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Chapter 290 - Zi Shang Comforts Yun Jiuge

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 290: Zi Shang Comforts Yun Jiuge

    Yun Jiuge thought, Ye Yunzhi! It must be Ye Yunzhi!

    Her heart trembled. She’d never expected this news.

    Zi Shang had to grasp her hand tightly until Ye Jiuge recovered from her daze.

    “Senior Yun, what’s wrong?” Little Fatty’s inquiring eyes scrutinized Yun Jiuge.

    It was fortunate that Yun Jiuge’s face stopped showed any expression after she had been poisoned. Otherwise, Little Fatty likely would have noticed that something was different with her.

    “I just think that Senior Su is blessed with good fortune!” Yun Jun said, suppressing her anger. Then she continued, “You said earlier that Senior Su is interested in the Liu sisters. Is he plotting something nasty against them?”

    “I am not sure. In any case, it wouldn’t be anything good.” It was evident that Little Fatty had nothing but contempt for Su Junqing.

    “Then, in the future, please relay any information regarding Su Junqing’s actions toward the Liu sisters promptly. A price can be easily negotiated.” Yun Jiuge’s words came out naturally and rationally.

    “No problem.” Little Fatty was very satisfied to have gained another regular customer.

    Yun Jiuge had wanted to ask about Si Youyue. However, she feared that Little Fatty would become suspicious if she asked too many questions and decided against it.

    “Senior, if there’s nothing else, then I shall take my leave.” Little Fatty was, in fact, very busy.

    After seeing Little Fatty off, Ye Jiuge closed the door. Turning toward Zi Shang, she asked, “Do you think that everything he said is true?” Then, to herself, she added, “Can it be true that Su Junqing has really made Ye Yunzhi into a Yin Corpse?”

    “His words are true,” Zi Shang replied. He had been standing invisible beside her and had used his Demonic Eye to examine Little Fatty. He was sure that Little Fatty’s information was accurate.

    “Su Junqing is a d*mned son of a b*tch!”

    Ye Jiuge thought: Not only is he responsible for making Ye Yunzhi’s life tragic, but now he has also made her into a Yin Corpse. The Heavens will not tolerate it for long if he is not killed.

    “Su Junqing is currently enjoying the limelight in the Yin Corpse Sect. It is too risky to seek revenge against him at the moment,” Zi Shang stated calmly.

    He had brought Yun Jiuge to the Yin Corpse Sect to remove the poison inside her body. After that, everything else would follow.

    “I know,” Yun Jiuge said, then closed her eyes forcefully. When she finally reopened them, she had already calmed down.

    Her level of Spiritual Power was the only thing that would allow her to have the final say. The most important thing for her to do at the moment was to gather Yin Qi at the Yin Qi Graveyard and produce more Yin Qi Pills.

    At the later stages of her cultivation, the effects of the Yin Qi Pills would become less significant. When that moment finally arrived, she would need Yin Gathering Pills instead.

    To produce Yin Gathering Pills, she would need Three-petaled Specter Flower Herbs and Yin Moths.

    Three-petaled Specter Flower Herbs grew in the interior areas of the Yin Qi Graveyard. By relying on the White Bone Monkey’s concealment, it would be easy for her to sneak in and gather them.

    However, the Yin Moths were only found in the Moth Valley of the Yin Qi Graveyard. A single person operating alone would not be able to catch that many, so she would need to work together with someone.

    It seemed that Ye Jiuge would have to switch up her aloof and reclusive character. She would need to find reliable people that she could collaborate with.

    It was fortunate that Ye Jiuge was currently only at the third level of the Qi Refining stage. She would need some more time to reach the fifth level. As such, she could take her time to find these reliable people.

    On the second day, Yun Jiuge went out to kill Yin Ghosts again. When she returned to complete the mission, she saw that Liu Mei’er was being harassed by Broom Eyebrows Chen and his lackeys.

    “Little beauty, Shortie Qiu and his lackeys are all dead. If you don’t find a backer soon, I don’t think that you will be able to keep your exquisite face in such good condition!” Broom Eyebrows Chen chided with a grin.

    There were even more lackeys behind him, as Shortie Qiu’s former subordinates had switched sides and joined his faction.

    Among the Secondary Disciples, only the person with the biggest fist had the right to speak.

    If it were just any ordinary day, Liu Mei’er would not mind joining Broom Eyebrows Chen’s faction to flatter and fawn over him.

    However, she was not in the mood for that at the moment.

    Ever since her sister had activated her Nine Serenities Ghost Body, she had been in a terrible state. Icy-cold Yin Qi had gathered inside her body and could not be dispersed.

    Liu Mei’er did not dare invite someone to take a look, and she was forced to look after her sister around the clock. As such, she had become very irritable.

    When she saw Broom Eyebrows Chen’s disgusting face, she was extremely annoyed. She immediately berated him, “Get lost, you horny *ss!”

    “You f*cking b*tch, how dare you! Brothers, come! Teach her how to treat others!” Broom Eyebrows Chen flew into a rage from his humiliation, and he ordered his lackeys to teach Liu Mei’er a lesson.

    The surrounding disciples walked away in silence. Nobody wished to get involved.

    Although the Yin Corpse Sect allegedly prohibited scuffles, if the enforcement team did not see anything, nobody cared about it.

    Liu Mei’er reached for her Magical Bottomless Bag. She was about to take out her Corpse Controlling Bell and fight Broom Eyebrows Chen, risking her life.

    Just then, a gentle voice rang out, “What are you doing? Don’t you know that fights are prohibited in the sect?”

    Then, Su Junqing’s handsome face appeared.

    “Senior Su, you are mistaken. We were just chatting. Isn’t that right, Junior Liu?” Broom Eyebrows Chen shot a warning look at Liu Mei’er.

    “I have nothing to chat with you about,” Liu Mei’er replied. He did not care about Broom Eyebrows Chen at all.

    Broom Eyebrows Chen’s face changed immediately.

    “Did you not hear what Junior Liu said? What are you waiting for? Get lost!” It was apparent that Su Junqing was on Liu Mei’er’s side.

    “Yes, yes, yes.” Although Broom Eyebrows Chen was mighty among the Secondary Disciples, he was nothing compared to Su Junqing, who was a Proper Disciple.

    He could only tuck his tail between his legs and shuffle away with his posse.

    “Junior Liu, are you alright?” Su Junqing looked gently at Liu Mei’er.

    “Many thanks to you, Senior Su, for helping me out,” Liu Mei’er said and gave him a grateful smile.

    “Don’t mention it. It’s nothing. I have heard that your sister is injured. Is it severe? Do you need me to help and take a look?” Su Junqing said warm-heartedly.

    When Liu Mei’er heard this, her face paled immediately. She shook her head and refused his help, “Senior Su, thank you for your concern. My sister has mostly recovered from her injury. I still have to complete my mission, and I will not trouble you anymore.”

    Having said so, she left the hall in a hurry.

    As he watched Liu Mei’er’s graceful figure retreating, Su Junqing’s eyes narrowed. However, he did not follow her. Instead, he turned and left.

    “Follow him and have a look,” Zi Shang said softly into Yun Jiuge’s ears.

    He knew that Yun Jiuge wanted badly to kill Su Junqing. Although they could not act at the moment, it was still acceptable to try and get more information about him.

    Yun Jiuge agreed with Zi Shang. Immediately, she made herself invisible and followed after Su Junqing.

    She did not expect Su Junqing to find Broom Eyebrows Chen.

    “You seem to be doing rather well lately!” exclaimed Su Junqing in a casual manner. From his tone, he clearly knew Broom Eyebrows Chen well.

    A fawning smile beamed on Broom Eyebrows Chen’s face as he said, “Senior Su, thank you so much for helping me get rid of Shortie Qiu. Number Two Peak is now our territory. Don’t worry, I will definitely help you to get the Liu sisters.”

    “Do your job well, and I will reward you,” Su Junqing replied, then nodded in satisfaction.

    His place in the Yin Corpse Sect was too weak, and he had always wanted to form a faction of his own. As it happened, Broom Eyebrows Chen wished to join his camp. Using a little trick, Su Junqing had drawn a Level Two Yin Ghost from the interior parameters to help Broom Eyebrows Chen get rid of Shortie Qiu.

    However, he thought that Broom Eyebrows Chen was very useless. He had repeatedly claimed that he would be able to help him take down the Liu sisters, but he had yet to make any progress.

    Although Su Junqing practiced Mental Manipulation, he did not dare use the technique on the Liu sisters. Otherwise, the Seniors who disliked him would report him.

    Although the Yin Corpse Sect’s rules were lenient, he would still be heavily punished for harming his fellow disciples.

    Of course, if he could harm them in secret without anyone else finding out, that would be another matter altogether.