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Chapter 187 - Confiding

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 187: Confiding

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    It was already quite late. Su Cha didn’t have the habit of rushing in the middle of the night and she still had to practice martial arts in the hotel.

    When she hurried to the hotel with her suitcase, she was still a little dazed and heavy-hearted.

    She was not as calm as she appeared to be on the surface. The main reason was because even though she had been through so much, the thought that she wasn’t Su Mingzhe’s biological daughter had never crossed her mind.

    Perhaps it was true for many matters that they don’t feel right only after they have happened.

    The way Su Mingzhe treated her, indeed didn’t seem like how one would treat his own biological daughter.

    Even if Su Cha had convinced herself before that some fathers in the world were like this, with Su Mingzhe it did not seem to be a case of a lack of parental attention towards his children. Rather, it seemed as if he did not want to bother too much with Su Cha.

    Why didn’t he want to? Things were clear now – because they were not blood-related, so he didn’t want to bother much.

    In her memory, no one seemed to have mentioned her resemblance to Su Mingzhe.

    The ordinary-looking Su Mingzhe should not have such a beautiful daughter as Su Cha.

    Even if he and Gu Yanfang had sons, they would look ordinary.

    Why couldn’t she see this before?

    Su Cha’s gaze was deep, with a hint of obscure emotions.

    So who could her biological parents be?

    It seemed that Su Mingzhe knew about the matter, but from his behaviour, it was highly likely he would not tell Su Cha.

    Furthermore, Su Cha was shaken and needed to be calmed.

    She had never thought there would be complications in her blood, but now it seemed so, and she also lost some memories.

    Otherwise, her impression of her childhood wouldn’t be so vague.

    After checking in at the hotel front desk, Su Cha couldn’t reach a conclusion regarding the matter even after entering the room. She started to feel agitated and uneasy. Right after putting down her luggage, she called Bo Muyi.

    Also at this time, in this unfamiliar city, Su Cha looked at the vast night scenery outside. She felt rather lucky in her heart – at least she still had someone to rely on, and still had Bo Muyi to confide in.

    She wanted to tell him everything. She was not really all that strong.

    She just knew that if she was too flustered she would make mistakes easily, hence she forced herself to calm down.

    Perhaps it has been a long time since she had received such a big shock. Su Cha didn’t realize that she was trembling slightly when calling Bo Muyi.

    It was now seven o’clock in the evening. She came out of the Su household without even eating dinner, but she didn’t feel hungry at all.


    The phone was quickly connected. The voice over the phone was gentle and clear as usual. “Cha Cha, have you eaten?”

    His gentle inquiry made Su Cha’s heart waver more and more. She opened her mouth, and her voice was bitter. “Muyi, I am at my… Father’s, I just learned that I am not Su Mingzhe’s daughter, not his daughter.”

    When telling Bo Muyi this, she didn’t feel much pressure, and spoke naturally.

    But only Bo Muyi could hear it, there was a trace of grievance in her voice.

    He was obviously the father who has raised her for more than ten years, why was it, all of a sudden, he was not her father anymore?

    This was something she felt a little reluctant to, but had to accept.

    After hearing about this sudden incident, Bo Muyi was silent for a second.