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Chapter 240 - She’s Eating All of it Like They Were Candies

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 240: She’s Eating All of it Like They Were Candies

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    Tang Jinyu looked at her stonily. “You must be feeling better now that you can talk again.”

    Jian Qi smiled. “This candy is sweet. I didn’t say anything wrong.”

    Tang Jinyu pursed his lips and walked to the side while waiting for the others to arrive.

    “Big Sister Qi, is the candy sweet or the person that gave you the candy sweet?” Crocodile teased her.

    Jian Qi looked at him and ignored him.

    Crocodile walked in front of her and continued teasing her, “How nice, Big Sister Qi received lozenges from our Boss. I remember that we used to beg him for some but he wouldn’t even look at us, and now he is giving you the whole box.”

    “Jealous?” Jian Qi was proud. “I still won’t give you even if you are!”

    Crocodile. “…”

    “I don’t want it either!”

    “Sure. But before you say that, you should look at your own expression first,” Jian Qi laughed and walked off.

    Crocodile pursed his lips in anger.

    ‘Why did I come here to watch her show off?’

    Tang Yiyi bought that box of lozenges from overseas for Tang Jinyu when he joined the army. At that time she was afraid that his throat might be unwell because of all the shouting.

    Crocodile and the rest had been eyeing that box of lozenges for a while…

    “I knew that you would be jealous if you came!” Lightning laughed at him. “How do you feel, huh? Upset?”

    Crocodile rubbed his chest. “It hurts!”

    Lightning smiled. “You should know that the lozenges is like a milestone achievement for Big Sister Qi!

    Our Boss usually only punishes her. Even if he is protecting her, he wouldn’t make it obvious. But this time, he literally gave her a candy after a tight slap!”

    Crocodile sneered. “The most important thing is how sweet the candy is to Big Sister Qi and not how hard the slap was!”

    Lightning raised his eyebrow. “Your ability to understand things is not bad at all!”

    “Do you think that I’m stupid?” Crocodile scoffed.

    Lightning laughed and looked at the girl with a mischievous smile on her face.

    “Honestly, I’m impressed with Big Sister Qi’s physique and perseverance. Even under such terrifying punishments from our Boss, she’s still alive!” Lightning was impressed.

    Crocodile nodded. “Yes, this girl is strong and extraordinary!”

    While they were both having fun, Feng Yi walked toward them. They both looked at each other and turned to Feng Yi with a sympathetic look.

    Feng Yi was disgusted. “Why are the two of you looking at me like this?”

    They did not say anything and ignored him.

    Crocodile smiled. “Feng Yi, your goddess just received love candies from our Boss. She’s super happy.”

    Crocodile used the same expression as Jian Qi who was talking to Tang Jinyu just now.

    Lightning was disgusted.

    Feng Yi gave him a look of revolt.

    “What love candies?”