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Chapter 226 - Good Devil

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 226: Good Devil

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The Dragon Gang had flagrantly sent their people to attack police officers. It did not sit well with the executives in both the district station and even the central police station. The enraged chief of the central police station issued an explicit order: Crackdown!

    Although the Dragon Gang was influential in Jiangcheng, with their members scattered in every corner of the area, they were unaware when the police started to pay considerable attention to their kingpins. Feng Zhiqiang was arrested in Liren County, which was quickly followed by the arrest of Han Mian soon after. These breakthroughs greatly assisted in the rounding up of many more core members of the gang. The city police had started upscaling their operations to curb the underworld activities, resulting in the arrest of even more key members.

    In no time at all, many of Long Sankui’s three thousand disciples were finding themselves locked up in the central police station’s cells.

    The crackdown had a tangible effect on the underworld, and even common street thugs and goons were keeping low, were much less brazen in their street criminal activities. It had been unnerving for these criminals to see the visible presence and determination of the police in their frequent raids. Still, they were more afraid of that renowned brutal and ruthless police officer – the Demonic Cop.

    It was the long arm of the law in action. When a government put all its resources to work against crime, any person involved in criminal and illegal activities would have nowhere to hide.

    [Inside a villa in the Guangming District]

    Long Sankui was playing with his four-year-old son. To have a young son at his advanced age was a blessing, and he loved the boy dearly. With a fatherly, kind smile on his face, his heart would simply melt whenever his son ran into his arms, calling out “daddy.”

    Hei Lang and a group of core members of the Dragon Gang rushed into his villa in great haste.

    “Master Long, something happened. Our…”

    Hei Lang was about to report the situation when he took notice of Long Sankui’s warning glare. He stopped himself from uttering another word and bowed slightly in acknowledgment. It was an unwritten rule that they should never talk about the gang business in front of Master Long’s families regardless of how serious the matter was.

    “Minghui, take the child away!”

    Long Sankui called to an elderly au pair standing close by.

    The woman nodded respectfully and picked up the child. She spoke to the boy with a gentle smile, “Doudou, say goodbye to your dad and uncles.”

    “Goodbye, daddy. Goodbye, uncles!”

    The boy waved his tiny hand, greeting the visitors with his sweet little voice.

    For some reason, the boy’s bright and cheerful smile brought back memories of their childhood days, and the gang members returned the smile. They reminisced the simplicity of that time, a time without trouble and fighting.

    The smile on Long Sankui’s face vanished as soon as his son left the room, and the familiar look of the crafty old fox reappeared again.

    He leaned on the dragon-headed cane and took the two large “Baoding” balls handed to him by his servant, then sat down in an old vintage wooden armchair that two gang members hurriedly carried over. With a grim face, he stared hard at his followers assembled in front of him. He had news of Han Mian’s recent capture and knew the entire police force in Jiangcheng had mobilized and was cracking down on his businesses and core people. The underworld empire he built with his own very hands was now crumbling and falling apart bit by bit.

    Nothing could allay his wrath, and he was dying to tear Xiao Luo into pieces with his bare hands. This man was the sole reason for all their troubles.

    “F*ck, did you find out the background of that young motherf*cker?”

    Long Sankui was finding it difficult to remain composed, but as the head of the organization, he had to project the confidence of a man in control. The Dragon Gang would not stand a chance if even he lost his composure at a time like this.

    “Yes, I’ve got it.”

    Hei Lang stepped forward and took out a piece of paper from his briefcase, and read it out aloud, “Xiao Luo hails from a remote, small town called ‘Gushan’ in the Xi Province. His parents are alive and healthy. He has a sister who is a nurse in the People’s Hospital…”

    “Send someone to kill his parents.” Long Sankui gave the order casually.

    Hei Lang nodded and asked, “What about his sister?”

    “Do you need to ask? Of course, you will go and catch her for me. I want to see how this young motherf*cker is going to fight with me.” Long Sankui said viciously.


    Hei Lang answered with a slight bow of his head.



    Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Liu Tieguofound themselves warded in the hospital. Wang Lihu had suffered the most severe injuries. The three bolts had lodged deep into his body and caused severe tissue and muscle damage. After receiving treatment, Liu Tieguo only needed to rest and recover, as the injuries he sustained were primarily to his tendons and bones.

    The hospital had set up a viewing area for visitors in the hallway.

    It was night, as Xiao Luo stood watching the doctors and nurses running around downstairs.

    Gu Qianxue was next to him. She wasn’t in her police uniform but instead was dressed in an immaculate white dress, accentuating her natural beauty. She gazed at Xiao Luo with her bright, sparkling eyes, no emotions showed on her pretty face, as she searched for some answers.

    “A young girl came to Jiangcheng with high hopes and dreams. She had set her mind on being an exemplary nurse, an ‘angel in white’ to save people’s lives. She was an innocent soul, beautiful and kind. But this world, unfortunately, is filled with filth and abomination. Nasty people found ways to entrap her mind and body with all sorts of despicable means. She kept fighting and resisting, and finally tried to end her life by jumping off from the tenth floor.”

    As he told his story, Xiao Luo’s voice was soft and gentle. Every word was filled with intense emotion as he recalled memories of Sun Yu.

    Gu Qianxue just listened, she could see his pain and did not say a word.

    “I stepped into her life… no, she entered my world. When I saw her falling off the building, just like a swallow with a broken wing, I told myself that I would send the filth of Jiangcheng to hell. I will stop at nothing, not even becoming a devil myself.”

    Xiao Luo had said more than he intended, turning his head toward Gu Qianxue, he said with a bitter smile, “Your sister warned you to stay away from me. She is right, you know. A kind-hearted and simple girl like you shouldn’t have anything to do with people like me.”

    “I am my own person,” said Gu Qianxue.

    “But you have to listen to her, don’t you?” Xiao Luo said, smiling cheekily.

    Gu Qianxue first shook her head, then nodded, and she explained, “Well, I do have to listen to her on many matters. But I can decide for myself when it comes to some things.”

    “For example?”

    “Being a friend to you.” Gu Qianxue said seriously.

    Xiao Luo laughed and asked, “Are you sure you can call the shots on this?”

    “I am sure!” Gu Qianxue’s rosy lips opened in a look of defiance.

    Xiao Luo stretched his hand and gently tapped on her forehead and said, “I’m beginning to like you more and more. I mean, as a friend.”

    “Why did you tap my forehead?” Gu Qianxue asked with confusion.

    “It represents my approval of you.”

    Of course, Xiao Luo couldn’t tell her that it was what he usually did when he was kidding around with little kids.

    Gu Qianxue thought for a moment, then, in turn, tapped Xiao Luo’s forehead gently with her hand as well.

    Xiao Luo was a little taken aback, but then shook his head and laughed, “You’re very different from your sister. I think I should apologize to her for your sake.”


    “Your sister will know.”

    Xiao Luo gave her a warm smile, then from the corner of his eye, he saw Gu Qianlin’s black SUV turning into the hospital through the main entrance. He said to Gu Qianxue, “Alright, you should get back. I need to check on those three guys. See you tomorrow!”

    He turned around and left right after speaking. He had no intention of meeting Gu Qianlin at all.

    “Good devil.”

    Gu Qianxue said to herself. Other people viewed Xiao Luo as a bloodthirsty and brutal devil. But that was not how she saw it; he was a good-hearted person who had turned into this devil out of love and a sense of duty.

    Had Xiao Luo known her judgment of him, he would only tell her, “You’re wrong!”