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Chapter 240 - I Was Waiting for You (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 240: I Was Waiting for You (2)

    Xu Weilai had waited for him on the sofa until she fell asleep, keeping the lights on for him when he returned. It was all because she wanted to wait for him to reach home.

    Gu Yu did not dare to entertain such a thought even in his dreams. Did that truly happen?

    Gu Yu stared fixedly at Xu Weilai’s face with a faraway look in his black pupils, his gaze and silence making her quiver. Looking back, she finally realized what she just said.

    What on earth did she just say? How could she simply reveal her heartfelt feelings so directly manner?

    Assistant Lin had pretended to slip up and reveal the news of Gu Yu’s return to Mrs. Lin. Subsequently, Mrs. Lin also pretended to reveal it to Xu Weilai by accident. As Xu Weilai had a favor to ask of Gu Yu, she decided to sit on the sofa in the living room to wait for him instead of heading to bed. That way, she could see him at the first possible opportunity and fawn all over him so that she could casually bring up her request afterward.

    Ultimately, nobody would slap a man with a smiling face.

    However, she did not expect herself to fall asleep while waiting. She was even questioned by Gu Yu when she was still thick with sleep, which immediately revealed her intentions.

    Gu Yu always hated it when she plotted against him. If he became angry, things would not look good for her.

    Xu Weilai bit her lower lip as she quickly rolled her jet black eyes rolled. She tried to say something to salvage the situation, but she could not think of anything to say on such short notice. Thus, she could only pretend as if she had never said those things earlier before. She then began to fawn on Gu Yu as she said, “You must be tired after returning from your business trip. Hurry and take a seat. I’ll… I’ll give you a massage.”

    She clung onto his elbow as she spoke and guided him over to sit down on the sofa. She then got him to turn sideways before resting her hands on his shoulders. Just when she was about to give him a gentle massage, he suddenly grabbed her hand.

    Gu Yu took Xu Weilai’s hands off his shoulders and held them in his palms, turning around and watching her intently with his black pupils. His gaze landed on her delicate, fair face before moving to her bright, jet black eyes.

    He opened his mouth and said in a slightly husky voice, “Is there something that you want to say to me?”


    Xu Weilai was merely stunned for a moment. At that moment, she decided to stop hiding her intentions.

    She couldn’t possibly deceive a man like Gu Yu, so she might as well get straight to the point.

    Besides, he didn’t seem angry now.

    Xu Weilai cleared her throat before she gave him a serious look. Subconsciously, she wanted to pull her hand away. As Gu Yu refused to let go of her, she did not dare to pull it away forcefully. Thus, she could only bear with it.

    “Well… There’s something that I wanted to speak to you about.”

    Gu Yu nodded his head lightly before he replied, “Go on.” It was hard to tell how he was feeling from his voice.

    “I just wanted to ask a small favor of you.” As Xu Weilai spoke, she gestured with her free hand to emphasize that she only needed a little help.

    Ripples of emotions gradually began to surface in Gu Yu’s deep, unreadable eyes.

    The question that Xu Shuai had asked him earlier before inevitably echoed in his ears. “If Xu Weilai asked to disclose the relationship, would you do it?”

    ‘Was that… the small favor that she’s asking of?’ Gu Yu wondered. ‘Does she want to disclose our relationship?’

    ‘Even so… she probably only wanted to do so for the sake of putting an end to the slanders that she received online and remain in the media industry,’ Gu Yu thought. But Gu Yu maintained the same stance as before. As long as it was something that she desired, he did not see why it could not be done.

    Many people might’ve thought that Gu Yu directed how Xu Weilai would behave in their relationship. However, only GuYu himself knew that it was Xu Weilai who was leading him by the nose.

    Gu Yu’s voice was usually calm, but it now faltered slightly as he said, “Go on.”