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Chapter 243 - Might Not Be the Freshman Who Gets Eliminated

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 243: Might Not Be the Freshman Who Gets Eliminated

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    Jian Qi wanted to jump into a bush and hide there until the end.

    However, when it was her turn to jump off, she looked down and saw a flat terrain with a few houses around the area.

    What happened to it being a jungle?

    Jian Qi looked at her comrades that were next to her and asked, “Are you sure we are jumping off here?”

    “Well, we had to get someone eliminated first, right?” her comrade smiled gently. “Big Sister Qi, all the best!”

    After saying so, Jian Qi was pushed off the helicopter.

    The empty ground was not far away from the jungle.

    Jian Qi wanted to hide herself until the end when everyone had almost all been eliminated but they did not have any essential supplies.

    As such, hiding was not a good plan!

    After Jian Qi landed, she immediately found a spot to hide herself.

    The distance from the flat terrain to the jungle provided no cover whatsoever. She would be easily attacked if she went in like that.

    Just when Jian Qi had found a room to hide herself, she saw the indicators on her wristband. There were fifty one of them, and now there were only forty nine left.

    This meant that they had already eliminated two people!

    This was too cruel!

    She had just landed!

    Why was everyone so violent? Could they not pace themselves?

    There were a few surveillance drones flying in the air.

    Clearly, the war zone was supervised by the headquarters.

    Meanwhile, in the control room, Feng Yi was looking at the elimination scene. He lamented, “It seems like these freshmen are still inexperienced. They just touched the ground and two have been eliminated!”

    Lightning smiled. “It’s normal. Didn’t all of us get tortured by the veterans when we first came? Everyone has to fall before they can grow.”

    Crocodile looked at the monitor and asked, “Li Yibo isn’t there yet?”

    “He’s already there. He landed around the empty houses,” Lightning replied, “He should be hiding while waiting for people to fight with.”

    “What is this Li Yibo thinking though? Why did he want to come over here? To be tortured?” Crocodile made fun of him.

    Feng Yi sneered at Crocodile. “I think he must be upset after being kicked and knocked out by my goddess. That’s why he came back to get revenge!”

    “Would the freshmen team up to eliminate him first?” Lightning was curious.

    “Well, since they were all dropped off at different areas it would be tough to get everyone together!” Feng Yi replied.

    “Someone is fighting!” Crocodile shouted.

    The other two who were still talking immediately looked at the screen.

    “It’s a freshman against an veteran again!” Lightning smirked. “These freshmen are getting eliminated way too fast.”

    “Might not be the freshman who gets eliminated!” Tang Jinyu who had been quiet all this while suddenly said.

    They looked at him curiously.

    “Boss, are you sure that the veteran will be eliminated?” Crocodile did not believe him. As compared to the veterans, these freshmen were still not as good and the veterans knew how skilled these freshmen were.

    This freshman and the veteran clearly had different skill levels. In fact, the veteran had much more combat experience than the freshman.

    How would he lose?

    Suddenly, Lightning shouted, “Didn’t Big Sister just walk past this area and disappear?