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Chapter 183 - A Familiar Stranger

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 183: A Familiar Stranger

    It became extremely awkward in the apartment after Su Cha spoke.

    Tang You was dumbfounded.

    They all looked at Su Cha with great shock as they found it hard to believe that she could say things like this.

    “You are ….”

    Tang You flushed with anger. But before she could speak, her mother, Gu Yanyun stopped her, “Tang You, don’t argue with impolite people!”

    While she spoke, she frowned at Su Cha with displeasure.

    Tang You listened to her mother and said no more, although she was still angry.

    Gu Yanfang also glanced at Su Cha coldly.

    But Su Cha suddenly stood up after looking at the time on her phone, “Now that you guys have said everything. Who was the one that has started it? How dare you blame me? You should be ashamed! I don’t need to be polite with any of you since I have nothing to do with you at all.”

    Then she grinned and showed her eight white teeth which were good enough for a toothpaste ad, “Am I right, Aunt?”

    She spoke highly and coldly.

    She used to be the intimidating Princess Royal before she became the Empress Dowager.

    She was born in the palace, where everyone treated her with humble reverence. Long living in such an environment had added to her haughtiness, which could unintentionally display at any time.

    Her grin at Gu Yanfang scared her.

    Gu Yanfang was startled and enraged after she recovered.

    She trembled and looked at Su Cha as if she had committed a crime beyond forgiveness, “What has happened to you? Your father has raised you up through hardships. How could you treat him like this? Those are your aunts and uncles here…”

    “Aren’t you clear whether my father has raised me up through hardship or not, aunt?”

    Su Cha’s pretty eyes showed her determination, “I’m here to end it today.”

    The door was opened after she spoke. Su Mingzhe walked in and was welcomed by the silence.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Su Mingzhe felt fishy instinctively and found Su Cha standing in the living room.

    Su Cha had become so stunning that he could not miss her.

    He even felt at a loss at the sight of her.

    The humble and timid girl in his memory had become so stunning.

    Su Cha saw Su Mingzhe as well. Compared with the man in her memory, he looked older.

    He was plain but felt like a leader. He was a kind person. But Su Cha noticed that he found her unfamiliar when he saw her.

    She felt at a loss.

    Why did she not feel attached to him?

    He just felt like a familiar stranger who had lived with her for years.

    But the thought passed by quickly and Su Cha did not want to overthink. Gu Yanyan stood up and scolded, “Mingzhe, we treat you as a family, but look at your daughter! She sees us as enemies and has called us ashamed!”