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Chapter 297 - Zi Shang’s Yang Essence Is the Bes

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 297: Zi Shang’s Yang Essence Is the Best

    “Give these batches of Yin Gathering Pills to the Liu Sisters and use this to produce your Yin Gathering Pills instead.” She’d never expected a Yin Qi Bottle to appear when Zi Shang turned his palm face up.

    Yun Jiuge took the Yin Qi Bottle from him and looked at it. It was filled with exceptionally pure black Yin Qi Liquid.

    “When did you make this?” Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang, pleasantly surprised.

    Since the purity of this Yin Qi Liquid was so high, it indicated that the Yin Moths that Zi Shang had caught were of a much higher rank.

    This guy rarely helped her with such things because he claimed that he wanted to toughen her up. She’d never expected him to be so generous today.

    “While you were producing your pills, I went on a walk.” Zi Shang could not possibly stand his woman eating something that had been lured by that disgusting substance.

    “You make me feel special.” Zi Shang’s gift made Yun Jiuge feel generous, so she kissed Zi Shang. After that, she went to produce her Yin Gathering Pills in high spirits.

    As expected, the Medicinal Pills that came from this high-quality Yin Qi Liquid were different. Every pill was pure black. Needless to say, their potency was much stronger than the previous batch. One pill was equivalent to two from the last batch. They could be considered high-quality Yin Gathering Pills.

    Yun Jiuge stored the high-quality pills properly.

    The next morning, she gave the Yin Gathering Pills made from the Yang Essence to the Liu Sisters.

    “There are fifteen pills in every bottle. You can use them as a supplement to the Yin Qi Pills. I am supplying both of you with enough to cultivate for a month.” Yun Jiuge planned to give thirty Yin Gathering Pills to the Liu Sisters each month and keep one hundred for herself.

    Although they’d killed the Yin Moths together, she’d picked the Three Serenities Herb and produced the Medicinal Pills herself. She would, of course, want to be remunerated for her work.

    “Senior, thank you very much.” The Liu Sisters did not mind that these Yin Gathering Pills were made from Yin Moths lured by Yang Essence.

    “We will go to the Moth Valley again in a month. I’ll let you prepare the Yang Essence, but please cover your tracks!!” Yun Jiuge wanted to advise them to not obtain all of the Yang Essence from the same men. That would make it clear to outsiders that they were up to something.

    It was much safer for them to rotate among men. Besides, they could choose from the Secondary Disciples from all four mountains!

    “Senior, don’t worry. We will be careful.” Liu Tian’er smiled cheerfully.

    There were more men than women in Yin Corpse Sect, so they just needed to cast a small spell to enthrall them. Yang Essence was easily obtained from those perverts. The Liu Sisters had a way of ensuring that the men could not get enough of them.

    “Alright. I’ll leave it to you!” Yun Jiuge had confidence in the Liu Sisters.

    The Liu Sisters took the Yin Gathering Pills back to their rooms and tried them. After they ate them, they were elated. The pills strengthened their resolve in having allied themselves with Yun Jiuge.

    When they weren’t cultivating, the Liu Sisters walked around seeking targets from whom they could easily obtain the Yang Essence for next time.

    Yun Jiuge, meanwhile, buried herself in her training. Once in a while, she soaked herself in a medicinal decoction to fortify her body. She made some decent progress. She was about to advance to the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage.

    On the day when she completed her cultivation, Little Fatty suddenly came to find her. He said, “Senior, I have some news about Su Junqing for you. Do you want to purchase it for fifty Contribution Points?”

    “Yes.” Yun Jiuge transferred fifty Contribution Points to Little Fatty without any hesitation.

    “Lately, Su Junqing has been spending his time currying favor with Elder Mo Hua. As such, he has managed to take on a task,” Little Fatty whispered conspiratorially.

    “What task?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “I heard that he has been assigned to bring a group of Secondary Disciples to complete a mission. But I am not sure about the specifics.” Little Fatty was disappointed that he did not have more information to hand.

    If he could obtain the mission’s full details, he would have been able to sell the information for even more Contribution Points. Yun Jiu was a rather generous customer.

    “After you find out everything about the mission, tell me immediately.” Yun Jiuge had a hunch that this might be a golden opportunity to take down Su Junqing.

    “Alright. By the way, I will give you some news for free. Elder Qiu Sen will be back soon. Su Junqing originally entered the Yin Corpse Sect via his connections to Si Youyue. Although Si Youyue is in a coma now with heavy injuries, he has never visited her even once. It is quite likely that he is afraid that Elder Qiu Sen will look for him, so he probably accepted this task to hide from him.”

    Little Fatty was an excellent businessman. Since he always gave his customers extra information or free gifts on top of their purchase, he had good relationships with them.

    “Noted.” Since Yun Jiuge had been a part of the Yin Corpse Sect for quite some time now, she already knew that Si Youyue was a disciple of the Qiu Ren Peak.

    Although Si Youyue was not Elder Qiu Sen’s Main Disciple, Yun Jiuge had heard that there was an unspoken amorous entanglement between them. It was not surprising to her that Su Junqing wanted to keep his distance from Elder Qiu Sen.

    However, this was not her concern. She was only interested in Su Junqing.

    “By the way, aren’t you close with the Liu Sisters now? Why don’t you ask them to help you worm some information out of him? Su Junqing is really quite taken with them!” Although Little Fatty was smiling, his tone was probing.

    He was quite impressed with Yun Jiu. He’d really managed to score with the Liu Sisters.

    Although the information that he’d sold to Yun Jiu had been a great help, it was quite hard to deal with the Liu Sisters. Many people who threatened them turned up dead at the mass grave.

    “I know what to do. Your meddling is unnecessary.” Yun Jiuge looked at Little Fatty coldly.

    She had never explained her relationship with the Liu Sisters to others because she wanted to keep them guessing. The wilder their assumptions, the better.

    “Cough, cough. If there is nothing else that you need, I will leave first.” Little Fatty touched his nose lightly before walking away.

    After Yun Jiuge saw off Little Fatty, she was about to find the Liu Sisters to ask about Su Junqing. However, Liu Mei’er came to see her instead.

    “Do you wish to talk?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “Yes.” Liu Mei’er nodded.

    “Come in.” Yun Jiuge opened her door and let Liu Mei’er in.

    She was too lazy to serve Liu Mei’er a cup of water, so she asked her directly, “What’s the matter?”

    “Senior Su came to find us last night. He asked us to be his lovers. In return, he will become our benefactor in the future,” Liu Mei’er said.

    If Su Junqing had approached them and told them that he would look after them before they’d become acquainted with Yun Jiuge, they would have definitely agreed without a second thought. Not only was Su Junqing powerful, high-ranking disciple, he was also a gentleman.

    However, ever since they’d started working for Yun Jiu, they had been able to progress in their cultivation through their own capabilities. The Liu Sisters did not want to return to the days when they depended on someone else and exchanged sexual favors for resources that they could use for their own cultivation.

    “You can try to lead him on and find out what kind of benefits he intends to provide you before we decide on our next course of action.” The original reason why Yun Jiuge had wanted to win the Liu Sisters over was that she’d wanted to use them to get close to Su Junqing.

    “Senior Su said that our Sect’s Secret Realm will be open to us in three months. All of the Secondary Disciples who are at the fourth level of the Qi Refining Stage and above can enter the secret realm to train. All eligible Secondary Disciples participate in this mission. At that time, he will be our leader.” Liu Mei’er had already learned the information they needed.

    Although she did not want to become Su Junqing’s lover, she might as well use information handed to her on a silver platter instead of wasting it.

    When Yun Jiuge heard this, her heart pounded quickly.

    She suppressed her excitement and asked Liu Mei’er, “Did he tell you anything about the secret realm?”

    “He just told us that the Human-faced Peaches grow there in abundance. After we eat one, it will be extremely beneficial for our cultivation. Our most important task in this mission is to pluck these Human-faced Peaches. However, the journey to the Human-face Peaches is fraught with danger. I think that a lot of people will lose their lives.” Liu Mei’er could not help but furrow her brow.

    The Yin Corpse Sect accepted a massive number of disciples every year. It had more than ten thousand Secondary Disciples. However, not more than a thousand of these managed to be promoted to the rank of Main Disciple. Most were sacrificed during their training in these secret realms.