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Chapter 894 - Ning Shuqian’s Shocking Changes

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 894: Ning Shuqian’s Shocking Changes

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    Wen Xinya was actively preparing for her trip to Russia while Xia Ruya was also busy preparing for her departure from Capital City. She had already realized that Wen Xinya was no longer the weak girl whom she could manipulate when she first returned to the Wen Family. Wen Xinya had become ambitious and scheming. Her moves were shrewd and daunting, and she now enjoyed endless glamor and glory. She had also become the subject of everyone’s jealousy.

    There was no way she could continue staying in the city anymore, because… she would be reminded of the pain and agony that she had gone through whenever she saw Wen Xinya enjoying glory. She would feel a strong urge to ruin Wen Xinya. She was afraid that she would one day become neurotic and do something maniacal.

    Besides, she had already begun experiencing issues with her health. Ever since she got raped, she had been bleeding from her private area and experiencing a lot more discharge. Previously, she thought that those were just the side effects of the birth control pills that she had taken. However, it had already been more than two weeks since she took them and yet, she was still producing more discharge and feeling a dull ache in her abdomen. She could not help but feel terrorized.

    The man in black was obviously a lecher who did not have a clean private life. If he had any sexual diseases, they would have definitely been passed on to her and, according to her knowledge, that man had a habit of taking soft drugs, and drug addicts were often prone to Aids. If she were to contract Aids… her life would be over.

    However… she did not dare to go to the hospital because she was afraid that others would find out about her secret. She was even more afraid of going to smaller clinics because she was scared that they would make her condition worse due to the poor equipment and standards.

    Hence… the only solution for her was to leave the city.

    However, it would be a tall order for her to leave sneakily without anyone finding out. After giving it some thought, she felt that she could seek Ning Shuqian’s help. Ning Shuqian had always been smart and scheming, as evidenced by the fact that she could retain her status even after the revelation of her fake pregnancy.

    The nursing home that Ning Shuqian was living in was perfectly equipped and it was considered to be the best nursing home in the city. Of course… the medical fees were extremely expensive. Honestly… the Wen Family were rather kind to Ning Shuqian.

    The thought of it made Xia Ruya tear up, for they were willing to be so kind to an unacknowledged daughter-in-law and yet, so heartless to a granddaughter whom they had raised for twelve years.

    Holding a basket of fruits, Xia Ruya entered the ward to see that Ning Shuqian was sitting on the couch and eating some fruit, clad in a patients’ uniform. Ning Shuqian was in the midst of watching a beauty variety program when she took notice of Xia Ruya. As happy as a lark, she asked, “Ruya, what brings you here?”

    Xia Ruya walked towards her smilingly and placed the basket of fruits onto the coffee table before taking a seat beside Ning Shuqian. “I’d promised Yuya that I would come and visit you, but there was a delay because I fell ill. By the way… where’s Yuya? Why haven’t I seen her around? I bought her a gift too.”

    She scanned Ning Shuqian from head to toe, finding her to be a little different, though she was unsure if she was just imagining it.

    Previously, she still found Ning Shuqian to be extremely haggard and frail like a withered flower when the latter visited her at the hospital when she was ill.

    Yet, she now felt that Ning Shuqian looked even more beautiful and sultry than before. Every movement of hers seemed alluring and her smile was rather charming too. She looked rather youthful and her complexion had improved significantly.

    Ning Shuqian smiled and said, “Yuya is interested in jewelry design, so I helped sign her up for tuition. I’ve rarely seen her lately, either. She’s been very busy.”

    As Ning Yuya’s mother, she was extremely thrilled to see that Ning Yuya had her own hopes and desires. Besides… she was also glad and surprised that Ning Yuya had a flair for jewelry design.

    Greatly taken aback, Xia Ruya put on a genuine smile and said, “Yuya has always been very interested in jewelry ever since we were children. I’m surprised that she had taken a liking to jewelry design. I’m truly happy for her.”

    Ning Shuqian grinned sincerely and said, “Let’s not talk about her. How has your health been lately? Did you go to the hospital for a checkup yet?”

    Ning Shuqian was rather worried because Xia Ruya looked much thinner than before and seemed to be ill.

    Xia Ruya smiled and answered, “I’ve gone to the hospital for a physical examination and there are no longer any major issues with my health, though I would still have to nurse it well. Aunt Ning… don’t worry about me. You look much younger than before. Do you have any secret beauty tips?”

    While they spoke, an elderly lady in her fifties entered the ward with a stern expression. She kept a straight face and placed a bowl of Traditional Chinese medicinal soup in front of Ning Shuqian before turning around to walk away.

    Ning Shuqian picked up the bowl and downed the black-colored contents at one go. “I’ve been taking Traditional Chinese Medicine for beauty effects and I’ve also undergone some beauty jabs.”

    She had already completely recovered and that man had also hired a granny to come take care of her. The granny used to be a dance hostess mentor at Black Sunday and she had a repertoire of beauty tips and tricks that were unique. Although they were harmful to one’s health, the effects were impressive, and Ning Shuqian discovered that she was in perfect shape and looked much more youthful within just half a month of practicing those beauty techniques.

    The granny had even taught Ning Shuqian how to please a man in bed and hence, she had faith in herself and was confident that she could win Wen Haowen’s devotion again.

    Xia Ruya glanced at that elderly lady, her instincts telling her that things were not as simple as Ning Shuqian made them out to be. She exclaimed, “It’s no wonder that you’ve become so radiant lately, Aunt Ning!”

    She could no longer see the pretentious elegance that Ning Shuqian used to exude and instead, Ning Shuqian had become sultry and seductive, so much that she actually resembled a social escort.

    Ning Shuqian appeared smug and confident, and every movement of hers was extremely charming. That elderly lady was really something.

    Xia Ruya changed the subject. “Aunt Ning, I’d like to leave the city!”

    After recovering from the initial shock, Ning Shuqian realized that there was nothing too bad about her leaving the city. Hence, she agreed with a nod. “Good choice. Where do you plan to go?”

    Hanging her head low, Xia Ruya answered, “I’d like to go to Harbor City but… I want to do so stealthily while keeping a low profile so that no one will know about my whereabouts. Aunt Ning… could you help me…” She bit her lip and continued awkwardly, “I know I’m asking for too much, but I… have already been reduced to such a pathetic plight. No one else is willing to help me, except you…”

    Ning Shuqian knew that Xia Ruya was trying to say that she had approached her for help only because that was her last resort. She patted her hand and said, “Such an obedient child. Why bother standing on ceremony with me? I do have some connections. I’ll see if I can help you get some tickets to cross the borders illegally to Harbor City. That way, no one will be able to find out your whereabouts.”

    It was just a piece of cake for that man.

    Xia Ruya held Ning Shuqian’s hand gratefully and exclaimed sobbingly, “Aunt Ning… I really don’t know how I should thank you!”

    Just like she had expected, Ning Shuqian indeed had a solution. It seems she had made the right decision to look for Ning Shuqian, who had more secrets than she imagined.

    Ning Shuqian said smilingly, “Silly child, don’t mention it.”

    After all that happened, it was a good thing for Xia Ruya to leave the city.