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Chapter 292 - Zi Shang Tames Yun Jiuge

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 292: Zi Shang Tames Yun Jiuge

    “In that case, we’ll need to be well-prepared tomorrow.” At the moment, there was no naivety or cuteness in Liu Tian’er’s appearance. Her viciousness could rival her sister’s.

    Zi Shang overheard the sisters’ dialogue. Rejoicing in Yun Jiuge’s misfortune, he immediately said to her, “The sisters are preparing to get rid of you in the Yin Qi Graveyard tomorrow.”

    “What are you laughing about? You better be careful, or your mouth will become permanently crooked from laughing.” Yun Jiuge was very annoyed. Did she really have to introduce that beast, Zi Shang?

    “Wash your neck and get ready. I won’t help you.” With a smile, Zi Shang patted Yun Jiuge’s shoulders.

    He thought, Ha! Serves you right for daring to brush me off!

    Yun Jiuge worried that she might make a stupid mistake tomorrow. So, after she had carefully inspected her Magical Bottomless Bag, she took out the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey to practice a few more moves.

    After these few days of interaction, she realized that the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey was actually intelligent.

    Although it could not speak, there was spirituality in the Soul Fire of its eyes. This allowed it to express all kinds of emotions.

    For example, it loved going to the Yin Qi Graveyard. Every time it went there to kill the Yin Ghosts, its Soul Fire pulsed rapidly.

    However, once it was dissolved into white bones and placed back into the bag, it seemed as if it had nothing left to live for.

    “Little Monkey, you must perform well tomorrow. If you do, I will make something nice for you to eat,” Yun Jiuge discussed conditions with it.

    She realized that if the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey could coordinate with her automatically, their attacks would become much more potent.

    The Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey was rooted to the spot in a daze. There was no reaction from its Soul Fire, and it was as though it did not understand Yun Jiuge.

    “You have not tasted Yin Qi Liquid, have you? Come, come!” Yun Jiuge took out a bottle of Yin Qi. She reduced the Yin Qi into a liquid and dissolved a Yin Qi Pill inside it. Then, she dipped a brush into the liquid and brushed it across the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey’s head.

    The Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey’s Soul Fire shot up immediately. It raised up its two thin arms. It was evident that it liked the Yin Qi Liquid.

    “You like that, don’t you? Do a good job tomorrow, and I will make sure that you are full.” Yun Jiuge’s eyes squinted as she laughed devilishly. Of course, she wouldn’t let it enjoy its fill right now. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be motivated to work the next day.

    The little White Bone Monkey was no match for Yun Jiuge. Its Soul Fire began to expand and contract, as though it was nodding its head.

    “You beast! You won’t even let off a White Bone Monkey!” Zi Shang had finally found a chance to ridicule Yun Jiuge.

    Unexpectedly, Yun Jiuge did not rebuke him. She thought, As long as it works, I don’t mind being a beast!

    Early in the morning of the next day, Yun Jiuge arrived at the entrance to the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    The Liu Sisters were already waiting.

    As usual, Liu Mei’er continued to put on a dark face. Coldly, she nodded at Yun Jiuge. Liu Tian’er continued to put on a show of innocence. Innocent and unaffected, she called out to Yun Jiuge, “Senior Yun Jiu, good morning!”

    “Follow me in and kill some Yin Ghosts with me. We will split the Yin Qi equally.” Yun Jiuge’s facial expression still revealed no emotion.

    “Sure, Senior Yun Jiu! I am okay with any distribution of the Yin Qi!” Liu Tian’er’s eyes curved as she smiled. It was indeed easy for her girl-next-door appearance to make a favorable impression on any man.

    Unfortunately, Yun Jiuge was a woman pretending to be a man, so she turned a blind eye to Liu Tian’er’s allure. Taking the lead, she entered the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    The Liu Sisters exchanged glances before following Yun Jiuge into the cemetery.

    The Yin Qi Graveyard was still ice-cold. Low-level Yin Ghosts drifted around everywhere. When they saw Yun Jiuge and the others, they immediately rushed toward them.

    Liu Tian’er and Liu Mei’er took out their White Bone Spurs and adopted a defensive stance. However, their White Bone Spurs were very close to Yun Jiuge. With just one flip of the palm, they would be able to stab Yun Jiuge in the chest.

    Yun Jiuge seemed to pay this no heed. She took out the small bag and threw it down, shouting, “Little Monkey, come out!”

    Many thin white bones flew out from the small bag, and they assembled into a little White Bones Monkey with a huge head.

    “Senior Yun Jiu, you are so strong that you already have your own White Bone Puppet! But this little monkey is too cute!” Liu Tian’er’s words seemed to be suggesting that cuteness was not an indication of ability.

    “Neither of you have to defend me. Focus your attention on killing the Yin Ghosts.” With a pinch of her fingers, Yun Jiuge distributed the Yin Qi from the little White Bone Monkey equally among the three of them.

    Foolishly, the Yin Ghosts immediately stopped their assault.

    However, the Yin Qi was not enough to be equally distributed among three. A hint of their Life Energy, although barely discernable, continued to flutter in the air. This caused the Yin Ghosts to circle around them.

    The Liu Sisters had not expected this to happen.

    Initially, they had wanted to seize the opportunity to get rid of Yun Jiuge when the Yin Ghosts rushed at them and the situation erupted into chaos. However, it seemed that this plan was not going to work.

    “Senior Yun Jiu, this little Monkey is great! How did you make it?” Liu Tian’er could not help but ask.

    If she and her sister were to have a White Bone Monkey too, they wouldn’t need to rely on their beauty to seek cultivation resources anymore.

    “I found this Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey in a chance encounter,” Yun Jiuge replied coolly. It was like she was saying, “I am rich, but I won’t tell you that I am rich!”

    “Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey?!” Liu Tian’er’s eyes widened. She thought: This thing is a strange treasure. I can’t believe that this Yun Jiu has actually obtained something so precious.

    Liu Mei’er’s intense gaze swept over the little White Bone Monkey. At the same time, she noiselessly took out a White Bone Spur from her Magical Bottomless Bag.

    “Elder Sister, I don’t have enough Yin Qi bottles. Give me some.” Liu Tian’er suddenly said to Liu Mei’er. At the same time, she gave a disagreeing look to signal that now was not the right time to act.

    “Oh, sure!” Liu Mei’er recovered immediately, and her White Bone Spur returned silently into her Magical Bottomless Bag.

    The two sisters immediately changed their strategy, and they began to focus on killing the Yin Ghosts. After all, the Yin Qi was beneficial for them as well.

    Yun Jiuge was beside them, controlling her White Bone Spur to kill the Yin Ghosts.

    However, she did not expect the little White Bone Monkey to open its mouth wide after it had absorbed the Yin Ghosts. Then, it spewed out a stream of pure Yin Qi into Yun Jiuge’s Yin Qi bottle.

    The Liu Sisters were dumbfounded. The White Bone Monkey was really a treasure to be able to kill the Yin Ghosts and collect Yin Qi!

    Yun Jiuge was surprised as well. After all, the White Bone Monkey had always been preoccupied with eating. It had never taken any notice of her.

    It seemed that the scrumptious Yin Qi meal the night before had awakened it. After all, the refined Yin Qi was much more delicious than low-level Yin Ghosts.

    Yun Jiuge stashed her White Bone Spur and began to focus on collecting the Yin Qi. Very quickly, she managed to fill a large bottle.

    “Let’s take a break!” Seeing that the Liu Sisters were gasping for breath, Yun Jiuge decided to let them rest first.

    “Sure,” Liu Tian’er said. Her face had turned pale from exhaustion.

    She had just recovered from her illness, and she was unable to continue for much longer after fighting the Yin Ghosts. Walking unsteadily, she began to fall toward Yun Jiuge.

    However, Yun Jiuge stepped sideways to avoid Liu Tian’er. Then, she grabbed onto Liu Tian’er’s right hand and raised it high into the air.

    There was a Red Paper Doll in Liu Tian’er’s right hand. On it, there was a figure drawn with a writing brush. It looked very similar to Yun Jiuge.

    Seeing that her younger sister’s attempt to lay a curse on Yun Jiuge had failed, Liu Mei’er immediately controlled two White Bone Spurs and pierced them toward Yun Jiuge’s chest.

    Liu Tian’er was ruthless as well. She took out a Red Paper Doll that she had prepared beforehand and placed it on her own body. Immediately, she activated her Nine Serenities Ghost Body. It was clear that she was going to fight Yun Jiuge, even at considerable risk to her own life.