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Chapter 239 - I Was Waiting for You (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 239: I Was Waiting for You (1)

    However, Xiao Chun immediately burst into laughter right after she said this. It was as if she regretted her words. "Looks like I'm really drunk right now… Hurry off then, Brother Yu. You better not keep Weilai waiting!"

    After she said this, she turned and left. Xiao Chun could barely walk in a straight line; she looked as if she would trip over any moment. However, she continued to walk away as fast as she could until she quickly disappeared from their sight.

    Gu Yu's expression did not change much, his gaze remaining cold and calm. He glanced in the direction that was Xiao Chun headed towards from the corner of his eyes, then said to Xu Shuai, "Take care of her."

    ‘Since when have I never taken care of her?' Xu Shuai thought to himself.

    However, his body was more honest than his heart. After he gave a word of acknowledgment, he immediately set off to look for Xiao Chun.

    Gu Yu retracted his gaze and left.


    As he expected, Xu Shuai spotted Xiao Chun leaning against the wall after he passed by the corner of a corridor. She had her arms around her knees as she squatted there with her head lowered. Her long, wavy hair cascaded down to fully conceal her face.

    Even so, her shoulders trembled continuously. It was visibly clear that she was crying.

    Xu Shuai sighed before he walked up to her and squatted down as well. He wanted to say something, but he merely pursed his lips and lifted his hands to caress her head.

    Xiao Chun's body seemed to quiver even harder in response.

    A few seconds later, she suddenly opened her arms and tightly hugged Xu Shuai as she buried her face in the nape of his neck. Soon, Xu Shuai could feel her tears all over his neck.

    Xu Shuai patted Xiao Chun's back gently in a silent consolation.

    He had two older brothers. They shared the same father, but they each had different mothers. His older brother had his mother, his second brother had another mother, and Xu Shuai had his own mother.

    While he was biologically related to his brothers, they were not close to each other. He had excluded the feelings of love from his life since long ago. Gu Yu and Xiao Chun were the only people whom he treasured, treating both of them as though they were his siblings.

    He treasured them, adamant to defend their close ties until the end.


    By the time Gu Yu reached his apartment, it was already midnight.

    He opened the door to his apartment, initially expecting to be greeted by the usual darkness in the house. To his surprise, a wall lamp in the corner of the living room was lit, giving off a faint, yellow glow.

    A petite, slender silhouette laid on the sofa below the wall lamp. She was hugging onto a pillow and leaning against the sofa with her head slightly tilted. Her eyes were shut and she was fast asleep.

    Gu Yu stood at the entrance for a few seconds, seemingly in a daze, before he then changed his shoes. As he walked into the house, he subconsciously lightened his footsteps.

    When he reached the sofa, he silently watched as Xu Weilai slept. After some time had passed, he then half squatted down and reached out his hands slowly.

    The tips of his fingers were about to touch her face. Xu Weilai must have either sensed him approaching or caught a whiff of the scent of alcohol from his body; she subconsciously scrunched her brows together into a slight frown. Her eyelashes fluttered gently and she slowly opened her eyes.

    Gu Yu instantly froze as he quickly withdrew his hand.

    Xu Weilai was slightly delirious with sleep. When she saw Gu Yu after she opened her eyes, there was still a dreamy look in her eyes. She was probably confused as to whether she was awake or if she was still dreaming.

    Gu Yu clenched his fists slightly after he pulled his hands away. He pursed his thin lips lightly before he simply asked, "Why are you sleeping over here?"

    As Xu Weilai had yet to recover from her delirium, she replied honestly without further thought, "I was waiting for you…"

    I was waiting for you…

    These five simple words were like a strong, sudden jab at Gu Yu's heart, leaving him completely stunned.