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Chapter 266 - Go Ahead and Buy It!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 266: Go Ahead and Buy It!

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    When she arrived at the hospital, it was already seven in the evening. God’s fever had subsided and he was sitting in bed eating his congee, food for the sick. When Ning Meng entered the room, he lifted his head, his face as pale as a ghost. His condition softened her already mushy heart as she looked at the tall young man sitting on his patient bed with his legs curled up. When she came in, he looked at her in eagerness.

    “Big sister.”

    These words felt as though he was declaring his dependency on her. Ning Meng smiled and ordered some takeaways. While waiting for the time to pass, she asked, “You now know that the club belongs to the Lu Family, right?”

    When God heard this, his eyes darkened and he hung his head low with guilt.


    Ning Meng continued to ask, “That stepbrother of yours. He’s called Lu Jiahao, right? He’s bullying you on purpose. What are you planning to do?”

    God picked up his phone with his slender fingers and tapped on it. He had a recording in there. All he had to do was expose their misdeeds, and everything would be back to normal, however, he decided to slip the phone under his quilt to hide it. He helplessly lifted his head, his large innocent eyes filled with weakness.

    “Big sister, I don’t know.”

    Ning Meng sighed. This kid was too pitiful. She thought about it and said, “How about this. I will open a club and buy you over at a high price. Are you willing?”

    God had never thought Ning Meng would go to this extent for him, and he was extremely pleased to hear this. Very pleased! If he joined Ning Meng’s club, would he not be able to be closer to his big sister? He would not mess with her marriage and romantic relationship, he just wanted to be closer with her for just a bit longer. If he was able to see her often, he would not feel so lonely and abandoned anymore.

    God nodded, and Ning Meng looked at him.

    “You’d better think about it properly. My new club would require you to enter competitions from the qualifying rounds onward, this will take up a lot of your time.”

    God quickly shook his head. “I’m not afraid of that, I just need…”

    As Ning Meng looked at him, God decided to omit what he had intended to say earlier, which was “to be with big sister”. Instead, he continued with, “…to leave ET. As long as I’m able to enter competitions, I will be satisfied.”

    This poor kid.

    Ning Meng nodded. “Sure, I will start making arrangements and see how to set up a club.”

    She stood up and left the room with her phone in her hand, deciding to give Ning Wentao a call. When the line connected, Ning Wentao sounded delighted.

    “My dear Meng Meng! How are things going? Are you tired from all the negotiations at work? Thank you for all the hard work! Have you gone to the Pearl of the Orient? Have you had your retail therapy? Shanghai is a big city, do you have enough money to buy all the latest clothes and bags? If you don’t have enough… Oh, yea, when are you coming back? And how?”

    Ning Meng was speechless upon hearing this. She had come here on a business trip, not for a vacation! She pursed her lips and answered, “I should be back the day after tomorrow. By plane.”

    After she said this, Ning Wentao began sobbing. “Oh, my poor Meng Meng.”


    “You can blame your useless father. If only I had bought you a private plane, you would not need to go through the hassle of sitting on a commercial plane.”


    She had bought first-class tickets, what was the hassle!? There was no end to him spoiling his daughter. To prevent Ning Wentao from going on endlessly, she immediately cut in.

    “Dad, I want to buy an E-Sports Club.”

    Ning Wentao did not hesitate to agree. “Go ahead.”

    “… I’m buying a club for the sole purpose of playing PUBG. It would cost us about tens of millions?”

    “Go ahead and buy it.”