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Chapter 186 - Leaving Without Any Attachmen

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 186: Leaving Without Any Attachment

    “Who is he?”

    Only the girl’s cold and calm voice resounded through the silent corridor.

    Even if she was just speculating about such a horrible matter, she did not waver at all.

    Perhaps it was expected?

    From the moment she knew she was not Su Mingzhe’s daughter, she faintly heaved a sigh of relief.

    “I can’t tell you…”

    Su Mingzhe had a slightly pained expression. The eyes that fixated on Su Cha were without love, but had some guilt, “It wasn’t easy for you to forget those things, it was sufficient for you to start anew. Why must you go to the Imperial Capital? I was negligent of you in the past, this is my fault, I will compensate you in the future! Stay in the Water Capital for your studies, can’t you?”

    His words pulled Su Cha into a pit of deeper mystery.

    “I’ve forgotten some things? What did I forget?”

    It was too sudden, Su Cha never thought that such a thing would happen to herself.

    The moment she spoke, a few ambiguous fragments flashed through her mind, like shadows in a void.

    However, the fragments were blurry and overlapped, but put together, they were clearly of Su Mingzhe and a woman.

    The gentle woman said, “This little girl is so cute, it’s a pity…”

    Other than that, she had no other memory.

    She had no previous memories.

    Her memories as a child seemed to only be those fragments, blurred and unclear.

    There was always a fog. Su Cha, in the past, thought it was because she was too young, hence she definitely would not remember things that happened in her childhood.

    Thinking about it now, it seemed as if she had no impression of it at all.

    What did her mother look like?

    It was Su Mingzhe’s ex-wife, but she had no impression at all.

    This shouldn’t be.

    Su Cha rubbed her forehead with a slightly conflicted expression, and Su Mingzhe approached her. “I was too agitated just now. You are my daughter, don’t think too much. Father neglected you before. Stay here to study…”

    He stretched out to pull Su Cha’s arm, but Su Cha swiftly dodged.

    She looked at Su Mingzhe, her expression puzzled and estranged. She said lightly, “I remember you said my mother went to the Imperial Capital, so I can still look for her when I arrive at the Imperial Capital. At least I am still her daughter, right?”

    Su Mingzhe’s expression changed again. Hearing the name of his ex-wife, he became slightly aggressive. “Why would you look for her? She’s a fickle and shallow woman, she wouldn’t care about you. She hasn’t come to see you for so many years, what would you look for her for?”

    He thought of something, and asked, “Has she contacted you recently? What nonsense did she say?”

    Seeing this side of Su Mingzhe, Su Cha’s estranged feelings grew stronger.

    Their father-daughter relationship all those years seemed like just a joke. Su Cha looked at Su Mingzhe and suddenly asked seriously, “Then do you know my score for the college entrance examination?”

    Su Mingzhe paused for a while, and said in reflex, “I haven’t had time to see…”

    “730, I am the champion of liberal arts in Jiang’an Province.”

    In Su Mingzhe’s stiff and disbelief-filled gaze, the girl smiled ever so brightly. “You see, even for such a big thing, the school did not notify you. I had forgotten, since you refused to come to the school twice to join the parents’ meeting, the school seemed to have forgotten that I had a father.”

    After saying this, she turned around and left, carrying the suitcase, standing tall, leaving without any attachment.