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Chapter 242 - How Can I Flirt if My Voice Isn’t Sweet Enough?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 242: How Can I Flirt if My Voice Isn’t Sweet Enough?

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    While the three of them were still discussing amongst themselves, someone threw three backpacks at them.

    “Since you all are so free, run together with them!” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

    The three of them were dumbstruck but they immediately carried the backpacks and started running with the troop.

    Jian Qi was surprised when she saw the three of them.

    It was just lozenges though, did he have to be so harsh?

    “Big Sister Qi, you’re so unkind. How can you trick me with an empty box,” Lightning ran to her side and complained.

    Jian Qi calmly teased him, “I’m already very kind to you. You could at least smell the leftover fragrance in the box even though you can’t eat them.”

    “Big Sister Qi, I’m already running with you now. Are you sure you’re not going to give me any lozenges?!”

    Feng Yi has had enough of him, “Lightning, do you still have dignity left?”

    Jian Qi smiled at him. “I’ve already finished it. Why don’t you get it from Instructor Tang?”

    “You finished one whole box?!”

    “There weren’t a lot in it!” She chewed all of them down.

    At least the lozenges worked. She could talk to them, and her voice did not sound hoarse anymore.

    “You guys should stop talking to me. I need to take care of my voice. What if Instructor Tang wants to hear my confession again, how can I flirt with him if my voice isn’t melodious enough?”

    The three of them were speechless.

    ‘What the f*ck, how could she show off again?’

    Crocodile looked at Jian Qi from behind. “This girl is evil!”

    Lightning, “…She’s not only evil!”

    Feng Yi looked at the two of them scornfully. “Two idiots!”

    Feng Yi ran off after saying so. He did not want to run with the two idiots.

    Lightning smiled. “He must’ve been hurt!”


    Everyone went back to rest after the training session had ended in the middle of the night.

    It was a tiring day for them. Hence, everyone had a good rest.

    This time, they did not have to wake up without a moment’s notice. They slept through the night.

    Everyone was prepared in their uniforms. They were not given any weapon.

    Not even any essential supplies.

    Everyone boarded the helicopter.

    There were eleven freshmen and forty soldiers from the Special Fire Team.

    Everyone was excited and nervous in the helicopter.

    “As new recruits we are in quite an unfavourable situation this time. Should we group up and eliminate the veterans first, or should we just move individually?” Someone asked.

    “Whoever agrees to group up and eliminate the veterans first, please raise your hands!” Another person said.

    Everyone raised their hands.

    They had been through a lot together. Hence, they were hoping that some of them would emerge as the final six!

    Jian Qi did not have any opinion on whether they should group up or go their separate ways. Since everyone agreed to group up, she did not think about it too much either.

    “We shall group up then. Everyone, all the best!”

    “All the best!”

    Everyone fist bumped each other in an imposing manner!

    However, how would Tang Jinyu allow them to group up so easily?

    Everyone was dropped off in mid air with a parachute, and they all landed at different locations!

    Hence, the plan was messed up.

    Before jumping off, everyone decided that they would find their own people and team up while avoiding physical combat with the veterans!

    They had to preserve their energy since there were more enemies.

    It seemed like everyone had thought it through but there were many circumstances at play as well.