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Chapter 230 - I Want Tha

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 230: I Want That

    “Pull over up front.” Jiang Yao pointed at the intersection in front and said to Xiao Fang. Once they reached the intersection, Jiang Yao got out of the car with Moe in her arms.

    Moe looked exactly like a white kitten that had not grown up so it would not be weird for her to carry it in her arms while shopping on the streets. Instead, it attracted lots of attention from many kids. They were calling Moe a cutie and Moe was exhilarated by their praises.

    “What do you want to shop for?” Jiang Yao was standing at the intersection with Moe in her hands. “Tell me, I will bring you there.”

    Jiang Yao did some thinking and looked around. She asked, “Do you want me to bring you to the pet shop and buy something? Maybe something to eat, to play or for you to use.”

    “No! I have absolutely no interest in those things displayed in the pet shop.” The only thing found in the pet shop that could satisfy Moe was probably the bed that he slept on.

    After disapproving of everything in the pet shop, he looked around with his eyes sparkling. It then randomly pointed somewhere for Jiang Yao to walk to. Judging by the look on its face, it was obviously more familiar with that area compared to Jiang Yao.

    Whenever it was gone during the day, it must have been loitering around the streets in Nanjiang City.

    That street was not the busiest street in Nanjiang City. At this hour, it should be the busiest time in the city. However, the street seemed to be quieter.

    The whole street was rarely this clean and spacious. After Jiang Yao walked into the street, she realized that it was the most well-known jewellery street in Nanjiang City.

    None of the restaurants or boutiques were seen on the street. There were only jewellery and antique shops around.

    “Jiang Yao! Jiang Yao! I want that!”

    Moe saw something and suddenly sprang from Jiang Yao’s arms in excitement. Before Jiang Yao could react, it jumped straight out of Jiang Yao’s arm and landed smoothly on the ground. It then dashed straight toward a display shelf in a jewellery store.

    Jiang Yao could not react in time. She chased after Moe after it had stopped. When Moe noticed that she had just caught up, it looked at her in disdain. “I thought that your physical strength has increased? Why are you still so slow?”

    Jiang Yao picked Moe up and was so angry that she wanted to strangle Moe, the little white ball that was rolling its eyes at her, to death.

    “Do you know how far you were ahead of me? You jumped straight out of my arms in the blink of an eye. Do you think that I’m a deity who has the speed of lightning? I could only predict where you were going if I’m a deity!” Jiang Yao grumbled before asking, “What exactly did you see that got you so impatient?”

    Upon hearing Jiang Yao asking about that, Moe reached out its soft and chubby paws and pointed at a diamond ring which was sparkling under the lights on the display shelf. Its eyes were sparkling too. “That diamond is so shiny and dazzling! I want that!”

    Jiang Yao’s eyes fell upon the diamond ring and she took a closer look at what Moe was pointing at. One look and that was all it took to freeze her on the spot.

    “One, tenth, hundredth, thousandth, ten thousandth…”

    Jiang Yao then dragged Moe away quietly.

    “Don’t you even think about it, I can’t afford it! I will just get you a diamond collar that costs one dollar at the pet store. Moreover, you don’t even have hands, you can’t even wear it if I were to buy you that.”

    “I have no interest in those counterfeits! I only want that!” Moe was grabbing onto the tiles on the ground with its four paws. It did not want to give up. “I can just leave it in my crib as a decoration if I can’t wear it! When I was at the Future Galaxy, my toys used to be those sparkling diamonds! I love things that sparkle!”

    “Light bulbs sparkle too!” Jiang Yao did some thinking and negotiated with him. “How about I buy you a whole row of light bulbs?” Jiang Yao felt that paying for the electricity bill was way cheaper and more affordable compared to the diamond.

    That was a diamond ring that cost more than ten thousand, how could she afford it?

    Moe was trying to sell off its dear master, huh?

    “You don’t have money?” Moe did not struggle anymore. It shook the fur on its body and started to judge Jiang Yao from head to toe. “You are living in a mansion and I have never heard you complaining that you do not have enough money to spend. I thought that you’re loaded! I have never expected to still find myself a poor master after searching here and there for so long! This is pissing me off!”