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Chapter 291 - The Secret to Picking Up Girls

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 291: The Secret to Picking Up Girls

    As she watched the scene from a distance, Yun Jiuge reflected on how much she hated the fact that she was unable to go up to give Su Junqing and punch him.

    She thought: This d*uchebag is really wretched, contemptible, shameless, and despicable. No matter where he goes, he will be up to some tricks to harm women.

    Initially, Yun Jiuge had treated the Liu Sisters as adversaries. However, she had changed her mind. Now, she felt that they could be companions. They could all deal with Su Junqing together.

    “My King, what do I need to do to win over the sisters?” Yun Jiuge looked toward Zi Shang and asked for guidance. After all, she was not an expert at picking up girls!

    “Firstly, tell them that you already know about their background and the Nine Serenities Ghost Body. Secondly, give them some benefits so that they realize that it will be advantageous for them to follow you. Lastly, use them to deal with Su Junqing,” Zi Shang explained clearly and logically.

    “Is that too straightforward?” Yun Jiuge wished simply to make friends with the Liu Sisters instead.

    “With their background, it is better to be more direct,” replied Zi Shang. He gave a look that seemed to say, “Listen to me. I am definitely right!”

    “You have a point.” Yun Jiuge nodded. Besides, she was not in the mood to discuss feelings and emotions with the Liu Sisters.

    “When the opportunity arises, you just have to take me out and show them. Then, they will know that you harbor no evil intentions toward them.” Zi Shang was very confident about his ability to act as a Thousand-year-old Corpse.

    Even ten Nine Serenities Ghost Bodies could not compare to one Thousand-year-old Corpse.

    “I will see about it when the time comes!” Yun Jiuge replied half-heartedly.

    She felt that this plan would be fine for now, and she did not wish for Zi Shang to make a scene.

    “By then, it will be too late.” Zi Shang was dissatisfied with Yun Jiuge’s half-hearted manner.

    However, Yun Jiuge ignored him. When they returned, she went to knock on the Liu Sisters’ door.

    “Who’s there?” Liu Mei’er’s voice came from inside.

    “It’s me, Yun Jiu. I have something to discuss with you,” said Yun Jiuge calmly.

    “I am not free at the moment. If you have something to discuss, we can do it tomorrow.” Liu Mei’er’s tone was clearly half-hearted.

    “That won’t do. I want to speak about it now. If you are not going to come out, don’t blame me for trespassing,” replied Yun Jiuge. Her attitude was unyielding.

    The door soon opened.

    Liu Mei’er’s beautiful face peeked out from the cracked doorframe.

    Impatiently, she said, “What do you want to say? Hurry up!”

    “I know about your background and your sister’s body…” Before Yun Jiuge could finish her sentence, Liu Mei’er had already pulled her into the house.

    A White Bone Spur was floating in the air, and it was pointed at Yun Jiuge’s face.

    “You can’t kill me.” Yun Jiuge remained calm and unhurried. After all, Zi Shang was standing behind Liu Mei’er!

    Liu Mei’er’s eyes had turned red, and she looked like she wanted to murder Yun Jiuge.

    “Elder Sister, let him come in and speak!” As Liu Tian’er spoke, some banging sounds arose.

    “Younger Sister!” Unable to deal with Yun Jiuge, Liu Mei’er hurriedly returned to the interior room.

    Yun Jiuge followed her. There, she saw Liu Tian’er lying on the floor. She was holding the bed frame and struggling to get up.

    “Don’t you know the nature of your own condition? What are you doing?” Liu Mei’er speedily went over to support Liu Tian’er.

    Liu Tian’er’s face was ghastly pale and hideous. Her pupils were red, and her body looked frail. These side effects were the repercussions of activating the Nine Serenities Ghost Body.

    If she were to activate it a few more times, her vitality would be sapped entirely, and she would turn into a living corpse.

    “Put her back into bed. I have a way to remove the excess coldness from her body.” As she spoke, Yun Jiuge took out the Lightning Fire Needle.

    “I don’t need your fake kindness,” Liu Mei’er said and glared viciously at Yun Jiuge. She clearly did not believe anything that Yun Jiuge said.

    “She is already in a terrible state. If she is not treated soon, the entire Yin Corpse Sect will know about her body.” Yun Jiuge was not afraid that Liu Mei’er would refuse to yield.

    “Elder Sister, it doesn’t hurt to try anything in a desperate situation!” protested Liu Tian’er weakly.

    Finally, Liu Mei’er carried Liu Tian’er and placed her back in the bed. Then, standing guard to the side, she glared resolutely at Yun Jiuge as though she were watching an attacker.

    Yun Jiuge did not mind. She began by checking Liu Tian’er’s pulse. She realized that the situation was dire. Her pulse was so weak that it could barely be detected.

    Although she could not open her Spiritual Eye at the moment, she could still use other methods to examine the condition inside Liu Tian’er’s body.

    “In a while, I will infuse some Yin Qi into your body in order to examine you. Don’t resist,” Yun Jiuge declared solemnly.

    “Okay,” replied Liu Tian’er with a nod.

    Yun Jiuge opened up a small path of Yin Qi in Liu Tian’er’s meridians. She observed everything carefully and took note of the congested areas.

    After she had completed her examination, she took out the Lightning Fire Needle and began to apply her needle technique.

    A few rays of red light landed on Liu Tian’er’s congested meridians, leaving behind countless densely packed needle pricks.

    Then, countless gray droplets permeated out from the needle punctures.

    Liu Tian’er’s complexion improved, and some color finally returned to her pale lips.

    After Yun Jiuge had stored away her needle, she said, “You can try your Cultivation Technique now.”

    At once, Liu Tian’er sat up cross-legged and began to activate her Cultivation Technique. The gray droplets turned into a mist that surged up violently and engulfed her entire body.

    Liu Mei’er was anxious, and she hurriedly asked Yun Jiuge, “What’s happening to her?”

    “Something good,” Yun Jiuge replied coolly.

    Soon, Liu Tian’er had completed a microcosmic orbit. The color in her face was restored, and she looked as though she had completely recovered.

    “Brother Yun Jiu, you are so impressive.” Liu Tian’er’s eyes shone as she looked at Yun Jiuge. With a delicate voice, she asked, “Your needle technique is so powerful! Where did you learn it?”

    Yun Jiuge did not reply. Instead, she simply said, “I am here because I wish to make a deal with the two of you.”

    “What deal?” Liu Mei’er asked with a calm expression.

    “Naturally, it is a deal that will be beneficial to you both. Don’t worry, I am not interested in making you into a Yin Corpse. However, your cultivation levels are still too low. We can talk about everything once you have increased your cultivation!”

    Although Yun Jiuge wanted to rope in the Liu Sisters, she could not immediately speak her intentions out loud. Otherwise, she would only have herself to blame if they sold her out.

    Liu Mei’er looked at Yun Jiuge with scrutiny. However, the strange face revealed no emotions, and she could not discern anything from it.

    “Brother Yun Jiu, since you have saved my life, you are my benefactor. I will do whatever you want,” Liu Tian’er said naively.

    “Don’t speak so foolishly. You wouldn’t even know if you were being sold off,” Liu Mei’er reprimanded her.

    Liu Tian’er pouted and said in a slightly aggrieved tone, “Brother Yun Jiu is not a bad person.”

    The sisters’ dialogue and acting were superb. Unfortunately for them, Yun Jiuge did not fall for it.

    “Meet me by the gate to the Yin Qi Graveyard tomorrow at three o’clock in the morning.” Having said so, Yun Jiuge left.

    Liu Tian’er pretended to docilely watch Yun Jiuge’s retreating figure.

    After Yun Jiuge had disappeared, Liu Tian’er closed the door, and the expression in her eyes changed immediately. Solemnly, she asked Liu Mei’er, “Elder Sister, what do you think?”

    “I can’t discern what this Yun Jiu is thinking. However, since he knows about your secret, we can’t let him live,” Liu Mei’er answered viciously.

    She did not believe that Yun Jiu truly had no interest in her younger sister’s unique body.