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Chapter 300 - Hehuan Sect’s Special Aphrodisiac

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 300: Hehuan Sect’s Special Aphrodisiac

    “I don’t have any Spiritual Jade. Will you trade me the Spiritual Bones for Medicinal Pills?” Yun Jiuge asked again.

    “What Medicinal Pills?” the stall owner asked indifferently, showing his disinterest toward Yun Jiuge’s offer.

    “High-grade Yin Gathering Pills. Those who are at the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage can consume them to aid their cultivation and reach the final level of the Qi Refining Stage.” Yun Jiuge presumed that the stall owner’s cultivation level would not be at the lower end of the scale. Most likely, he could use the Yin Gathering Pills for himself.

    That stall owner’s head immediately jerked upward.

    Although his hood cast a shadow over his face, Yun Jiuge could sense his shock.

    Yun Jiuge poured out a Yin Gathering Pill from the bottle in her hand.

    The stall owner had a discerning eye for quality goods. As soon as he laid eyes on the pill, he knew that it was good quality. It could indeed help him progress from the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage to the final level.

    “How many are you planning to give me for the Spiritual Bones?” The stall owner closed his palm. He was unwilling to return the Medicinal Pill to Yun Jiuge.

    “One hundred pieces of Spiritual Jade for a bottle. There are ten pills in each bottle.” Yun Jiuge felt that she’d given him a fair price.

    “Alright,” the stall owner said and nodded. They completed their transaction promptly.

    Yun Jiuge took the Spiritual Bones from him and stored them in her Magical Bottomless Bag before leaving the stall.

    When she walked away, she could feel people watching her. It seemed that everybody had their eyes on her now.

    Yun Jiuge assessed her surroundings from out of the corner of her eye. She discovered that they were a part of a syndicate. Four men stood at spots that allowed them to monitor her closely. Not only that, but their positions were inconspicuous enough to escape her notice.

    “Walk in that direction,” Zi Shang commanded.

    Yun Jiuge went to a shaded area beneath the locust trees with Zi Shang. When she emerged from the shadows, she changed into a simple black mask. Her figure became burlier. She managed to shake robbers off her trail.

    “The stall owner is leaving. Let’s catch up to him quickly.” Zi Shang had been attentively watching all this while!

    “Let’s go.” Yun Jiuge took off from the Ghost Market and followed the stall owner at a distance.

    She could tell that he was a seasoned Ghost Market trader.

    He took his time, doing laps around the market before slipping away to the Number One Peak.

    The stall owner was extremely vigilant. He chose to walk in open spaces on purpose.

    At first, Yun Jiuge wanted to ambush him. However, she could not find an opportunity.

    If the stall owner reached Number One Peak, her plan to rob him would be thwarted.

    Since Yun Jiuge was left with no choice, she hid in the shadows, recited an incantation to activate her White Bone Spur, then assaulted the stall owner.

    She’d never expected the man to have such quick reflexes. Two fire red Bone Spurs with bright tails of light flew immediately at her.

    One of the Bone Spurs split Yun Jiuge’s White Bone Spurs in half.

    The other Bone Spur attempted to pierce Yun Jiuge’s chest.

    Yun Jiuge moved away from the projectiles. After she dodged the attack, she summoned the broken White Bone Spurs back into her hand.

    “Weakling, you’ve got a lot of nerve robbing me. You must have a death wish,” cackled the stall owner arrogantly.

    Since he had been selling his wares at the Ghost Market all year long, he had seen his fair share of thieves. He loved giving anyone who’d tried to do the dirty to him a taste of their own medicine.

    Yun Jiuge did not reply to his threats. She simply shook her Corpse Controlling Bell and continued to command the two parts of the broken White Bone Spurs to injure him.

    “Tsk, tsk. You really refuse to repent until the final nail is hammered into your coffin!” The stall owner shook his head. He hardly saw her as a threat.

    However, his hands betrayed his cautiousness. He gestured immediately and willed up fire red Bone Spurs to counter her attack.

    Both of his fire red Bone Spurs had been forged from the bones of a Rank Two Inferno Lion.

    Although their attack speed was slower, their bright tails of light had a unique ability.

    When the fire red Bone Spurs came extremely close to Yun Jiuge, the brightness of their light tails intensified and blinded her.

    This caught Yun Jiuge off guard. Since she was temporarily rendered sightless, she lost focus momentarily. She did not notice a grey Bone Spur, as thin as a strand of hair, moving toward her hidden in the shadows.

    A smug smile appeared on the stall owner’s face. He was sure that he would have some ‘extra income’ in his pocket that night.

    Suddenly, he felt a prickling sensation at his waist. The very next moment, he dropped to the ground.

    “You are too inattentive,” Zi Shang said to Yun Jiuge while holding the gray Bone Spur between his fingers.

    Yun Jiuge still fought like a Spiritual Practitioner—honorably.

    In the past, she’d been protected by the Lightning Snake Magical Whip, which was a mighty Spiritual Weapon that could attack and defend at the same time. Naturally, there had been no need for her to worry about underhanded tactics.

    However, since she was now a powerless Secondary Disciple of the Yin Corpse Sect, if she relied on her previous fighting tactics, she would be at a considerable disadvantage.

    “I won’t fall for the same trick next time,” Yun Jiuge said. She knew that she had been careless.

    The Yin Corpse Sect’s Secondary Disciples’ cultivation levels were nothing to boast about. However, they had many tricks up their sleeves. If she still fought like she had in the past, she would suffer for it, sooner or later.

    When Zi Shang saw that Yun Jiuge had realized her mistakes, he left it at that. He beckoned to the stall owner’s Magical Bottomless Bag with his finger then gave it to Yun Jiuge.

    After Yun Jiuge untied the Magical Bottomless Bag, she first took out the gray bear bone.

    Next, she rummaged some more and discovered that this fellow was actually well-off.

    Other than three thousand pieces of Spiritual Jade and an assortment of Medicinal Pills and Medicinal Ingredients, there was also a complete set of blackish-red Bone Spurs.

    She could not determine what kind of bones had been used to make these Bone Spurs. There were five of them in total. All of them were shaped like a blade.

    The three Bone Spurs in the middle had very deep, sharp blood grooves. An esoteric pattern was carved on them, and they were stained with blood. The Blood Refinement Technique had undoubtedly been used in their creation process.

    “This is a set of Black Magic Weapons. He has already bound them to himself. You will not be able to use them.” Zi Shang swept his eyes over the Bone Spur set. If the stall owner had used them to deal with Yun Jiuge earlier, he could have ended the battle in seconds.

    “Since he was able to control five Bone Spurs, he must have at least reached the final level of the Qi Refining Stage.” If he possessed so high a level of cultivation, he must have been an important figure at Number One Peak.

    However, since Yun Jiuge had covered her face with a mask, she was not afraid that he would recognize her.

    Yun Jiuge did not care about the Medicinal Pills and Ingredients. She also could not use the Bone Spurs. The only thing in the Magical Bottomless Bag that was useful to her was the Spiritual Jade.

    Yun Jiuge took the pieces of Spiritual Jades without any guilt.

    According to Zi Shang, they should take his life to prevent any future troubles.

    However, Yun Jiuge saw that this fellow had luck on his side. He might be useful to her in the future if she kept him alive.

    Yun Jiuge returned the Magical Bottomless Bag to the stall owner. She pulled the hood away from his head, revealing a handsome face.

    Although his eyes were closed, he had an elevated nose bridge, tanned skin, and rugged looks. He looked different from the Central Plain people with their elegant countenance.

    If Little Fatty were here with them, he would have told Yun Jiuge that this stall owner was the Number One Peak’s strongest disciple, Lang Ya. According to hearsay, Elder Bai Gu had already promoted him to the rank of Main Disciple. He even conferred a Foundation Establishment Pill on him.

    Lang Ya also had his personal Cave Dwelling at Bai Gu Peak. He was rarely around Number One Peak. Today, he’d only headed there deliberately because he wanted to lure Yun Jiuge into his trap. It would never have occurred to him that Yun Jiuge was plotting to rob him.

    “Eh?! This fellow has been poisoned.” Yun Jiuge caught sight of a faint pink area on the lower end of the stall owner’s collarbone.

    The shape was like countless peach blossom petals piled on top of each other.

    Yun Jiuge found it strange that such an exceptionally feminine color would appear on such a manly guy.

    “He has been poisoned with the Peach Blossoms Aphrodisiac. It is an Aphrodisiac unique to the Hehuan Sect. Any poisoned male has to perform sexual intercourse with the female disciples from Hehuan Sect for seven days and seven nights before the poison can be neutralized.” As soon as Zi Shang saw the poison, he recognized its origin.

    “Seven days and seven nights…” Even if the guy’s reproductive member was a golden cudgel, after such an intense amount of intimate time, it would undoubtedly be ground into a needle.