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Chapter 299 - Discovering Treasure at the Ghost Marke

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 299: Discovering Treasure at the Ghost Market

    “I want to buy an affordable Spiritual Bone that’s above-average quality.” Yun Jiuge felt that Little Fatty was quite reliable when it came to obtaining information.

    “You will not be able to purchase a superior Spiritual Bone here. You need to visit the Ghost Market at night for the good stuff,” Little Fatty secretly told Yun Jiuge in a lowered voice.

    “Ghost Market?” Yun Jiuge raised her eyebrow. That place sounded shady.

    “That’s right. If you venture into the Locust Tree Forest after one o’clock in the morning, you will find the Ghost Market. You can find a lot of treasures there. However, you can only trade for other items. You can also buy Spiritual Jade, but they will not accept Contribution Points,” Little Fatty explained in detail about the Ghost Market.

    As the many wares sold at the Ghost Market were acquired through underhanded means, those who entered the market had to conceal their identities. If they wanted to get their hands on an item, they were not allowed to ask about its origin. They were also prohibited from causing any trouble or fighting.

    Although the rules of the Ghost Market were stringent, visitors did not have any protection once they stepped out beyond its bounds.

    Many people followed their targets closely as they browsed the stalls. As soon as their mark left the market, they would rob them. Therefore, it was extremely dangerous for those without any ability to defend themselves to visit the Ghost Market.

    “This place sounded interesting,” said Zi Shang to Yun Jiuge through Mental Transference. They decided to check out the market that night.

    “Actually, walking around the Ghost Market is quite risky. Senior Yun Jiu, if there’s anything you need, you can just ask me to be your middleman. I can guarantee that the goods will be of excellent quality at a reasonable price,” Little Fatty quickly advertised his services to Yun Jiuge.

    “Alright. Please help me look out for Spiritual Bones suitable for the Liu Sisters.” Yun Jiuge assumed the behavior of a wealthy man who wanted to buy gifts to make beautiful girls happy.

    “No problem,” replied Little Fatty. He thumped his chest in a show of assurance.

    Yun Jiuge left the Mall and returned to her room to make preparations for her visit to the Ghost Market that night.

    “What are you planning to use for trading?” Zi Shang asked.

    “I am going to try my luck with some Yin Qi Pills. If it doesn’t work, I will trade for the items I want with Spiritual Jade.” Yun Jiuge really did not have any sought-after objects with her.

    She could not bear to part with the Medicinal Ingredients in her Magical Bottomless Satchel. If she gave them away now, it would be extremely difficult for her to acquire them again in the future.

    “It’s better if you hold on to your Spiritual Jade,” Zi Shang advised. They could only use Contribution Points within the Yin Corpse Sect. But if they ventured outside, they would still need to use Spiritual Jade for their transactions.

    “How about bringing the Yin Gathering Pills and trading them?” The only skill that Yun Jiuge was proficient in was Pill Production.

    “Those will do.” Zi Shang had faith in Yun Jiuge’s Pill Production skills.

    Naturally, Yun Jiuge would not use the high-quality Yin Gathering Pills that she was currently consuming to trade for items.

    She took the mediocre Yin Gathering Pills out from her storage space. Since there were ten pills in one bottle, she prepared ten bottles to take with her.

    At one o’clock in the morning, the moon was bright, but the stars were sparse. The air was quiet.

    Yun Jiuge wore a black mantle and donned a black cat mask before setting off to the Locust Tree Forest with Zi Shang.

    When they were at the borders of the Locust Tree Forest, nothing seemed out of place. After they walked into the forest, however, they quickly came across countless people beneath the tree shadows.

    If someone wanted to sell something, they just needed to find a vacant spot, roll out a red mat, display their wares, and wait for an interested buyer.

    Yun Jiuge ran her eyes over the items for sale. She discovered that the Ghost Market had everything under the sun.

    Medical Pills, Skill Books, Black Magic Weapons, and Medicinal Ingredients. There were even placentas for sale. Apparently, placentas were popular among many female disciples. They bought them regularly for nourishment.

    There were also quite a lot of Spiritual Bone sellers. Most were located in the left corner alongside a row of trees.

    Yun Jiuge walked over to take a look. She found some decent Spiritual Bones at one of the stalls.

    Some of the Spiritual Bones glowed with vibrant Green Spiritual Light. It was likely that they were Wind-type Spiritual Bones.

    The stall owner had a black cloak draped over his shoulders and wore a gray wolf mask. He had a tall stature.

    “What kind of bone is this?” Yun Jiuge did not alter her voice. She used her original feminine voice.

    “The hip bone of a Rank Three Gale Wolf.” The stall owner sounded very hoarse. It was obvious that he did not use his own voice, either.

    The Gale Wolves were found in the Mysterious Beasts Forest to the north. That area belonged to the Hehuan Sect. She did not know how this stall owner had gotten his hands on these bones.

    No wonder they did not allow people to ask many questions about the wares from this black market!

    “How much is it?” Yun Jiuge did not have the time to go to the Mysterious Beasts Forest and get the bones for herself, so she had to buy some from him.

    “One hundred Spiritual Jades for one Spiritual Bone,” the stall owner replied.

    “So expensive?” Yun Jiuge intended to buy the Spiritual Bones, so she wanted to bargain with him.

    But the stall owner was adamant about his selling price. “Take it or leave it.”

    Yun Jiuge was not angry. She crouched down and carefully started to pick her desired Spiritual Bones.

    Although she’d thought that one hundred Spiritual Jades for one Spiritual Bone was considerably costly, these Gale Wolf bones were indeed worth their weight in gold.

    If she could forge proper weapons from them, she could multiply her attack power considerably.

    Just then, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion suddenly shouted, “Mistress, I found a treasure!”

    “Treasure? Where?” Yun Jiuge perked up immediately.

    “The stool that the man is sitting on is a treasure.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s voice was filled with excitement.

    “Stool?” Yun Jiuge curiously took a look at the object.

    There was a bear bone under the stall owner’s buttocks.

    Its dull gray color made it seem ordinary as if it did not possess any Spiritual Energy. The object worked well as a chair.

    However, since the Treasure-hunting Scorpion had said that it was a valuable item, there was a high probability that the creature was right.

    Yun Jiuge was experienced at buying such treasures.

    As long as she tried to haggle persistently with the stall owner and buy the Gale Wolf’s hip bones, she could ask for freebies and take that bear bone.

    Before Yun Jiuge could open her mouth, the loud voice of the stall owner next to her said, “Nothing is free in the Ghost Market.”

    She looked over and saw a customer who wanted the stone holding the red mat in place as a freebie. The stall owner had already stashed the stone away, treating it as though it was a precious item.

    “Tch, such an ignoramus. No one asks for freebies at the Ghost Market.” The stall owner with a gray wolf mask chuckled derisively as he watched the scene with amusement.

    Yun Jiuge was at a loss for words. These people from Yin Corpse Sect were really cunning. How could people get any good deals at the Ghost Market?

    She glanced at the bear bone under the stall owner’s rear subtly.

    If she expressed her interest in buying the bear bone too hastily, the stall owner would definitely be wary of her. She needed to think of another way.

    “Let’s leave first,” Zi Shang piped up.

    Yun Jiuge pretended to walk away. She went to an unoccupied corner to think of an idea.

    “It will not be easy to convince the stall owner to part with that bear bone!” Yun Jiuge could not think of any suitable way after racking her brain. How could she buy a useless-looking bear bone without raising suspicion?

    “What is there to think about? If he refuses to sell you the bear bone, then let’s snatch it from him!” Zi Shang said as if it was a perfectly moral thing to do.

    “The Ghost Market bans fighting.” Yun Jiuge wanted to stay at Yin Corpse Sect for a long time. If she started a conflict with the stall owner now, she would land in deep water.

    “We just have to wait until he leaves.” Zi Shang was an expert when it came to robbery.

    “Alright, then!” She was just stealing a lousy bear bone. If worst came to worst, she could compensate for his loss with some Spiritual Jades.

    After Yun Jiuge made her decision, she made a move to return to the stall to buy the Gale Wolf’s bones that had caught her eye earlier.

    “Why would you buy those? We can just take them when we rob him.” There was no need for her to go through all this trouble to acquire the Spiritual Bones.

    “What if he sells them to other people?” Yun Jiuge knitted her eyebrows. The quality of these Spiritual Bones was quite good.

    “Then we can mug them as well.” Zi Shang was itching to get started with their plan.

    “We will not be able to rob all of them simultaneously.” Yun Jiuge disregarded Zi Shang’s terrible idea and walked back to the stall with the Spiritual Bones.

    “I want all four Gale Wolf’s Spiritual Bones. Can you give me a lower price?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “The price is final. It was not easy for me to get my hands on them,” the stall owner told them truthfully.

    Because of these Gale Wolf’s Spiritual Bones, he had almost been gang-raped by the promiscuous ladies from Hehuan Sect.