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Chapter 294 - Dual Cultivation in the Hole, Awesome (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 294: Dual Cultivation in the Hole, Awesome (2)

    The dual cultivation ended quickly because Zi Shang’s mood turned gloomy.

    Rejuvenated by their session, Yun Jiuge put on her clothes and returned to where the Liu Sisters were waiting together with Zi Shang.

    By this point, the Liu Sisters had already killed many Yin Ghosts. When they saw Yun Jiuge return with her clothes all disheveled and red marks on her neck, their expressions changed.

    The Liu Sisters had grown up in the region, so they knew many strange things concerning Yin Corpses and devilish magic. Naturally, they were familiar with the circumstances in which Yin Corpses voluntarily bound themselves to the living through a Blood Contract.

    Sometimes, individuals who were loyal and righteous during their lifetimes could not bear to forget their relatives and friends after death.

    These dead individuals became obsessed with a living person whom they found delicious. Once they become addicted to that person, they were unwilling to let them go.

    Apart from straightforward bloodsucking, the dead used another method – physical intercourse.

    To put it nicely, the Yin Corpse would be in ‘perfect harmony’ with the living person. Put more bluntly, the living person was getting f*cked!

    It was evident that Yun Jiuge belonged to this latter category.

    The Liu Sisters thought: It is no wonder that his face and expression are so strange. He must have been f*cked so many times by that thousand-year-old Corpse. The Corpse Poison in his body has become visible!

    At first, the Liu Sisters had thought that a romance between a Corpse and a living person was nothing but a myth. They had not expected to witness a real-life example right in front of their eyes—especially not a homosexual pair!

    The two of them could not help but scrutinize Yun Jiuge again. Yun Jiuge’s expression remained unchanged as she ignored the Liu Sisters’ gaze. However, in her heart, she was sullen.

    She thought: This is all Zi Shang’s fault for having such a stupid idea. I must appear to be very perverted in the Liu Sisters’ eyes.

    Finally, Liu Mei’er took the initiative and spoke up, “Senior, the sky is getting darker. We should hurry up and leave!” Her tone was kind.

    She and her sister had experienced a rough life, tortured at Wicked Patriarch’s hands. They did not need sympathy. Instead, they desired to surround themselves with fellow sufferers who could empathize with them.

    Yun Jiuge, a pitiful man who had been countlessly f*cked by the thousand-year-old Corpse, undoubtedly fulfilled this criterion.

    “Let’s go!” Yun Jiuge agreed then led the Liu Sisters out of the Yin Qi Graveyard.

    When they got back, Yun Jiuge gave both sisters two bottles of Yin Qi Pills each.

    “Work hard,” she instructed them. Then, she returned to her own dwelling.

    “Good night, Senior!” chimed back the Liu Sisters. They waited until Yun Jiuge had gone back before returning to their house.

    “Elder Sister, do you think that Yun Jiu will make me into a Yin Corpse?” Liu Tian’er asked worriedly.

    “I don’t think so. I have heard rumors that a Yin Corpse who has signed a Blood Contract with a living person is very possessive. There have been cases of Yin Corpses killing the family members of the living person to whom they are bound. It will never allow the living person to make another Yin Corpse,” Liu Mei’er answered carefully.

    “But he can sell me to someone else!” Ever since she had been sold by her uncle, Liu Tian’er could not trust anyone other than her sister.

    “With that thousand-year-old Corpse beside him, what’s beyond his reach? There is no need for him to sell us,” Liu Mei’er replied. Then, she smiled and continued, “Moreover, he is worth more than we are. We should be the ones selling him instead!”

    Although her younger sister’s Nine Purgatories Body was rare, her Yin Core had already been stolen by Wicked Patriarch. The effects of her unique body were much less valuable, and she was probably worth less than the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey.

    Although the thousand-year-old Corpse had already formed a Blood Contract with Yun Jiu, the Yin Corpse Sect’s elders must have a way of dissolving it. So, the person who should worry was Yun Jiu.

    Realizing that her unique body wasn’t as valuable as Yiu Jiu’s Corpse, Liu Tian’er naturally felt a sense of security. “Elder Sister,” she conceded, “you have a point.”

    “I think that this Yun Jiu is just lucky. We might be able to get some of his luck if we follow him,” Liu Mei’er stated. She had initially thought that Yun Jiu was just a young man who looked strange.

    She had not expected him to possess treasures like the Xuan Yin White Bone Monkey as well as a thousand-year-old Corpse. He must be favored by the Gods.

    If some of his luck could rub off on them, they would definitely have a better future.

    “You are right,” Liu Tian’er replied. She and her sister must have been born under an unfortunate star to have landed in such a situation.

    “Let’s work hard to improve our cultivation levels. It is the only way,” Liu Mei’er concluded.

    Liu Tian’er nodded in agreement. Casually, she took out one of the Yin Qi Pills, which Yun Jiuge had given them, and swallowed it. Immediately, her eyes widened.

    “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with this Yin Qi Pill?” Liu Mei’er demanded immediately.

    “Oh my god! I have never eaten such a pure Yin Qi Pill!” Liu Tian’er replied, then she immediately sat down and began to cultivate.

    Liu Mei’er stood guard beside her. When Liu Tian’er had finished a round of cultivation, Liu Mei’er eagerly swallowed one of the Yin Qi Pills. Immediately, she understood what her younger sister had meant.

    “Elder Sister, let’s do what he asks of us and see how it goes in the future!” Liu Tian’er thought that the Yin Qi Pills were beyond excellent.

    “That’s right,” Liu Mei’er replied with a forceful nod.

    The tangible benefits were right in front of them. Even if they planned to fall out with Yun Jiu in the future, they should seize the opportunity to increase their cultivation as much as possible.

    The pills that they had obtained from Yun Jiu were much better than those which the Sect had issued them. As such, their cultivation was increasing tremendously.

    Yun Jiuge did not know that her Yin Qi Pills had enabled her to win over the Liu Sisters.

    As soon as she returned home, she immediately produced a large bucket of Yin Qi Liquid. Then, she threw in the little White Bone Monkey.

    The White Bone Monkey was so excited to be soaked in Yin Qi Liquid that its Soul Fire curved into small slits. It looked as though it might ascend to the heavens at any moment.

    “Good child. In the future, you will be handsomely rewarded—as long as you do your job well,” Yun Jiuge told the monkey. After patting its massive head, Yun Jiuge sat down to cultivate.

    She had already reached the edge of the third level of the Qi Refining Stage, but she had not been able to break through.

    She had also reached a bottleneck in her cultivation of the Ten-thousand Beast Technique. No matter how much she practiced, she could not form feathers behind her back. Instead, the practice was causing her a lot of soreness and pain.

    With a single glance, Zi Shang identified the problem immediately. He said, “You need to infuse some medicinal essence into your bones.”

    Although Yun Jiuge had been granted some relief from the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison, the toxins that had already seeped into her bones could only be removed by infusing medicinal essence.

    “So soon? These medicinal ingredients are insufficient!” Although Yun Jiuge had asked the Gong Clan to help gather many medicinal ingredients, she feared that there would not be enough for her to reach the final level of the Qi Refining Stage.

    “We will deal with that problem when it comes. Pick out the necessary medicinal ingredients, and I will get you a wooden basin.” Having said so, Zi Shang left directly.

    Once Yun Jiuge had picked out all of the necessary medicinal ingredients, Zi Shang returned. From his Magical Bottomless Bag, he took out a thick, round piece of Black Wood.

    The greasy wood was covered with golden spots. It was as majestic and beautiful as a panther’s coat.

    Yun Jiuge realized immediately that this was Elder Mo Hua’s Black Bone Panther Wood.

    “F*ck!” she exclaimed. “Why did you bring back that treasure from Mo Hua Peak?”

    She’d heard that Elder Mo Hua had planted thirty-eight trees behind her residence, which she was planning to use to create a treasure in the future. As such, the place was usually closely watched.

    “This kind of wood is the best for making a wooden basin,” Zi Shang replied. He had very high standards that ordinary wood could not meet.

    “You have been shouting at me all this time to keep a low-profile. How is this low-profile?” If Elder Mo Hua realized that her treasure wood had been stolen, she would definitely cause a ruckus in the Yin Corpse Sect.

    As the saying goes, ‘a fire at the city gates is also a calamity for the fish in the moat.’ Even though Yun Jiu was just a Secondary Disciple, she was not going to have an easy time.