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Chapter 232 - Antique Stree

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 232: Antique Street

    It was rare to witness Jiang Yao showing interest in something, therefore Huang Chengjing could not help but talk more about it.

    “There are a lot of miracles happening here at Antique Street. It can turn a poor man into a millionaire overnight or make millionaires suffer bankruptcy in just one night.” Huang Chengjing smiled gently. “Since Miss Jiang is here, why don’t you go shopping? There aren’t any events happening at the moment at Antique Street so it is much quieter. Anyway, it still makes sense that this street is called Jewellery Street because you can gamble using gemstones. Gemstone gambling is more stimulating and thrilling compared to betting on antiques.”

    “I get the idea now, I will take my time to walk around.” Jiang Yao noticed that Huang Chengjing’s personal assistant was standing by the car while checking his watch from time to time. She assumed that people like Huang Chengjing must be occupied with many affairs besides having a packed schedule. Therefore, she said, “General Manager Huang, you must have other stuff to take care of now, I will not continue to take up your time then.”

    After Huang Chengjing had left, Jiang Yao kicked the chubby buttocks that were still sitting on her shoe and shook her foot. “Let’s go back to the campus.”

    When Moe heard her, it changed its position immediately and grabbed onto Jiang Yao’s trousers. It shook its head. “Since we’re here, it won’t cost us anything to walk around.”

    Jiang Yao let that sink in and agreed. Since they were here, there was no harm for them to walk around, and they could even open their eyes to something new.

    She had been living in Nanjiang City for a few years but she had not even been here before. And she certainly had never heard of the name ‘Antique Street’ as coined by the insiders.

    She did some thinking. Even if she was in exactly the same city, the things that she had heard of and encountered now seemed like a whole new world.

    And the man who opened the door of the new world for her was Lu Xingzhi.

    She had no idea what the man was doing now and she was really missing him.

    Jiang Yao carried Moe in her arms and walked further into the streets. It was just like what Huang Chengjing said. The street was very quiet at the moment. Occasionally, only two or three cars passed by. Not only that, all the lights in the shops on the street were also brightly lit. They did not seem to be desolate because of the quiet street.

    The stores on that street were odd. If you started walking from the entrance, you would notice that all the stores on both sides of the street were jewellery stores. However, starting from the middle section, it was as if there was a distinct borderline. Further back, all of them were antique stores. Also, the decor inside the stores were different from the jewellery stores at the front. The decorations in the antique stores had more of a vintage feel.

    As you walk down the street, you would feel like you were teleporting. A minute before, you would be walking down a street in the modern era. The display shelves of every store had their own dazzling and blinding spotlights. A second later, you would time travelled back to the ancient times. The facades of the stores had an antique taste to them. Some of the signs were even written in traditional Chinese.

    “This street is really interesting.” Jiang Yao smiled gently and randomly picked one of the stores to enter.

    However, it was indeed a small world. Once Jiang Yao entered the store, she saw another man that she was quite familiar with.

    “Manager Sun, what a coincidence.” Jiang Yao walked over and greeted the man once she saw him. Manager Sun was the manager of the restaurant where Zhou Weiqi took her for a meal.

    They had only not seen each other for a few days but Manager Sun was not looking that well. He had a dreary look on his face.

    When Jiang Yao entered the store, Manager Sun was looking at the items displayed in the shop. However, he paid more attention to the price of the items rather than the items themselves.

    Manager Sun also felt that it was a coincidence to meet Jiang Yao there. He turned around and smiled at Jiang Yao. “Miss Jiang, it is indeed a coincidence.”