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Chapter 295 - Yang Essence: Let’s Have a Round of Casual Sex

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 295: Yang Essence: Let’s Have a Round of Casual Sex

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Do you think that I am as idiotic as you?” Since Zi Shang had dared to steal the Black Bone Panther Wood, naturally, he would have made preparations beforehand.

    He searched for an ordinary piece of Black Bone Wood and painted it with the pattern of a panther’s skin before planting it back in its original place.

    There were about thirty Black Bone Panther Trees in that woodland. As long as Elder Mo Hua did not uproot the trees, she would not discover the loss of one of her Black Bone Panther Trees.

    “You can do it like this?!” Yun Jiuge was shocked that Zi Shang would do something so bold.

    Since Zi Shang had stolen this Black Bone Panther Wood for her benefit, she still felt happy regardless of how he’d obtained it.

    “You should decoct the medicinal ingredients first. After I make a wooden basin, you can start to use it.” Zi Shang lengthened his fingernails and used them to chop the Black Bone Panther Wood into uniform planks. After that, he carved a pattern into the planks, drawing intricate Fire Runes on them before attaching them to each other.

    Other than its unique property, which could help to strengthen a person spiritually, its ability to grow was also awe-inspiring.

    The wood planks adhered perfectly to each other, end to end. There was no gap between them at all, and it was as if they had always been a wooden basin in the first place.

    After Yun Jiuge boiled the medicinal ingredients, she poured the decoction into the Black Bone Panther Wooden Basin.

    The Black Bone Panther Wooden Basin did not need any additional Spiritual Energy from them. The golden panther spots and Fire Runes on its surface glowed automatically. Soon after, tiny bubbles emerged on the coal-black medicinal decoction.

    “I hope that I will not be thoroughly cooked!” Yun Jiuge swallowed her saliva. She was slightly worried that, once she immersed herself in the medicinal decoction, it would sear off a layer of her skin.

    “It only seems like it’s scalding.” Zi Shang casually dipped his hand into the medicinal decoction. When he pulled his hand out, it was still as pale as white jade.

    Once Yun Jiuge’s doubt was dispelled, she climbed into the wooden basin. As soon as she squatted down, the scorching heat made her face turn completely red. She howled from the pain and wanted to jump out of the boiling medicinal decoction.

    “Even if you are in agony, I want you to endure it.” Zi Shang coldly pressed Yun Jiuge down into the medicinal decoction with a heartless expression.

    “You lied to me!” Yun Jiuge’s face contorted from the torture. This medicinal decoction was hotter than it seemed!

    “This is what you have to experience if you want to infuse the decoction’s medicinal essence into your bones.” Zi Shang placed his hand on Yun Jiuge’s shoulder to hold her in place so that she could not run away.

    The golden panther spots and Fire Runes on the Black Bone Panther Wooden Basin shone brighter and brighter. The number of bubbles that floated to the surface of the medicinal decoction increased. The steam that rose from it shrouded the entire room, giving the impression that Yun Jiuge was a goddess flying through the clouds.

    Although Yun Jiuge was suffering, she could feel another pleasant sensation in her body. The coldness in the crevices of her bones was dissipating due to the heat.

    Layer upon layer of black filth with the viscosity of sludge came out of her pores and covered her whole body.

    After the medicinal essence was completely absorbed into her body, the filth on her skin was as thick as a steel armor. She had to peel it off, layer by layer.

    However, the effect was extremely noticeable. Her cultivation level advanced by one full rank. She had managed to progress to the third level of the Qi Refining Stage.

    Other than that, she had also succeeded in increasing her Ten-thousand Beast Technique by one additional level.

    The Phoenix Feather Flower on her forehead not only became clearer, but her skin was now smoother and more robust. An ordinary blade could hardly injure her now.

    However, there was a marked change. The red glow across Yun Jiuge’s shoulder blades had transformed into a thin layer of red feathers.

    “How much longer do I have to wait before they grow into wings?” Yun Jiuge caressed her feathers and asked Zi Shang.

    “You have only been cultivating for a short time. Why think about running when you can’t even walk yet?” Zi Shang laughed drily. This girl really underestimated the Demons’ cultivation process.

    A wild beast with an innate ability and an exceptional aptitude for cultivation would need at least fifty to a hundred years to evolve into a Spiritual Beast.

    The reason why she had improved by leaps and bounds after cultivating for a few months was due to their performing Dual Cultivation and Zi Shang’s use of his own Internal Elixir. Otherwise, Yun Jiuge would not even have been able to produce a red glow on her shoulder blades.

    “Forget it, forget it. I was just cultivating it as an added bonus.” Surprisingly, Yun Jiuge was nonchalant.

    She cultivated using the Ten-thousand Beast Technique for the sake of stabilizing her Elixir Field. She’d never aimed to become a human-bird hybrid.

    Yun Jiuge willed the feathers on her shoulder blade to go away. She took out a Yin Qi Pill and began her cultivation.

    “This Yin Qi Pill is not as potent as before.” After Yun Jiuge ate the Yin Qi Pill and cultivated for a week, she realized that the Medicinal Pill was not very useful.

    Technically, this Yin Qi Pill should benefit her until the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage. She did not understand why it would lose its efficacy so early on.

    “After completing the third stage of the Qi Refining Stage, you will start to require a higher amount of Yin Qi. Moreover, since you are also cultivating using the Ten-thousand Beast Technique, you need double the amount of Spiritual Energy. Needless to say, this Yin Qi Pill will no longer be suitable for you.”

    Since Zi Shang had been around Yun Jiuge all this while, he knew her body like the back of his hand. He was well-aware of how many feathers she had on her shoulder blades.

    “If you put it that way, then I should start producing Yin Gathering Pills now,” Yun Jiuge sighed.

    The ingredients needed for Yin Gathering Pills were much harder to obtain than the Yin Qi Pills’ components.

    It was not so difficult to pluck the Three-petaled Specter Flower Herb, but it was quite challenging to get one’s hands on the Yin Moth.

    She could only find the Yin Moth at the Yin Qi Graveyard. It only appeared after one o’clock in the morning.

    The Yin Qi Graveyard was extremely dangerous at night. Even if she brought her White Bone Monkey with her, she couldn’t ensure her safety.

    The worst part of catching the Yin Moths was that they flew at lightning speed. Killing them one by one would be very tiring for her. She needed to think of a more efficient way.

    “Why don’t you ask the Liu Sisters? Since they were born and bred in this region, they might know how to deal with the Yun Moths.” Zi Shang felt that if Yun Jiuge allied herself with the Liu Sisters, it would be beneficial to her in the future.

    “Alright.” The next morning, Yun Jiuge went to meet the Liu Sisters to ask about the Yin Moths.

    “Yin Moths are quite troublesome to catch. If you do not need many Yin Moths, you can consider exchanging for them using your Contribution Points. One for every ten Contribution Points,” Liu Tian’er suggested.

    “After the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage, the Yin Qi Pills become ineffective. I need to produce Yin Gathering Pills to aid our cultivation,” explained Yun Jiuge.

    There were ten Yin Gathering Pills in one batch, which meant that Yun Jiuge required at least two hundred Yin Moths. This would not significantly affect her. However, the Liu Sisters might not be able to afford it.

    “Why are they so expensive?” Liu Mei’er did the math in her head.

    If they went to the Yin Qi Graveyard with Yun Jiuge for a day, they would be able to kill, at most, one hundred Yin Ghosts. That would amount to one hundred Contribution Points.

    After she deducted their daily expenses, they still had eighty Contribution Points left.

    Usually, they used eighty Contribution Points to trade for eight Yin Qi Pills from Yun Jiuge. After they worked for one day, they could perform Enclosed Cultivation for eight days. That left plenty of time for cultivation.

    However, if she substituted the Yin Qi Pills with Yin Gathering Pills, then ten Contribution Points would give her only one Yin Moth. She would need to fork out two thousand Contribution Points if she wanted two hundred Yin Moths.

    In this case, they would need to work for twenty-five days to obtain ten Yin Gathering Pills. They would not have any time to spare for cultivation.

    After Liu Mei’er thought things through, she said decisively, “Then, let’s catch those Yin Moths ourselves!”

    “Yin Moths are drawn to Yang Qi. We can set up a trap and attract them before killing them all at once. In the past, I heard that living people have been used as lures,” Liu Tian’er said.

    “Everyone within a three-mile radius belongs to the Yin Corpse Sect. If we want to capture them to use them as lures, that would be a bit hard!” Yun Jiuge disagreed with this method.

    “You are right. It is slightly difficult to use this approach. Furthermore, if we are discovered, then we will be punished heavily.” Liu Mei’er’s tone was laced with disappointment.

    Although using a living person as a lure would be the easiest and most convenient way, Yin Corpse Sect prohibited its disciples from killing one another.

    “Your Red Paper Doll’s ability to accumulate Yang Qi is quite good. Why don’t we try to use it?” Before this, Yun Jiuge had analyzed the Liu Sisters’ Red Paper Doll. She’d detected a decent amount of Yang Qi in the blood essence on the doll.

    “The Yang Qi that our Red Paper Doll has collected is not enough to attract two Yin Moths. We can’t use it as our lure.” Liu Mei’er shook her head quickly.

    She thought: You’re kidding me. All of my Red Paper Dolls are created from my Blood Essence. Every Red Paper Doll is exceptionally precious. It would be such a waste to use them to attract the Yin Moths.