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Chapter 293 - Dual Cultivation in the Hole, Awesome (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 293: Dual Cultivation in the Hole, Awesome (1)

    “Tsk, I sure made a blunder!” Yun Jiuge sighed silently to herself.

    At first, she had shown off her White Bone Monkey to ensure that they knew that she was wealthy and powerful. She had not expected this to lead to covetous thoughts instead. The old saying, ‘opportunity makes the thief,’ was indeed true!

    While Yun Jiuge inwardly lamented her luck, her hands moved swiftly.

    With a shake of her Corpse Controlling Bell, her White Bone Spur flew up to block Liu Mei’er’s attack.

    Then, Yun Jiuge instructed the White Bone Monkey to deal with Liu Tian’er.

    With its giant head swaying, the White Bone Monkey charged at Liu Tian’er, producing clink-clank sounds.

    However, after it had taken just two steps, a kick from Liu Tian’er sent the monkey flying.

    Its tiny bones scattered onto the ground, and its massive head rolled into the sand.

    “Little Monkey!” Yun Jiuge cried out.

    Yun Jiuge’s heart tightened. She was about to summon it back when two Yin Ghosts floated by.

    The little monkey immediately raised its head. The Soul Fire in its eyes began dancing happily. It opened its mouth wide and started to eat the Yin Ghosts with keen interest.

    Forget about helping Yun Jiuge—it did not even care about its littered bones. It buried its large head under the sand and began chewing happily.

    Yun Jiuge finally understood that the White Bone Monkey was nothing but a chowhound. It was too unreliable to count on a fight.

    “If you want my help, then beg for it!” Zi Shang demanded. As he stood behind Yun Jiuge, smugness filled his gray pupils.

    Yun Jiuge wanted badly to refuse his help. However, seeing that Liu Tian’er’s long, black nails were coming closer, she had no choice but to yield, saying, “My King, please.”

    Finally, Zi Shang showed himself. He lazily raised an arm and launched a stream of gray-colored Yin Qi and sent Liu Tian’er flying. She crashed into Liu Mei’er, and the sisters collapsed in a heap.

    “Who are you?” Stunned, Liu Mei’er looked at the beautiful man with the gray pupils.

    She felt as though she were dreaming.

    Otherwise, why would such a perfect man appear in such a strange way?

    Trembling, Liu Tian’er cowered in fear beside Liu Mei’er.

    She had activated her unique physique, and her intuition was sharp. From the bottom of her heart, she knew that the beautiful man in front of her was extremely dangerous and not to be trifled with.

    Emotionlessly, Yun Jiuge introduced him, “This is my Yin Corpse.”

    “Yin Corpse?!” Liu Tian’er’s eyes widened in disbelief.

    She realized that the beautiful man showed no signs of life. His cold, eerie eyes were weird. When she looked into them, she felt as though she were falling into a snow cave.

    “Yes. He is a Thousand-year-old Corpse, and also the reason why I am not interested in you.”

    Yun Jiuge reached out her hand, and her Red Paper Doll doppelgänger landed in her palm.

    The doll emitted a strong blood stench. The red dye used on it was made entirely from blood.

    The figure had been drawn using a writing brush. It emitted a gloomy, eerie Wicked Energy, which made Yun Jiuge feel dizzy when she looked at it.

    It was no wonder that Shortie Qiu and the others had fallen into their trap. The Liu Sisters had some genuine skills.

    “Senior Yun Jiu, we don’t have any intention of harming you. This Red Paper Doll is just something that we play with,” Liu Mei’er lied through her teeth.

    “Do you think I am stupid?” Yun Jiuge snapped back.

    There was a dangerous glint in her eyes. She had to discipline these two sisters.

    Liu Mei’er immediately knelt and begged for mercy, “Senior Yun Jiu, if you must blame someone, then blame me. I thought that you harbored ill intentions toward my younger sister, so I coerced her into helping me deal with you.”

    “Senior Yun Jiu, it is all my fault. It was I who forced my elder sister into helping me deal with you.” Liu Tian’er immediately removed the red paper from her body. She regained her original appearance, kneeled, and began to cry.

    “Shut up! I will forgive you two just this once. If you ever dare try something like this again, then don’t blame me for selling you both to the Yin Corpse Sect’s elders. I believe that they would be very interested in the two of you,” Yun Jiuge reprimanded. Then, she burned the Red Paper Doll on the spot.

    “Thank you so much, Senior Yun Jiu!” answered the Liu Sisters while shedding tears of gratitude.

    “Alright. Get up. Do a good job, and I will reward you well.” Yun Jiuge decided to employ the carrot-and-stick approach.

    “Many thanks to you, Senior. We will serve you loyally,” the Liu Sisters responded. They supported each other as they got up. Then, obediently, they walked to Yun Jiuge.

    “That’s it for today!” Seeing that the Yin Qi had been more or less collected and the Liu Sisters had been won over, Yun Jiuge decided to head back.

    “Yes,” the Liu Sisters replied and nodded obediently. Then, they snuck a peek at Zi Shang.

    In their minds, they were wondering: How come we are not lucky enough to meet a Thousand-year-old Corpse?

    Zi Shang did not react to their stares.

    “Let’s go!” Yun Jiuge turned to Zi Shang and said. However, an unfathomable light flitted across his eyes. Then, he scooped up Yun Jiuge. Carrying her in his arms, he swiftly disappeared from the Liu Sisters’ sight.

    The Liu Sisters exchanged glances. They did not understand what had just happened.

    However, they did not dare leave on their own volition. So, they surrounded the White Bone Monkey. While they waited for Yun Jiuge to return, they killed some Yin Ghosts.

    “What are you doing?” Yun Jiuge was alarmed.

    She thought: What is Zi Shang doing? Why is he going crazy instead of sticking to the script?

    “I just realized that the effects of our dual cultivation will be significantly more beneficial if we do it in this Yin Qi Graveyard,” Zi Shang explained as he dashed with Yun Jiuge to a withered tree that was as wide as five men.

    Within the tree’s trunk, there was a large hole, and the space inside was very roomy. Even if two people stood there, they could turn their bodies freely.

    “Isn’t this place nice?” Zi Shang had discovered this large tree hole the previous time they’d come here. As soon as he’d laid eyes on it, he had felt that it would be a gratifying place to perform dual cultivation with Yun Jiuge.

    “Even if it’s nice, why does it have to be so sudden?” Yun Jiuge could only describe Zi Shang with the words ‘obsessed with sexual desire.’

    “Dual cultivation is important. We have to do it when the time is right, and the geographical and social conditions are favorable!” Zi Shang returned with a straight face.

    “Bullsh*t! This place is so dirty and filled with bugs. I don’t want to perform dual cultivation here.” Just by looking at the tree hole, Yun Jiuge felt itchy all over.

    “Are you itchy? I can help you scratch your itch!” With a grin, Zi Shang reached for Yun Jiuge’s belt.

    “F*ck you!” Yun Jiuge exclaimed, but she was no match for Zi Shang. Soon, Zi Shang forced his way through.

    It was indeed much smoother for them to perform dual cultivation in the tree hole than back at the house. Yun Jiuge’s Spiritual Power snowballed, and her Elixir Field and Meridians became more robust and durable. It seemed that Zi Shang was not entirely joking.

    However, Yun Jiuge was still mad at him. So, she deliberately let out moaning sounds, and her hands moved all over Zi Shang’s muscular body.

    “Don’t do that.” Zi Shang found it challenging to bear her teasing.

    “Hmm. Not bad. Go harder!” Yun Jiuge was not afraid of him, and she began to make even more lewd noises.

    “Do you think that I won’t finish you off?” Zi Shang threatened her viciously.

    Unable to release his load while performing dual cultivation with Yun Jiuge, Zi Shang had been holding back all this time.

    He was in a lot of pain from Yun Jiuge’s teasing.

    “If you are really capable of it, then go ahead.” Yun Jiuge wrapped her legs around Zi Shang waist and made a fearless expression.

    Zi Shang had previously said that her Elixir Field was too fragile and unable to withstand his vital essence. Hence, before remedying the poison in her body, Zi Shang could only act like an old ox tirelessly tilling the fields.

    “Stupid b*tch! Sooner or later, I will make you beg for mercy.”

    “Hmmm, ahhhh!” Yun Jiuge cried out even harder.

    She thought: He’s teased me way too much. Now, I can finally get my revenge. If I were to describe this feeling with one word, it would be ‘awesome!’