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Chapter 287 - Liu Tian’er’s Special Physique

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 287: Liu Tian’er’s Special Physique

    “How did they put them under their spell?” Yun Jiuge was discovering how troublesome life was now that she could not summon her Spiritual Eye. She felt as though she were blind.

    “See for yourself.” A ray of grayish light appeared at Zi Shang’s fingers. He directed the light to the area between Yun Jiuge’s eyebrows.

    Yun Jiuge felt her skin heating up. In the next moment, her vision went gray.

    The Yin Ghosts before her were dark-grayish in color, whereas the Liu Sisters were bathed in light-yellow. It was just like the color of an Earth Spiritual Root.

    Shortie Qiu and his two other teammates were the color of a Black Water Spiritual Root. However, what caught Yun Jiuge’s eyes were the red Paper Dolls pasted to each of their backs.

    Liu Tian’er, who had stayed silent this entire time, was controlling the red Paper Dolls with her fingers from behind.

    The red Paper Dolls raised their arms. Shortie Qiu and his two other teammates immediately rushed at the Level Two Yin Ghost against their will.

    Then, Liu Tian’er yelled out, “Let’s go.”

    The two sisters instantly stashed their Bone Spurs before turning and fleeing the scene.

    “B*tches! You set us up?!” Shortie Qiu flew into a rage.

    He had tried continuously to feel up the sisters during their journey earlier. The sisters were not very happy about his advances, but they’d allowed him to do whatever he wanted anyway. He knew now that they had actually just tricked him so that they could put a spell on him!

    Sadly, it was now too late. The Level Two Yin Ghost had noticed that its prey was charging straight at him. How could it possibly not devour a free meal?

    The pack of Yin Ghosts flocked toward Shortie Qiu and his teammates and surrounded them in a circle.

    Then, they opened their giant mouths and wrapped them around the three men’s heads.

    Shortie Qiu and his teammates’ life energy was sucked out. They quickly became a bunch of dried corpses before disintegrating into a pile of dust.

    This was how brutal the Yin Corpse Sect really was. Countless disciples perished at the Yin Qi Graveyard every single day.

    The Level Two Yin Ghost chased after the Liu Sisters once it had finished devouring Shortie Qiu and his teammates.

    Without hesitation, Yun Jiuge followed the Level Two Yin Ghost.

    She’d planned on fighting the Level Two Yin Ghost after it had killed the Liu Sisters just to see how good she was at the moment.

    The Liu Sisters said nothing as they ran for their lives.

    They had placed a spell on Shortie Qiu because they’d wanted to make him hallucinate when he came over to ask them for sex later. They had not anticipated running into a Level Two Yin Ghost.

    “Sis, the Level Two Yin Ghost is catching up to us.” Liu Tian’er hastily brandished her White Bone Spur.

    She had not expected Shortie Qiu and his teammates to be so utterly useless. They were not even able to hold back the Level Two Yin Ghost.

    “We are going to have to fight.” Liu Mei’er knew that they would not be able to escape. She halted in her tracks and prepared to fight alongside her younger sister.

    Their Corpse Controlling Bells let out a ringing sound as two White Bone Spurs flew out of their sacks.

    The two sisters had only controlled one White Bone Spur when they had been with Shortie Qiu and his team earlier. However, they were now managing two. Evidently, they had been concealing their real strength all this time.

    Four White Bone Spurs flew simultaneously at the Level Two Yin Ghost.

    However, the Level Two Yin Ghost was extremely crafty. It hid behind the low-level Yin Ghosts and did not directly confront the two sisters.

    “I didn’t think that they would choose to stay together.” Yun Jiuge thought that the sisters would simply scatter in the face of such a powerful adversary. She had not expected them to stand and fight, side by side.

    Just then, Zi Shang suddenly informed Yun Jiuge, “There’s something off about those two sisters.”

    “Something off?” How come she had failed to notice anything unusual about them?

    “The girl named Liu Tian’er has a special physique. You can’t tell because she has masked it with a secret technique. Not bad!” Zi Shang answered. He snapped his fingers and sent a surge of demonic power toward the Level Two Yin Ghost.

    The Level Two Yin Ghost had been lying in wait behind a group of low-level Yin Ghosts.

    However, it suddenly fired up the moment Zi Shang’s demonic power made contact with it, and it charged straight for the Liu Sisters. It then broke through the barrier that the sisters had put up and closed in on them.

    “I’ll shield you. Hurry up and run!” Liu Mei’er instantly stood in front of Liu Tian’er. Both of her White Bone Spurs lit up brightly before they transformed into comets and flew toward the Level Two Yin Ghost.

    Liu Mei’er had not anticipated that the Level Two Yin Ghost would not evade her attacks. It stood its ground and took the hits from the White Bone Spurs then charged straight at her. As it neared Liu Mei’er, its gray arms lengthened substantially, and it swung them at Liu Mei’er’s chest.

    Liu Mei’er stumbled backward two steps as blood rolled down the sides of her lips. Her face began to turn gray, which was a sign that the dark, cold energy from the Yin Ghost had entered her body.

    “Sis!” Liu Tian’er’s eyes turned red when she saw that her sister was injured.

    She then gritted her teeth and pulled out a red Paper Doll from her sack.

    The doll was intricately made. Its facial features were lifelike and nearly identical to Liu Tian’er’s.

    Liu Tian’er placed the red Paper Doll on her chest before she gave it a pat. The next moment, her eyes became crimson, and her hair shot up toward the skies. Her nails grew tremendously until they looked just like black blades.

    After her transformation, the Level Two Yin Ghost became wary of Liu Tian’er. It immediately commanded the low-level Yin Ghosts to act as its shield.

    Liu Tian’er pounced at the Level One Yin Ghosts. She swung her hands about and instantly cut them to shreds. She then fought off the Level Two Yin Ghost. Surprisingly, their strength was on par.

    “Nine Purgatories Body?!” There was a hint of astonishment in Zi Shang’s gray eyes.

    He had not expected Liu Tian’er to posses such a physique.

    “Nine Purgatories Body? Isn’t that the kind of body that is most suited for refining into a Yin Corpse?” Yun Jiuge was equally shocked by the revelation.

    Liu Tian’er had actually chosen to come to the Yin Corpse Sect to learn the Yin Corpse Bone Controlling Technique despite already possessing the Nine Purgatories Body! Her actions were clearly suicidal! She was just asking them to refine her into a corpse!

    Yun Jiuge thought to herself: Does Liu Tian’er not know that she possesses the Nine Purgatories Body?

    Judging from the way she’d cast a spell on herself, she clearly was aware that she possessed a unique physique. She also knew how to use it well.

    While Yun Jiuge was in shock contemplating Liu Tian’er’s Nine Purgatories Body, Liu Tian’er was struggling in her fight against the Level Two Yin Ghost.

    Liu Mei’er suppressed the Death Energy that had been left inside her by the Level Two Yin Ghost before she dangled her Corpse Controlling Bell and hollered, “Don’t fight it head-on. Aim for the head! That’s where its weakness is.”

    Liu Tian’er’s movements became a lot nimbler after hearing her sister’s words, and she focused all her attacks on the Level Two Yin Ghost’s head.

    The two sisters worked, hand in hand, and managed to dig out the Soul Crystal embedded in the Level Two Yin Ghost’s head.

    With its Soul Crystal gone, the Level Two Yin Ghost instantly transformed into a ball of dense Yin Qi.

    Liu Mei’er then propelled her Yin Qi Bottle forward, and the ball of Yin Qi was subsequently sucked into the bottle.

    Liu Mei’er stashed the bottle before she took out two gray Death Talismans from her sack.

    The Death Talismans could temporarily mask a person’s life energy. However, they were only able to conceal it for approximately five minutes, which was not a very long time. The two sisters would not be able to make their way out of the Yin Qi Graveyard in five minutes. Thus, the Death Talismans were not very useful right now.

    Liu Mei’er placed the Death Talismans on both of their bodies before she ripped the faded red Paper Doll from Liu Tian’er’s chest.

    Liu Tian’er’s bloodshot eyes instantly returned to normal, and her hair, which had been standing up earlier, fell back down.

    Then, Liu Tian’er fell to the ground weakly and yelled out in a pitiful voice, “Sis!”

    Whack! No one had expected Liu Mei’er to slap her younger sister across the face. She then lashed out at Liu Tian’er angrily, “How many times have I told you not to use that power? Do you have a death wish? If you wanted to die, then you should have told me earlier! That way, I would not have suffered at the hands of that horrible old man just so I could protect you all these years!”

    Liu Mei’er could not hold back her tears as she chided her sister.

    She knew that her younger sister had just been trying to save her earlier. She was the one at fault. She was not strong enough. She could not protect her younger sister.

    “Don’t cry, sis. I was wrong.” Liu Tian’er’s eyes had turned red, and she reached out a hand to wipe the tears from Liu Mei’er’s face.

    “Get up.” Liu Mei’er held back her tears before saying with reddened eyes, “Let’s go back and cultivate.”

    She was going to get stronger. She was going to grow so strong that she would be able to trample on all those who had humiliated them in the past.

    She was going to become so strong that she would be able to kill that old monster and exact revenge for her uncle and his family.

    When that day came, she would refine all of them into Yin Corpses and torture them day and night. She would make sure that they felt a lot more pain than they had inflicted on her and her sister all this while.