Egg didn’t know if it was because he was paying attention to the result, or because he was frightened by Fang Qiu’s words, or because he was too professional, he was driving the car for the entire night without taking a nap.

    “Beep, beep, beep…” Suddenly, his cell phone rang.

    “Swoosh!” Iron Egg stepped on the brake and stopped the car. As he took out his phone from his pocket, he said to Fang Qiu, “I’ve been driving for the whole night. I’m going to the toilet.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    Iron Egg got off the car, closed the door, and glanced at Fang Qiu, then went to the roadside and picked up the phone while urinating.

    However, as soon as the phone was connected, a very solemn voice came from the other end of the phone.

    It was Iron Egg’s superior. “Are you with John Doe now?”

    Iron Egg answered immediately, “Yes.”

    The superior ordered, “Good. Immediately send him back to the place where you met him for the first time and tell him to leave as soon as possible. This matter has already attracted much attention from underground forces. Tell him not to expose himself.”

    Iron Egg immediately nodded and then asked, “Yes, sir. But he just went to save a person. How could it attract the attention of other underground forces?”

    “To save a person?” The person on the other end of the phone continued after a pause, “He didn’t just save one person, but also destroyed a branch of a force. He just killed all the people of that branch.”

    Upon hearing that, Iron Egg was shocked.

    Then he hung up the phone.

    He went back to the car after he finished.

    As soon as the car door was opened, Iron Egg stared at Fang Qiu in shock and asked, “Did you really kill all of them?”

    Fang Qiu turned to look at Iron Egg and nodded.

    Upon hearing that, Iron Egg couldn’t help but shiver.

    Recalling what his superior said on the phone just now, Iron Egg realized how cruel this guy in front of him was.

    Last night, Iron Egg didn’t believe it when Fang Qiu said that he had killed all of them.