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Chapter 264 - Fei Bai Is Scarier Than a Ghost!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 264: Fei Bai Is Scarier Than a Ghost!

    It was six in the evening, but Li Shiyao and Liu Miao had yet to finish their discussion and had to reluctantly say their goodbyes. Ning Meng saw Li Shiyao’s unsatisfied face and laughed. “He’s the director of this movie. You will be stuck with him for the next few months, what we have is time. Don’t worry!”

    Li Shiyao looked at Ning Meng with her apricot eyes that were filled with a yearning look.

    “Director Li really has the vision! Even our locally produced movies lack the romance of Korean movies, yet, Director Li’s short films have all captured these emotions.”

    Ning Meng nodded. “I hope that we will be able to shoot an urban movie filled with romance.”

    Li Shiyao was about to return to the hotel, however, Ning Meng wanted to visit God in the hospital. They had both decided to go back home the next day, but seeing God in this state, she could not just let this go. Liu Miao was supposed to head to Beijing the next day to sign the company’s contract and discuss further the terms to join the group. Ning Meng gave it some thought and spoke to Li Shiyao.

    “Director Li and you will go back first tomorrow. When you’ve arrived at Beijing, look for a good hotel for Director Li… Never mind, you’re an artist. I’ll get the staff to arrange those things.”

    After saying this, she went into a panic. “You’re about to join the group! We need to find you a manager! I will give Sun Ge a call and ask him to arrange it for you. He was supposed to pick someone up from the airport anyway.”

    Li Shiyao nodded. She saw that Ning Meng had stopped talking but she did not dare to say anything, her limbs frozen on the spot. Ning Meng understood her timid nature and asked, “What’s up?”

    She was usually nice to her own people. “If there’s anything, you can just tell me.”

    Li Shiyao looked at Ning Meng and remembered the gathering from the other day… When they were watching the movie, Fei Bai was sat next to her. In the middle of the movie, his phone had rung and he had gone out to answer the call. Li Shiyao had quietly trailed him from behind and seen him go into a dark alley. His brows were furrowed, and he looked as though he had just crawled out of hell, his whole body surrounded by a shroud of murderous aura.

    Not hearing what the opposite site had said, she had seen him give a faint approval and say, “So, do I just kill?”

    “Just killing one is not enough? Then, I’ll kill two.”

    “Still not enough? Then, I’ll kill them all.”

    She had been scared to the core on the spot, her soul about to leave her body. She had then gone back to the room in a daze. After Fei Bai returned, she had pretended to show an obedient expression, but her whole body was frozen stiff and she could not understand what the movie was about anymore.

    When Fei Bai offered to send her home, she was too afraid to be with someone who would take someone’s life. She was more scared of Fei Bai as compared to ghosts, so she declined in a panic, her heart devastated.

    CEO Ning had been treating her so well but she had not told CEO Ning that a murderer was lurking among them. If she had told her, would CEO Ning report this to the police and arrest Fei Bai? Li Shiyao mulled over the situation for a while and finally… she came up with a good idea!

    She lifted her head and looked at Ning Meng’s caring eyes, gritting her teeth.

    “Ning… CEO Ning… I… I’m afraid that someone might be following me… So… So… Can I… Can I request for a bodyguard?”


    Li Shiyao continued to stammer. “Um… Er… I want Fei Bai…. Is… Is that OK?”

    She was about to burst into tears. She was really afraid of Fei Bai, but what if his bloodlust got the better of him and he ended up killing CEO Ning?