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Chapter 227 - The Operation

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 227: The Operation

    “101,000 Points available for use!”

    After checking in with Wang Lihu and the others, Xiao Luo returned home. Laying in bed, he accessed the system mall for the first time in a while. Much to his surprise, the accumulated points balance had exceeded a hundred thousand again. It was particularly gratifying for Xiao Luo since he could now choose to spend a hundred thousand Points for a speedy recovery if he sustained any serious injuries.

    Using the Help function, he now understood the difference between life extension ability and healing ability. If he suffered a fatal injury, such as a stab wound through heart, slash on the throat, terminal stage cancer, and such, it would take a “life extension ability” to recover. On the other hand, common injuries that could be cured by modern medical means and equipment only needed “healing ability.”

    A life extension ability needed half a million points when redeemed for the first time, and thereafter the points required for the following times would increase exponentially. The more times the host chose to use the life-extension ability, the more points it would cost. Healing ability only needed a hundred thousand points. No matter how many times the host redeemed it, the price would remain at a hundred thousand points.

    After returning to work the next day, Xiao Luo made two requests of Hou Zhijie, chief of the district station.

    First, he requested more officers to protect Wang Lihu and the others who were recuperating in the hospital. Also, he wanted the local police of Gushan county of Xi Province to provide a 24/7 protection detail for his parents and grandparents who lived there.

    Hou Zhijie clearly knew how audacious the Dragon Gang could be and how likely they were to be targeting Xiao Luo’s friends and family. As the chief, he felt it was his sworn duty to protect Xiao Luo’s friends and families, and he would not shirk from those responsibilities.

    “Rest assured. I’ve already assigned a team of armed special police to ensure the safety of Wang Lihu and the others. I will make contact in a minute with the police station in Gushan to ask them to send police officers to protect your family 24 hours every day.”

    “Thank you!”

    Xiao Luo genuinely appreciated Hou Zhijie’s support.

    He needed to eliminate all such concerns and have a clear mind before dealing with Long Sankui. His parents lived far away in his hometown in Xi Province, and he felt that Long Sankui would probably not send too many people there to harm his families. With the 24/7 protection from the county police station, Xiao Luo’s family should be safe. He was more worried about any attempts here in Jiangcheng.

    Xiao Luo bumped into Gu Qianxue after walking out of the chief’s office.

    Wearing the police uniform, she looked smart and attractive with her delicate features, rosy cheeks, and flawless skin. Xiao Luo could also smell her sweet fragrance when he walked closer.

    “Don’t you usually have things to do?” Xiao Luo asked her.

    Gu Qianxue shook her head and answered, “No.” After a moment of silence, she added, “They asked me to study and get familiar with case files first.”

    “Then, can you please do me a favor?” Xiao Luo asked.

    “Sure, tell me,” Gu Qianxue nodded.

    Xiao Luo smiled and said, “Protect my sister and brother-in-law.”

    He had not intended to get her involved in the beginning. But, after he witnessed Gu Qianxue’s exceptional display of Tianshan Sword Style several nights ago, he changed his mind. He honestly felt that even he would find himself in a trying situation if Gu Qianxue used the Tianshan Sword Style against him.

    Long Sankui was a dangerous man and was not to be underestimated. He would not rest until he had killed Xiao Luo and his friends. Just having Feng Wuhen and his four compatriots in the protection detail would not suffice. It was necessary to ask Gu Qianxue to join them.



    The crackdown continued in earnest and now swept across the city. The Narcotics Squad of the district station was right in the thick of the action. Wang Yongjia, in particular, had an ax to grind with the hated Dragon Gang. He returned to work despite suffering some injuries and had now received accurate information from his informant. Khun Sa, the drug lord from the Golden Triangle, planned to steal into Jiangcheng. He would rendevous at the wharf tonight.

    “Khun Sa’s real name is Jin Yuanbao. He was from Yun province and traveled to the Golden Triangle in 1990 to pan for gold…”

    In the large conference room, Wang Yongjia briefed the Narcotics Squad team members about their target before the operation. He said, “He is the main source of drug trafficking in Jiangcheng. We had carried out several operations in an attempt to capture him. But, this man is born fox with a wily nature and has escaped every time. This time, I want him arrested for good. As long as we have him, the narcotic network in Jiangcheng will certainly collapse. Besides, if we have Khun Sa as our witness, not a single b*stard in the Dragon Gang who runs the drug business will be able to escape!”

    “Captain Wang, I have a question.”

    Xiao Luo raised his hand, said, “We have carried out the crackdown in Jiangcheng on a grand and spectacular scale. As a drug kingpin, why would Khun Sa choose to come to Jiangcheng during this special time? Doesn’t he know it’s particularly dangerous now?”

    Other team members nodded, echoing Xiao Luo. It was indeed suspicious that Khun Sa somehow chose this particular time to come to Jiangcheng. It did not seem logical and rational.

    Wang Yongjia nodded in agreement, said, “That is a good question. But as I just said, Khun Sa is a wily and slippery guy. There is an old saying, ‘It’s dark under the light.’ Maybe Khun Sa thinks that the police would be too busy with dealing with the gangs with all of our forces. The most dangerous place is the safest place, and the most dangerous time is the safest time for him.”

    “I understand now!” Xiao Luo was enlightened.

    Wang Yongjia changed his slide, put on a grim expression, and continued, “The chances are that it’s this Hei Lang who will be connecting with Khun Sa. Hei Lang is only his street name. His real name is Qian Fei. The entire drug network of Jiangcheng points at him. We would have made an arrest a long time ago had we gotten irrefutable and conclusive evidence. But they’re digging their own graves this time. We will only have victory in this operation!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    All the members of the Narcotics Squad stood up together and answered in chorus.

    To destroy the narcotic network was an objective Xiao Luo had long planned, and this was his best opportunity to make it happen. He would spare no pains to do so.



    It was dark, two hours after midnight, and the wharf of Jiangcheng was in dead silence.

    At an abandoned dock that was about to be reconstructed, there were many rusty shipping containers stacked along the pier. A container crane was on the side, discolored and corroded harshly. The thick steel chain was hanging like a rope and swinging slightly in the cool coastal breeze.

    The Narcotics Squad was stealthily hiding behind a shipping container and observing Hei Lang and his henchmen sitting on the empty ground on the dock and were waiting to make contact with Khun Sa.

    “It’s been so long. Why is Khun Sa not here yet?” A member of the Narcotics Squad whispered.

    “What’s the rush? You have to be patient to hook up a big fish.” Wang Yongjia lectured him.

    The guy complained, “But watching them eating barbecue and drinking beer makes me feel quite miserable!”

    They had been hiding here since nightfall without eating and enviously watching Hei Lang and his men enjoying the barbecue. Irked, they only wished Khun Sa would arrive soon so that they could dash forward to arrest them all. And then wolf down what remained of the delicious barbecue.

    “Suck it up. We’re in the middle of the operation.”

    Wang Yongjia rebuked him, and thought to himself, “I’m also f*cking starving, smelling the grilled meat. Who am I supposed to complain to?”

    At the moment, they heard chewing sounds on their side.

    They turned their heads and saw Xiao Luo was holding a scrumptious leg of chicken and gobbling on it with relish as he leaned against the shipping container.