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Chapter 893 - Liu Yanhua

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 893: Liu Yanhua

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    Si Yiyan found a personal assistant for Wen Xinya who was a lady from Jiangnan, named Liu Yanhua. Her looks were rather plain and ordinary, but she exuded a classic elegance which made her come off as gentle.

    She was the very same girl who was said to have received tens of awards from the Dove Institute in France.

    Dove Institute was the place that budding personal assistants were schooled and groomed to specifically become assistants for individuals of the upper-class society. The institute had a rich history that dated back to more than a century ago. It was known as the top “nanny” institute of the world that produced the best personal assistants.

    It was said that Dove Institute was founded for the sake of nurturing talents and manpower for the French royals and the wealthy.

    Liu Yanhua said, “It’s already been three days since the latest issue of Poise Magazine was released and they’ve already broken their sales record of 700,000 copies. The increase in copies sold has already slowed down a little, but I reckon they will be able to hit a sales record of 1.2 million copies. That would exceed Teacher Zhou Huiyan’s record.”

    Wen Xinya had no idea that Si Yiyan had intervened in order to boost sales. There were at least 100,000 copies of the magazine issue in the basement warehouse of Jiayuan Club where waitresses would put the magazines on display in every room.

    Wen Xinya was rather surprised by the numbers.

    “I’ve already consolidated a list of comments on the official website of Poise Magazine posted by the netizens regarding the latest issue. After some tabulation, I found that you’ve gained a 39% positive response rate and 41% of readers are pleased with you being the cover of the issue. Only 20% of the comments are negative.”

    Wen Xinya grabbed the document and flipped through two pages before saying, “Well done.”

    The data that Liu Yanhua had generated was clear, concise and easy to understand. Wen Xinya no longer had to waste time sitting in front of the computer and reading through every page of comments.

    “Also, I’ve also set up a comments section on Baidu as well as a blog on Sina Weibo. I’ve also looked for a professional to manage the platforms. This would help with maintaining your image and earning more die-hard fans for you.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and thought to herself that such social media platforms were mandatory in the digital age, for they could aid her in connecting to society in a rapid manner.

    “The latest apparel, bags, and accessories of this season have already arrived, and I’ve added a little touch of my own to the apparel according to your style. I’ve also organized and classified them accordingly. You may select by category before attending any event in the future.”

    Wen Xinya’s closet in Lishan Mansion was shockingly massive, with a huge plethora of clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags, all of which were extremely eye-catching. There were so many items that she had to spend an entire morning sorting them.

    “A few designer labels have called to offer you sponsorships, but I’ve already turned them down. As the heiress of the Wen Corporation which already has clothing brands, it’d be inappropriate for you to accept the sponsorship of other brands. Besides, Ninth Young Master has been ordering clothes from the latest season for you. You don’t need sponsorships.”


    Wen Xinya could not help but be amazed and impressed. It was little wonder that Liu Yanhua was from Dove Institute. She had already found out everything about Wen Xinya within just three days of working for her. She had also made appropriate arrangements. “Get yourself ready to meet Grandpa tomorrow.”

    Liu Yanhua answered with a nod, “Don’t worry, Missy. I’ll definitely let Old Mr. Wen be pleased with me.”

    Her father worked for Lucifer and he abandoned her ten years ago during an internal struggle. Back then, Si Yiyan took her in and arranged for her to pick up all sorts of survival skills. Three years ago, he sent her to Dove Institute and gave her the chance to live as a normal person. Hence, she did her best and put in a great effort in learning, just so she could become the assistant of Wen Xinya and take care of the love of Si Yiyan’s life. It would be her way of proving her loyalty to him.

    Liu Yanhua was three years older than Wen Xinya, so she was already 21 years old this year. Wen Xinya took a liking to the gentle and presentable Liu Yanhua. “Don’t worry. Grandpa just wants to meet you and see if you’re a reliable person. I’ll be there too, so you won’t be in an awkward position.”

    Liu Yanhua was extremely touched to hear her words. She felt that Wen Xinya was just as nice as Si Yiyan. “Okay, I know!”

    “Your Ninth Young Master and I are going on a vacation to Russia in a few days. Do help me prepare all the necessary items. Also, I’ll be taking you along with me,” said Wen Xinya, who was pleased with Liu Yanhua. Although Liu Yanhua looked gentle and vulnerable on the surface, she actually possessed fast reflexes and good combat skills. In a way, Si Yiyan had arranged for Liu Yanhua to protect Wen Xinya.

    Liu Yanhua said, “Ninth Young Master has already given me those instructions. Missy, rest assured, I’ll make all the necessary arrangements.”

    It was Wen Xinya’s first time going to Russia and hence, she needed more guidance. Si Yiyan specially arranged for Liu Yanhua to come along and take care of her. It was apparent how much he adored her and pampered her.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “I heard that you grew up in Russia too. When the time comes, you must tell me more about Russia.”

    Wen Xinya knew right from the start that Liu Yanhua was Si Yiyan’s subordinate, thus she felt extremely safe about it. She felt that she did not have to keep her guard up against Liu Yanhua or hide any secrets from her.

    Liu Yanhua exclaimed, “Sure!”

    Liu Yanhua was a little restrained at first, but she became much more relaxed after seeing how amicable Wen Xinya was.

    Wen Xinya looked at Liu Yanhua and asked, “Could you tell me more about your Ninth Young Master?”

    Since Liu Yanhua grew up in Russia, she definitely knew a lot about Si Yiyan. Although she was close to Si Yiyan and knew quite a bit about him, she felt that it was not enough.

    Liu Yanhua asked, “Missy, what would you like to know?”

    After some thought, Wen Xinya answered, “I heard that Russians are prejudiced against Chinese and they’ve even established organizations specially for killing the Chinese. The government doesn’t stop them, either. Did your Ninth Young Master faced a lot of trouble when he was in Russia?”

    Si Yiyan had told her briefly about his experience in Russia, but she was not satisfied with the answer.

    Liu Yanhua turned red and said apologetically, “I was still really young back then, so I don’t really know what happened, but I know… that Russians highly respect successful people even though they discriminate against the Chinese. To them, Ninth Young Master is a victor who has reached the pinnacle of success. Hence, he has an extraordinary status in Russia and even the Russian dukes would show him due respect. Besides, Russian women love Chinese men and they have a penchant for sleeping with Chinese men. I’ve seen so many women, including wealthy heiresses, who would jump at the chance to bed Ninth Young Master…”

    Russians were rather liberal. So, although Liu Yanhua was reserved, she still grew up in Russia. Hence, she could talk about such matters unrestrainedly without feeling too awkward.

    Hence… Wen Xinya began to feel a little jealous as images of Si Yiyan being surrounded by beautiful blonds with curly locks and voluptuous figures filled her mind. She gibed. “Oh! Is that so? How lucky of him!”

    She sounded sinister and sarcastic.

    Liu Yanhua’ s eyes glistened like a genie and she said, “However, Ninth Young Master doesn’t like them at all and he has never allowed women to get near him. He told those wealthy heiresses that Chinese men are very traditional and conservative, and that they disliked the idea of premarital sex.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up and thought to herself,