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Chapter 267 - Pushing Lord Chen’s Buttons

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 267: Pushing Lord Chen’s Buttons

    Ning Meng paused.

    "Who can I look for to make the purchase?"

    She did not have any network in this field. Just then, Ning Wentao spoke up. "No problem. I can help you contact the right people. Who would you like to buy over? ET? IMO? These two businesses would be more expensive."

    Ning Meng pursed her lips. "I just need an ordinary one. We can even build our own name."

    As Ning Wentao mulled over the situation, he asked, "Meng Meng, have you forgotten about your CM?"


    Ning Wentao explained, "Back in those days, you took fifty-million from me to build an E-Sports Club. You bought over the rights to join the qualifiers, but unfortunately, you did not win a single prize. You were so furious that you just neglected the club! It still exists, though. I even heard that some youths are using their personal funds to support the club."


    Had the original Ning Meng been that fickle-minded!? She needed to go and have a look at this asset that she owned when she had the time.

    "Am I still the owner of CM? Can I buy over a person?"

    "Sure, that would be no problem, we would just need to fork out the money. I will arrange for CM's team manager to look for you. Who did you have your eyes on, anyway? Does Huo Beichen know about this? My dear Meng Meng, although daddy is liking my son-in-law more now, I do not want this to hinder you from pursuing your true happiness. Whatever you do, don't be too obvious about it! Don't let my son-in-law find out!"


    Where had this guy's brain gone? She immediately hung up.

    God's fever had subsided and he did not need to stay in the hospital anymore. After they had had their dinner, God's drip was removed, and he went through the procedures to be discharged from the hospital. Upon arriving at the hotel, they arranged a room for God. They were both having a conversation outside, and after God had said a few words, he followed Ning Meng into her room.

    Not far behind, the bodyguard who was in charge of protecting Ning Meng discreetly was in a panic.

    "Should we report this to Mr. Huo?"

    Stephen answered seriously, "This must be reported."

    He took up his phone and sent a quick text: [Sir, God had entered Missus' room.]

    The moment the text was sent out, the display of the phone flashed, indicating a video call. He picked up the call, and Huo Beichen, who was on the other side of the phone, asked in a furiously icy tone, "How long have they been in there?"

    "Two minutes and fifty-three seconds."

    Huo Beichen's tone dropped even colder. "You only told me after so long?"


    But that would not even give them sufficient time to take off their clothes? However, he could not blurt out these words carelessly to his boss.

    "Should we knock?"

    Huo Beichen was filled with so much anger that he looked about ready to crawl out of the phone, and his voice remained icy.

    "Wouldn't you be announcing that I had found out if you knocked?"


    Huo Beichen stared at his door and finally said, "Find someone from customer service…"

    Before he could finish his orders, Ning Meng's room door was opened and God came out holding a bottle of shower gel and a towel, smiling like a kid.

    "Big sister, thanks! I don't have these."

    Ning Meng waved. "Quickly take your shower and sleep early. When we have settled the matter tomorrow, we will return home at night."

    "OK big sister, sweet dreams."

    After they had bid their goodnights, God returned to his room. Ning Meng watched him go into his room, then turned toward Stephen's direction. Stephen got a fright, and in his panic, he tried to hide. He was one hundred and ninety-two meters tall, but his reaction made him look as though he was merely one hundred and twenty-nine meters tall.

    He carefully asked, "Sir, do you think the missus noticed us?"

    Huo Beichen's face turned cold. "What kind of nonsense is this? Are you soldiers made out of straw and grass!? Did you need to report on such a small matter?"


    Who was the one that had been complaining earlier that two minutes was too long!?