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Chapter 184 - If You Go To The Imperial Capital, I Will Be Done With You Forever!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 184: If You Go To The Imperial Capital, I Will Be Done With You Forever!

    She seemed to be very angry. Su Cha looked at her.

    Her daughter Tang You cried, “Uncle, Su Cha bullied me!”

    Su Mingzhe was not prepared for it. He looked at Su Cha and frowned, “Su Cha, what did you do?”

    Su Cha found his tone familiar.

    The more she thought about the past, the more Su Cha felt restless. She heard Su Mingzhe’s question and put on a cold look that could almost freeze the air. “Why should you ask me? She’s the villain who complained first. They said I don’t deserve to be here. I just asked them, “Aren’t you the one who has bought the apartment? Am I not your daughter? Can’t I stay here?”

    Tang You was agitated and moaned as if she had been wronged, “I didn’t mean it.”

    Su Mingzhe could not blame her as the girl appeared to be full of grievance. He saw his wife and other relatives remain cold and angry, and said, “Su Cha, Tang You is younger than you. She is a child. You don’t have to mind her words….”

    Su Cha took her suitcase abruptly and said more coldly, “I showed respect to you because you are my father. But if you want to protect others over me, I don’t know how to speak with you again. I’m here just to notify you that I’ve accepted the offer of the Imperial Capital University and I’ll move there by the end of this month.”


    Su Mingzhe was dumbfounded. He didn’t mind Su Cha calling them others and just shouted, “You are going to the Imperial Capital? You can’t!”

    He walked to her and tried to pull her suitcase, “Do you think that you’ve grown up and can leave me?”

    But Su Cha put on a serious look before he could reach it, “Stay there!”

    Even the air was frozen by her words. Everyone felt the tension.

    Su Mingzhe’s heart raced up and looked back at Su Cha. He found her eyes terribly cold.

    Gu Yanfang became aware of something and had to speak, “Let’s sit down and talk nicely.”

    Su Cha turned over to glance at her.

    Gu Yanfang could not express her feelings about the glance.

    It was full of contempt. She seemed to be a nobody in Su Cha’s eyes.

    She was like an ant that did not deserve her attention.

    It made Gu Yanfang furious.

    Others were also shocked by Su Cha.

    They looked into each other’s faces and were bewildered. Even Tang You clutched to her mother’s clothes out of fear for Su Cha.

    They were happy to see the daughter fighting against her father and did not want to stop them.

    Gu Yanyun even pulled Gu Yanfang over and asked her not to intervene.

    “If you go to the Imperial Capital, I will be done with you forever!”

    Su Mingzhe was too angry to say anything, so he threatened Su Cha.

    Su Cha grinned instantly, “That would be great, Dad.”

    Su Mingzhe almost suffered a stroke because of her words.