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Chapter 241 - If You Have Seen A Ghost Before, You Would Be Afraid Of The Dark (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 241: If You Have Seen A Ghost Before, You Would Be Afraid Of The Dark (1)

    Xu Weilai was surprised Gu Yu agreed so readily. She wasn’t expecting that at all. The last time she wanted an invitation, Gu Yu enslaved her for many days and in the end, she had to rely on her beauty to persuade him for half a night before he agreed.

    Xu Weilai instantly smiled and said, “I just want to ask you if you could… help me invite Gu Xue?”


    Gu Yu frowned slightly and asked in a daze, “Gu Xue?”

    Xu Weilai nodded furiously.

    Her relationship with Gu Xue was bad. If she asked Gu Xue out directly, Gu Xue would have ignored her. But, she knew that Gu Xue really liked her cousin, Gu Yu. She was his loyal fan. If Gu Yu opened his mouth, she would definitely agree to go!

    Gu Yu narrowed his eyes and stared at Xu Weilai silently for a while. His voice was low as he asked, “Is this the reason why you came all the way to find me tonight?”

    “Yes!” Xu Weilai noticed keenly that Gu Yu’s expression had turned bad for some reason. She contemplated what to say before adding on hurriedly, “Gu Yu, I… I won’t cause trouble for you. I’m not going to argue with Gu Xue. I have serious things to discuss with her.”

    Gu Yu’s gaze slowly turned deeper. His voice reverted to its normal cold tone. “Is this with regards to your piece of news?”

    He was asking a question but his tone was affirmative.

    Xu Weilai scratched the back of her head and stuck her tongue out. She decided that she should speak the truth. “Yes. I need Gu Xue’s help.”

    The three most important people related to her conquest would be her, Mei, and Gu Xue.

    Gu Xue was Rong Wang’s biggest fan. She was extremely generous towards the fan club. She would organize fan activities all the time and give the other fans gifts. She was a significant figure with high standing in the hearts of Rong Wang’s fans.

    As long as she was able to let Gu Xue see Rong Wang’s true colors, Gu Xue might abandon Rong Wang and support them instead. It would be the equivalent of cutting off all routes of retreat for Rong Wang. Then, along with Mei’s statement, Rong Wang would be finished.

    Of course, Gu Xue was extremely loyal towards Rong Wang and had always believed in him. In addition, Gu Xue hated her. Hence, Xu Weilai knew that it would be hard to convince Gu Xue!

    But, even if there was only a very small chance, she still wanted to try it!

    Gu Yu seemed to have seen through Xu Weilai’s intentions. He became reticent. He even released the hand that was used to grab Xu Weilai’s just now.

    Xu Weilai immediately felt his unhappiness, although she didn’t understand why he felt that way…

    Could it be that Gu Yu wasn’t willing to let her interact with his family? He didn’t admit her status as his wife so he was afraid that she would use his family members to pressure him step by step?

    Just like… just because his grandpa liked her so he was forced to marry her?

    If that was the case, he was really overthinking. She had committed her entire mind to justice and earning money. She hadn’t been thinking about anything to do with love.

    Once bitten, twice shy. She didn’t dare to harbor any hopes in that aspect anymore.

    Xu Weilai swallowed her saliva. As she was wondering if she should assure Gu Yu, Gu Yu’s dark gaze was suddenly fixated on her again. He moved his thin lips and said word by word, “Is there really nothing else you want to say to me?”

    Xu Weilai was puzzled by what he said.

    Other things to say to him? What kind of other things did he mean? Was there anything to say between the two of them?

    However, looking at Gu Yu’s expression, Xu Weilai didn’t dare to reply haphazardly. She furrowed her brows and thought about the question carefully. Suddenly, she thought of something and said, “Yes!”