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Chapter 185 - I Would Let Him Down!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 185: I Would Let Him Down!

    Su Mingzhe trembled, “You must have been corrupted by the people outside. You must…”

    Otherwise, how could Su Cha have the balls to make this decision to rebel against him? He was her father!

    “Don’t pretend, dad. Who has set a bad example? Don’t you know it?”

    Their fake father-daughter relationship had become very ridiculous.

    “You’ve left me alone in Yonggu Town before I went to high school and said that transferring to a new school would affect my grades. Surely someone else must have put the word into your ears. But I don’t care. You’ve never shown up for my parents’ meetings these years. You’ve never worried about me, a little girl living alone in a city. Now, my grades in the national college entrance exam have been announced, and you did not know it and had to ask me about it. Seriously, sometimes I question whether I’m your daughter or not.”

    Finally she said what she had been thinking.

    Nobody said anything. Even though the others all hated Su Cha, they felt awkward to speak at this moment.

    But Su Cha found her father terrified by her words. Both his body and lips kept trembling violently, and he could not squeeze out a single word.

    His reaction was too strange. All the others thought that he might have been enraged by Su Cha’s words. But Su Cha felt that Su Mingzhe must have kept something from her. He could not be simply terrified by her rebellion.

    What is he scared for?

    Su Cha recalled the words she just said and was dumbfounded by what she realized.

    It was extremely quiet in the living room. They could even hear the sound of a needle dropping on the floor.


    Su Cha was also shocked and said slowly, “I’m not your daughter?”

    Even she found it hard to believe.

    But this terrible thought just came out of the blue.

    She saw Su Mingzhe’s face losing color. Gu Yanfang and others were all astonished.

    Apparently, they did not know it either.

    Gu Yanfang looked at her husband and found his forehead covered by sweat and his palms shaking.

    He had become a small leader at his work and was always a stable person. But his current behavior was not calm at all.

    Seeing that Su Mingzhe was too nervous and scared to say anything, Su Cha confirmed her thoughts.

    She could not tell it from Su Mingzhe’s expressions in the past.

    But after her second life, she understood human minds better and could tell if the person was lying. Su Mingzhe’s reaction was too obvious….

    Su Cha was at a loss.

    Her heartbeat raced and she was about to scream.

    But after a while, she calmed down and felt very sedate.

    “I’ll stay in the hotel tonight.”

    She said plainly and pushed her suitcase to leave.

    After she passed Su Mingzhe and was about to take the elevator, Su Mingzhe ran to her and shouted in the corridor with his whole face covered with sweat, “You can go anywhere else, but not the Imperial Capital! I would let him down if you do!”

    I would let him down!

    Su Cha was shocked by this sentence and turned back to Su Mingzhe.