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Chapter 242 - If You Have Seen A Ghost Before, You Would Be Afraid Of The Dark (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 242: If You Have Seen A Ghost Before, You Would Be Afraid Of The Dark (2)

    With that word, the darkness in the depths of Gu Yu's eyes disappeared in an instant. The corners of his lips even tilted up slightly at an almost unnoticeable angle. He tugged at his tie a few times to loosen it before leaning back on the sofa casually. He lifted his chin calmly and said, "Speak."

    Xu Weilai was puzzled and confused. Why did she feel that his mood became better again?

    Although she knew that his temper was always unpredictable, the change was too fast… He was so hard to deal with!

    Forget it. She didn't have the mood to examine his temper. She just wanted to accomplish her goal.

    "Gu Yu, I don't know if you have been online for the past few days. If you have, you would have seen those comments that have attacked me, right? I'm sorry. Because of me, you're implicated. I know you don't like exposure and don't like to be the subject of gossip."

    Gu Yu crossed his long legs elegantly. The tips of his fingers tapped on his knee lightly. No emotions could be seen on his face. Instead, he just replied lazily, "So?"

    "So!' Xu Weilai sat up straight and raised her right hand to make an oath. "I will take care of this matter in the shortest time possible. I will not let your name be linked to my name again. I will not let us have any connections anymore!"

    As long as she managed to take care of Gu Xue and push Rong Wang to his death, Zhou Meiqi wouldn't be able to hold her ground. That meant that the articles she wrote wouldn't have any value anymore and the public would start to forget about the matter.

    Xu Weilai didn't know what she said wrong again. She saw Gu Yu's gaze turning cold at an obvious speed. Even the aura around him had a layer of icy breath on it. It made people shudder uncontrollably.

    Xu Weilai forcefully suppressed her urge to run away and swallowed her saliva furiously. She asked in a whisper, "If you… if you're not satisfied, I can give you a time limit. How about three… three days?"

    She didn't mind getting mocked by the public. Three years ago, when she got mocked by everyone after Gu Yu broke off their engagement, she had already gone through a period of sorrow…

    But, Gu Yu had always kept a low profile. Now that his name was being posted online and discussed by the public, he would still feel unhappy, maybe even contempt and anger, even though these people weren't scolding him.

    When Gu Yu continued to remain quiet, Xu Weilai gritted her teeth and raised two fingers. "How about two days?"

    Two days… she really didn't have the confidence to do it in two days but Gu Yu still seemed dissatisfied. Could it be that… he wanted her to deal with the matter within a day? Or could it be that he wanted it dealt with immediately?

    Gu Yu held her hand suddenly. His cold and big palm pressed down on her fingers. The force he used when holding her hand was substantial enough for Xu Weilai to gasp.

    Gu Yu's voice was low, deep, and hurried. He felt like he was venting his emotions. All the words he said seemed to be forced out of his mouth word by word. "Xu Weilai, have you ever thought of… a faster method?"

    A faster method…

    The people on the internet mocked her for seducing men all the time. That meant that if she stood up and said that she was already married and her husband was Gu Yu, those people would have to shut up!

    However, this thought only appeared in her mind for a second before she got rid of it decisively. This wouldn't be the method that Gu Yu was thinking of either.

    Xu Weilai felt that her powerful brain really couldn't think of a method to solve the issue quickly. Thus, she had no choice but to be shameless and asked Gu Yu weakly, "For instance?"

    For instance…

    So she really never thought of making their relationship public.

    Gu Yu lowered his gaze and haggardly covered the strong disappointment and mockery in the depth of his eyes.

    He didn't speak anymore. He merely released Xu Weilai and stood up. Then, he walked into the bedroom and closed the door with a bang.

    Gu Yu took a bath and went to the study room. Xu Weilai laid on the bed and waited for him to come back to sleep. However, she fell asleep from waiting and never saw him. When she awoke the next day, he had already left the apartment.