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Chapter 245 - How Bloodthirsty, How Violent… I Love I

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 245: How Bloodthirsty, How Violent… I Love It

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    The people in the surveillance room watched this scene with raised eyebrows. Did it end just like that?

    Was it not too quick?

    They were already prepared to watch Big Sister Qi have a battle to the death with the veterans, but who knew it would be dealt with so quickly!

    Crocodile asked in confusion, “Hey, isn’t she too quick?”

    “She only does things that align with her objectives, so it wouldn’t be strange that she would react like that in a split second!” Tang Jinyu spoke.

    Everyone looked at each other.

    Was boss praising Big Sister Qi?

    What a rare occurrence!


    “Boss, are you saying that I’m an idiot?” Crocodile asked weakly.

    Tang Jinyu looked at him, and when Crocodile thought that he would refute, he said, “Are you looking down on idiots?”

    Crocodile. “…”

    Lightning. “…Pfft… Hahaha!”

    Boss was as merciless with his words as always!

    Feng Yi only smiled in reaction, while Crocodile turned over to look at the surveillance footage, not saying a word.


    Jian Qi was pretty excited when she saw the number of participants drop to forty eight.

    It had only been such a short time and three had already been eliminated, and at this pace, the eliminations would end before nightfall!

    Jian Qi left together with her comrade before finding another place to hide and ambush.

    They were slightly injured when they fought with the veteran earlier so it was not the best choice to stroll around now.

    As they were hiding and resting, the number on the wristband started dropping further and further.

    “Let’s go find other comrades!” The freshman next to her said.

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

    The freshman nodded. “If we don’t, they might all be eliminated by the veterans!”

    Hearing this, Jian Qi nodded. “Alright, let’s go.”

    Both of them started to discreetly traverse the terrain, and after five minutes they saw two veterans battling each other.

    Jian Qi wanted to stay and watch, but the comrade wanted to pull her away.

    “Stop, I want to learn!” Jian Qi said.

    The freshman conceded, and so the two of them watched as the veterans fought in close combat without any weapons, each blow straight to the flesh and blood!

    It was quite a shocking scene to see.

    “How bloodthirsty, how violent…” Jian Qi muttered.

    The freshman looked over at her in concern. Jian Qi was a girl, after all, and while she was strong, she might still be uncomfortable with it.

    He was about to comfort Jian Qi and lead them both away to not watch it anymore, but Jian Qi’s voice rang out again, “I love it…”

    The rookie. “…”

    He knew he should not have underestimated her!

    She was someone who survived under Instructor Tang’s hellish training after all!

    The two veterans fought for more than twenty minutes before they were done.

    “Alright, let’s go.” Jian Qi told the freshman after they got their fill of the battle.

    The people in the surveillance room were quite surprised by her choice.

    “Shouldn’t she be arrogant and bold, and fight them, according to her usual personality?” Crocodile asked in surprise. “Why did she leave right after?”

    “Yeah, it doesn’t fit with Big Sister Qi’s character!” Lightning nodded in agreement.

    Tang Jinyu looked at them with a frigid stare before speaking, “Do you think that she has muscles for brains like you two do?”

    Everyone was silent.

    Crocodile looked at Tang Jinyu gloomily. “Boss, this is the second time you are praising Big Sister Qi in under an hour’s time, are you alright?”

    1This question earned a glare from Tang Jinyu.