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Chapter 305 – Psychological Attack

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     The Land of Divinity and Demons had extremely sharp and fine divisions towards a cultivator’s cultivation. For instance, a Nascent Soul cultivator would at most be able to erupt with the strength of a thousand horses. Of course, these horses were not ordinary horses, but a kind that possessed a monster beast bloodline called a black iron horned horse. Each one was extremely powerful, having the power of 10,000 soldiers!

    A combat strength of 296 horses. If one judged that according to a maximum of a thousand horses, then he was barely at the third level of Nascent Soul. However, what in the world was that following review?

    Qin Yu was already at too great of a loss to complain. He shook his head and a light flashed in his eyes.

    This fist had erupted with the strength of a Nascent Soul. He never thought that after absorbing the strength of the spirit spring in the wilderness, his cultivation rank would actually rise to the third level of Nascent Soul. But in his dantian sea, there was more than one Nascent Soul. He could gather all five elements as one, and not only that, the strength from it was more than the sum of simply adding five Nascent Souls together!

    Bang –

    Qin Yu punched out a second time. This time all Five Element Nascent Souls within him shined, erupting with a dazzling and endless divine light. Each one connected together, mutually circulating through each other and forming a brilliant ring.

    Hum –

    The metal column shook even louder and rays of light wildly flowed on its surface: Combat Strength, 3480 horses, the strength of three flood dragons. You can be a slightly honored mountain bandit king. In a place where there is some sign of human presence, you might be able to obtain some degree of fame.

    A Nascent Soul’s highest combat strength was a thousand horses. After surpassing that, one’s combat strength would reach the Divine Soul level. However this was clearly the smallest and weakest of all Divine Souls, because after they managed to stabilize their boundary, even an ordinary Divine Soul cultivator would have the strength of at least 10 flood dragons.

    Qin Yu’s lips curled upwards. Although he was still worse than the weakest of Divine Soul cultivators, stepping into the Divine Soul level meant that he could completely overwhelm any Nascent Soul cultivator. Moreover, he still had cards hidden in his hands. With a thought, five-colored divine light flowed between his fingers, condensing into the Five Element Swords.

    Five Element Sword Array!

    Bang –

    The metal column shook and erupted with a sun-like brightness. The characters that hadn’t yet dissipated began to rapidly surge upwards: Combat Strength: 13976 horses, the strength of 13 flood dragons. You can be an amazing person amongst mountain bandits.

    This review…it was short and to the point.

    Qin Yu’s lips twitched. The Five Element Sword Array was the strongest force he could erupt with right now and he was barely comparable to someone who had just entered the Divine Soul realm. Moreover, he hadn’t yet been able to escape the shackles of being a mountain bandit. Whichever cultivator designed this cultivation assessor was simply far too arrogant!

    But, this wasn’t his final card.

    He took a deep breath. His bones began to crack and pop, and his heart wildly beat within his chest, forcing his blood to roar as it raced through his body. The strength of the Demon Body completely erupted.

    Bang –

    Combat Strength, 55904 horses, the strength of 55 flood dragons!

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. He never thought that after erupting with the power of the Demon Body, his combat strength would rise more than two times over. And once he saw the review afterwards, his field of vision flashed black and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood: You can be the leader of the mountain bandit alliance. You barely qualify to mix in with the rest. You can enter a city without fear of being instantly killed.

    Mountain bandit…mountain bandit…you are a mountain bandit, your entire family is a mountain bandit!

    Qin Yu took a deep breath, suppressing the anger raging in his heart. He still found it a bit strange. When facing these reviews, how come he wasn’t able to restrain his mood? Well, it didn’t matter. For better or worse he was a master with a Divine Soul level of combat strength, so he wouldn’t be angry at someone he had never seen or met before.

    The strength of 55 flood dragons!

    Compared to when he first arrived at the Land of Divinity and Demons, Qin Yu was over ten times stronger. This place was truly worthy of being known as the holy land of cultivation. While obtaining the strength of the spirit spring was a stroke of luck, he had yet to fully utilize the heaven-defying powers of the little blue lamp. When it came to his future road of cultivation, Qin Yu was fully confident that he would be able to break into the Divine Soul realm in the shortest time possible.

    Qin Yu’s combat strength of 55 flood dragons was much stronger than an initial Divine Soul cultivator. But, this was only a comparison of pure combat strength. A Divine Soul cultivator possessed all sorts of methods that he didn’t. For example: instant transmission.

    Since the little blue lamp entered the Land of Divinity and Demons, it had fallen quiet. Unless Qin Yu stimulated it to move, it wouldn’t release any of its aura. The ability to teleport that it gave Qin Yu also vanished with this. It was as if…it was avoiding something! Qin Yu would never forget the dark intentions that the world’s will held towards it. If he wasn’t careful, because he and the little blue lamp were now of one body, it was possible they would both face total annihilation.

    So it was best to be more cautious. He needed to break into the Divine Soul realm first and control the ability to instantly teleport through space. This would drastically increase his fighting and escape abilities, and truly allow him the strength to preserve his life. Only then would he be able to step onto the road towards the Immortal Sect.

    Qin Yu decided not to delay further. He immediately started to cultivate. But before that, there were two things he needed to do. He flicked his sleeves. A bright light shined and two jade boxes appeared. Qin Yu’s eyes lit up.

    Of the two jade boxes, one was black and one was white. He opened the black jade box first. What appeared before him was a blue crystalline lotus flower. This was part of the rewards that Philosophy Watch had paid for the pill commission request, the jade crystal lotus.

    Qin Yu had already practiced how to refine treasures that increased talent. Without hesitation, he pointed out a finger and touched the jade crystal lotus.

    Hum –

    The object fused with Qin Yu’s aura. It flew upon and spun around his head, emitting a faint sprinkle of light that vanished into his body. During this process, the jade crystal lotus grew increasingly faint, and in the end it disappeared like a shadow, without any trace of it left behind. It was like this sort of heaven-defying object that could change a cultivator’s talent had suffered the punishment of the world and was completely erased from existence!

    Qin Yu opened his eyes, a look of confusion in his eyes. He didn’t feel as if any changes had occurred to him. He touched his body and didn’t feel any impurities or anything left over. His heart tensed; could the jade crystal lotus be useless to him?

    Qin Yu took out a pill and hurriedly swallowed it, refining it. After a moment, he opened his eyes. Although his complexion remained helpless, he relaxed a little.

    It was useful!

    He could feel that when absorbing the same pill, the magic power he obtained was a bit higher than before…but, it was so small and insignificant that he wouldn’t have sensed it unless he was paying attention.

    Wasn’t it said that although a jade crystal lotus was of the lowest level of talent enhancing items, a cultivator could still clearly feel their increased talent? On the handphone forums, many people had confirmed this in various posts. So why…? Qin Yu fell silent for a long time. He pulled out his handphone and started to look through the network. After a great deal of effort, he finally found the reason: if those with extremely poor talent and extremely low potential were to take a talent enhancing treasure, the effects would be greatly reduced.

    Extremely poor talent…extremely low potential…

    Qin Yu’s lips twitched. He clenched his teeth and opened the white jade box, revealing a black lotus seed inside. The surface of the lotus seed was covered all over with tiny runes that flashed with an incomparably mysterious light.

    Nirvana lotus seed!

    This thing couldn’t be compared to the jade crystal lotus. Even amongst the numerous talent enhancing treasures, it was at the medium level and its value wasn’t low either. Otherwise, the inn wouldn’t have felt it appropriate to take this out as a gift to thank Qin Yu.

    The process of refining the nirvana seed lotus was no different from that of the jade crystal lotus. It was only that it took a longer time and that the sprinkle of light was a bit richer.

    Pa –

    The nirvana lotus seed vanished. Qin Yu took out a pill and swallowed it. After a moment, he opened his eyes, a dull expression on his face. He finally determined that he was…that kind of person. To Qin Yu, this was a considerable psychological attack.

    He acknowledged that his talent was low, thus he had done everything in his power to increase it. But, even this road was mostly blocked for him. Wasn’t this bullying a bit too much!?

    For example, for a normal person to increase their talent by one rank, they would need two nirvana lotus seeds. As for Qin Yu, he would at least ten if not more! It took him a long time before he was able to reluctantly accept this brutal reality. He comforted himself, saying that he still had the little blue lamp. He sourly thought that in the future, he would grow a batch of seeds that could increase his talent. Then he would eat some, throw some, and use the rest to make soup!

    Of course this was just an idiot talking nonsense…talent increasing treasures were all naturally produced from the heavens and earth, a product that existed outside the rules. There was no way for them to be cultivated and it was because of this reason that they were extremely scarce and mind-bogglingly precious.

    After a short rest, Qin Yu turned all of his grief and indignation into strength and drive. He started cultivating with all of his heart and mind. The pills he saved up in his storage ring were swallowed up into his stomach without end, transformed into billowing medicinal efficacy.

    Sunmoon Pills, Overwhelming Pills, Mountains and Rivers Pills, Essence Juncture Pills, Soul Renewal Pills, Crouching Tiger Pills, Dragon Origin Pills…pills that enhanced magic power, strengthened the soul, tempered the body, all sorts of pills were eaten up open-endedly. At this time, Qin Yu could be said to be a rich tyrant who flaunted their wealth endlessly. Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, there were core disciples of large sects who couldn’t cultivate so extravagantly during the Nascent Soul realm.

    When he occasionally rested, Qin Yu would bring out his furnace and start refining pills. Within his storage ring, the amount of materials he had to refine Nascent Soul realm pills could almost form a small hill. As for where he got the spirit stones to purchase all of this, it was all thanks to the stroke of inspiration he had to place an enormous bet on the authenticity of the Divine Blood Pill. With just a bit of work, his initial bet of 230,000 spirit stones had become almost 6 million spirit stones. This was a heaven-shocking return rate, and even though Qin Yu had always been wealthy, even he was shocked silly by this much wealth. He was left occasionally laughing out loud to himself for two days before he regained his composure.

    With these spirit stones and in addition to his current status within the inn that allowed him to purchase materials at a discount, this mountain of materials only cost a million spirit stones. Qin Yu could also look on the bright side of things. Spirit stones were good, but the most important thing to a cultivator was their cultivation. When necessary, there was no need to feel pained about spending money.

    Refining pills, swallowing pills, this became a cycle that continued for a long, long time. Still, it was inevitable that one would begin feeling tired of body and mind. Qin Yu started to use the other equipment within the Dao Arena to relax. But he quickly discovered that this equipment wasn’t just for show. Soon, he would spend some time every two days using the equipment.

    For instance, right now Qin Yu was dripping sweat in the Gravity Chamber. Every muscle on his body was tightened, making him seem like a perfectly sculpted statue. Within his flesh and blood, he could feel faint traces of numbness and aching. However, during the process he could feel his body strengthening with astonishing speed.

    An hour later, Qin Yu left the Gravity Chamber panting for breath. He sat down cross-legged just outside the Divine Sense Kingdom. Then, his divine sense broke free from his body.

    Crash! Crash! Bang! –

    The translucent white balls that filled the air became to shake as they were activated almost simultaneously. Qin Yu was calm at first, but as time passed, his body would occasionally tremble and his mouth and face would twitch as if he were having some sort of epileptic seizure. This was the dreadful aspect of the Divine Sense Kingdom. After one’s divine sense entered those translucent balls, they would begin to shake and move. If one didn’t evade in time and had their divine sense struck, they would suffer a pain that tore straight into their marrow. And, the most freakishly abnormal thing was that as time passed, the speed of these translucent balls would increase.

    Luckily, this type of pain was restricted to the most surface level of his consciousness and wouldn’t cause any real substantive damage to his mind. Otherwise he would have fled far, far away already.

    After enduring dual suffering of body and divine sense, Qin Yu was finally exhausted. He took out some pills and swallowed them, closing his eyes as he refined them. In this completely worn out and tired state, the body would develop an intense desire for outside energy. Whether it was the speed of refining or gathering energy, it would be increased. This could be considered a small comfort for the distress Qin Yu went through.

    An hour later, Qin Yu opened his eyes, a divine light flashing in them. He stood up and walked into the Battle Room.

    Hum –

    A light came down and covered Qin Yu.

    Hu –

    An environment appeared, one similar to a gladiatorial coliseum. Qin Yu’s figure suddenly appeared in the middle of this place. Then, across from him, someone exactly like him appeared. They looked at each other. There was no need for words; they began a brutal battle.

    Qin Yu knew that he was real. But, that puppet which was molded from him also seemed to believe that it was real. Its expression filled with disgust and hate was vividly and wonderfully acted out. Fighting yourself was already sad enough, but he even had to endure this puppet’s face that was looking at him as if thinking: hey, you brat, where did you come from and why are you pretending to be this lord?

    It was really tiring.

    Here, he had to praise the Dao Arena once more. It was unknown how they had achieved it, but the puppet he fought was completely similar in respects to himself. Qin Yu knew all of his own hidden cards and their strengths were completely the same. It was a refreshing feeling.

    After a moment, the light in the Battle Room vanished to reveal Qin Yu’s pale face. He opened his eyes, his pupils full of weariness. The battle might have been imaginary and not caused any true damage to the cultivator’s body, but the exhaustion to his mind was real.