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Chapter 289 - Pray That It’s Worth the Price

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 289: Pray That It’s Worth the Price

    “That’s right.” Little Fatty nodded solemnly before he let out a laugh and said, “Honestly, you don’t need to do this, Senior Brother Yun Jiu. You’ll definitely be able to win the Liu Sisters over once you understand their likes and interests. When that happens, they’ll definitely tell you all about their past.”

    Yun Jiuge replied with an expressionless face, “You better pray that your information is truly worth 500 Contribution Points. If not, I will beat you up.”

    “Are you really going to buy the information from me?” Little Fatty was taken aback.

    He had set such a high price on information about the Liu Sisters’ past because he knew that it should really be kept a secret.

    Quite a few people had wanted to buy this information from him before. But in the end, they had all been put off by the high price.

    “Yeah,” Yun Jiuge replied. She took out her large Yin Qi Bottle and hurled it at Little Fatty before adding, “The Yin Qi inside that bottle should be worth 500 Contribution Points.”

    She had initially intended to use the Yin Qi to exchange for the Bone Controlling Technique’s skill book. However, ever since she’d found out about the Liu Sisters’ unique physique, she’d felt like she needed to learn about their past.

    Little Fatty caught the Yin Qi Bottle and checked its contents. The Yin Qi within was definitely worth 500 Contribution Points.

    He would be willing to share secrets with the highest classification—as long as he was paid.

    “The Liu Sisters might look gentle and weak on the outside, but they actually come from a large and powerful family…” Little Fatty began spilling the beans about the Liu Sisters’ past.

    It turned out that the two sisters hailed originally from the Liu Clan, and they’d grown up in an area controlled by the Black Fiend Sect.

    The Liu Clan possessed two cultivators who had entered the Foundation Establishment stage, and they were among the most influential and powerful people in their area.

    The sisters’ father was a cultivator who had only managed to complete all ten levels of the Qi Refining stage. However, he was the leader of the entire clan. Due to their father’s position as well as their talents in cultivation, the two sisters were treated well by the clan. They were continually being groomed by the other clan members.

    Sadly, the good times did not last. Their father died while carrying out a mission.

    Their uncle became the new clan leader, and the two sisters no longer enjoyed the same kind of special treatment that they had in the past.

    The clan elders had wanted to continue to raise the two sisters properly so that they would be able to marry them off to other big and powerful clans.

    This practice was widespread in big clans. Additionally, since the two sisters were the legitimate daughters of the previous clan leader, they did not have to fear being married into a poor family.

    Unfortunately for them, their uncle was not a kindhearted man.

    He knew that the Wicked Patriarch wanted to turn the two sisters into a human cauldron, but he delivered the girls to him in secret anyway because he had obtained something from the Patriarch.

    The two sisters suffered immensely at the hands of the Wicked Patriarch, and they joined the Yin Corpse Sect after escaping from him.

    Little Fatty drank a cup of tea to soothe his throat once he had finished narrating the entire story in one go.

    “That’s it?” Yun Jiuge raised her eyebrow in surprise. What about their special physique?

    “Senior Brother Yun Jiu, the Liu Sisters are fugitives. They will definitely get into trouble if their true identities are exposed. How is that not a highly confidential secret?” Little Fatty widened his eyes in disbelief.

    Every single person who learned about the Liu Sisters’ past would be able to use this information against them. They could make the girls obey their every whim.

    Little Fatty had only sold the information to Yun Jiu because he could tell that he was not a lecherous man.

    “Where did you get this intelligence from?” Fine! The fact that the Liu Sisters are actually fugitives does actually surprise me, Yun Jiuge thought to herself.

    “The Yin Corpse Sect might appear very lax when it comes to taking on new disciples, but they actually do extensive checks on each disciple’s background.”

    “But, let me remind you of something. This is a secret, after all, so let’s just keep it between us. It wouldn’t be good if others found out about it,” Little Fatty said. He might be smiling at the moment, but there was a threatening note in his voice.

    For Little Fatty to brazenly sell such confidential information to others, he must have connections to influential people within the sect who can help him out when he gets into trouble, Yun Jiuge thought to herself.

    Yun Jiuge had never intended to tell others about the Liu Sisters’ past from the start. Instead, she was more curious about Yin Corpse Sect’s attitude toward the whole issue.

    “If the Yin Corpse Sect knows that the Liu Sisters are fugitives, then why did they take them in? Aren’t they worried about how troublesome the situation might become in the future?”

    “The Yin Corpse Sect is not afraid of the Liu Clan or the Wicked Patriarch. If either of them dares to come here to try and take the sisters back, then they’ll need to pay the price.” Essentially, the Yin Corpse Sect had taken in the Liu Sisters because they saw it as an excellent way to extort money from the Liu Clan or Wicked Patriarch.

    “Then, do you know how the Liu Sisters managed to escape from the Wicked Patriarch?” Yun Jiuge was also curious about this.

    “I heard that they sliced up the Wicked Patriarch’s nether region when he tried to extract life energy and blood essences from their bodies. Afterward, they fled,” replied Little Fatty.

    Attacking a man’s nether region! I bet even a Patriarch who has entered the Core Formation stage could not tolerate that pain! Yun Jiuge thought.

    Those two sisters were undoubtedly ferocious. Yun Jiuge did not have a penis, but she could imagine the kind of pain that a man would feel if his nether region was disfigured.

    “Since Senior Brother Yun Jiu is such a generous man, let me give you one other piece of information!”

    Little Fatty lowered his voice and said furtively, “I heard that Su Junqing is interested in the two sisters. If you like them, you have to be wary of him. Otherwise, they might end up falling for him first!”

    “Su Junqing?” Yun Jiuge narrowed her eyes. The name irked and pained her immensely.

    But, since Little Fatty had brought him up, Yun Jiuge decided to make use of the opportunity to ask about him, “Do you know about Senior Brother Su Junqing’s past?”

    “Of course, I do! That’ll be 50 Contribution Points,” Little Fatty retorted then stretched out a hand.

    The price that Little Fatty set this time around might have been much cheaper than what he’d asked for the information about the Liu Sisters, but Yun Jiuge could not pay it because she no longer possessed a single Contribution Point. Not only that, but she did not have any more Yin Qi that she could use to exchange for his information either.

    She contemplated for a moment then asked Little Fatty, “Do you accept Yin Qi Pills?”

    One Yin Qi Pill was worth one Contribution Point in the Yin Corpse Sect.

    “You still have Yin Qi Pills?” Little Fatty asked. He was quite surprised. Most newcomers used up all their Yin Qi Pills right away so that they could enter the first level of the Qi Refining stage.

    “I know an Alchemist. I took a handful of top-grade Yin Qi Pills from him,” Yun Jiuge replied and fished out a small bottle made of jade.

    “Let me see them.” Little Fatty brought Yun Jiuge’s Yin Qi Pills up to his nose and sniffed them. The next instant, his eyes lit up, and he said, “This Yin Qi Pill is good! One pill is worth 10 Contribution Points. I’ll take them!”

    The price that Little Fatty set for her Yin Qi Pills was reasonable. Accordingly, Yun Jiuge gave him five Yin Qi Pills in exchange for the information about Su Junqing.

    After that, Little Fatty started rattling on about Su Junqing’s past.

    Su Junqing had been a disciple of the Bloodthirsty Sect, and he had been involved in the buying and selling of little girls in the capital of the Lei Kingdom. He had even plotted to kill Medicine Refinery Valley’s Great Master Dongfang with the Lei Kingdom’s previous Crown Prince, Dongfang Jianming. Their actions had resulted in the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance launching an attack on the Bloodcloud Peak…

    Yun Jiuge knew all of this better than Little Fatty. What she really wanted to know was what happened after Su Junqing had entered the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Little Fatty continued to babble on. Soon, he began talking about what had happened when Su Junqing had entered the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Su Junqing had made his way into the Yin Corpse Sect by hooking up with Si Youyue. Once he was in, he’d immediately made use of his good looks to hook up with Elder Mo Hua. He was then taken in by the Mo Hua Peak and became a Proper Disciple of the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Following that, he’d successfully refined his own Life’s Origin Yin Corpse, which had allowed him to hugely increase his power. His standing at Mo Hua Peak had also improved significantly as a result.

    “Wait, did you just say that he has refined his own Life’s Origin Yin Corpse?” Yun Jiuge asked with a frown. “Isn’t it extremely difficult to find a set of corpses that can be refined into a Life’s Origin Yin Corpse? How did he manage to find them? He’d only been a member of the Yin Corpse Sect for a couple of days!”

    “That’s right. Su Junqing is very lucky. He brought back a female slave from the Bloodcloud Peak, and it turned out that she possessed the Yin Spiritual Body! She was extremely compatible with him, and he instantly refined her into his Life’s Origin Yin Corpse,” Little Fatty explained. He could not help but be impressed by how lucky Su Junqing was.

    He had to thank his lucky stars that he was a disciple of the Mo Hua Peak. If he had been a disciple of any of the male elders’ peaks, then he would never have been able to refine the woman with the Yin Spiritual Body into his Life’s Origin Yin Corpse.

    After all, a woman who possessed the Yin Spiritual Body could be compatible with anyone. The male elders would definitely have turned her into their own Life’s Origin Yin Corpse instead.

    Yun Jiuge’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the words ‘female slave from the Bloodcloud Peak.’ She immediately asked, “Have you seen Su Junqing’s Yin Corpse?”

    “My uncle saw it. He said it was very pretty, and it has a red mole between its eyebrows,” Little Fatty replied.

    Yun Jiuge felt as though her heart had been plunged into an icy lake when she heard Little Fatty’s words.