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Chapter 244 - It’s Rare to See Big Sister Qi Being Humble

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 244: It’s Rare to See Big Sister Qi Being Humble

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    “She’s hiding here?” Crocodile raised his brows.

    Feng Yi started checking all the monitors to look for Jian Qi’s location.

    “You can stop looking. They are fighting under that tree!”

    Tang Jinyu said emotionlessly.

    But they knew that he was mocking them!

    They looked at the place where they were. The drone was constantly moving but their location was not easy to observe.

    Crocodile walked to the side and directed his comrade who was controlling the drone, “Move the drone to the top of that tree.”

    Jian Qi had just found a spot to hide herself and she was at a spot where she was able to see two men fighting each other.

    She would not bother if it were two veterans fighting each other. However, it was a fight between a freshman and a veteran!

    They were just talking about teaming up against the veterans in the helicopter and now that they were there, she could not just watch her comrade being eliminated!

    Jian Qi crawled on the ground and observed them. Clearly, the veteran was way stronger.

    As the veteran was really strong, Jian Qi was starting to get curious as to who would be the final six that could stay.

    When Jian Qi was observing her surroundings and was about to help, she could feel a drone flying above her.

    She rolled her eyes.

    Who the heck found her and made her a clear target?!

    She watched the veteran throw the freshman over his shoulders and Jian Qi frowned. It was too cruel!

    After knocking off the freshman, the veteran immediately went for his wristband. The freshman knew what he was thinking and he swiftly dodged him. He rolled on the ground and got back up on one of his knees breathlessly.

    “Not bad,” the veteran smiled. “But it’s not good enough!”

    He then walked toward the freshman.

    The freshman was just about to stand up when someone held onto his leg. He was just about to return with a kick when he heard a soft voice, “Don’t move.”

    The hoarse voice.

    The freshman instantly knew who it was!

    The veteran saw that he was moving, he smiled. “Don’t bow down to me just yet. Get up!

    The freshman moved his body and dodged the veteran’s kick.

    Just when the veteran was about to give him another kick, his leg was grabbed by someone and he was brought down to the ground.

    The freshman’s reaction was fast. He immediately pressed onto him when he fell to the ground.

    Jian Qi’s plan was simple and straightforward!

    She just wanted to grab the wristband on the veteran’s wrist. As such, when the person fell to the ground, she instantly went forward and grabbed his left arm.

    The freshman was suppressing him while Jian Qi launched the button on his wristband.

    Their reaction and movement were so fast that the veteran could not predict their next move.

    She did not even allow him to have a chance to counter them, eliminating him without any hesitation!

    The veteran was lying on the ground while the freshman was still suppressing him, he looked at the girl that was grabbing his right arm and smiled. “Big Sister Qi, you’re too sly. You didn’t even come out to say hi!”

    Jian Qi smiled brightly at him. “When it comes to fighting an old fox like you, I can only hide and ambush you guys.”

    The veteran laughed, “It’s rare to see Big Sister Qi being so humble!”

    Jian Qi replied, “Don’t worry, there will be people coming to accompany you!”

    The veteran. “…”

    He wanted to take back his words!