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Chapter 246 - Does This Person Want To Create a Spy?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 246: Does This Person Want To Create a Spy?

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    A single glare was enough for everyone to quiet down.

    After a few minutes of silence, Feng Yi suddenly exclaimed, “Look, it’s Li Yibo!”

    Everyone looked at the screen he was looking at, and they saw Li Yibo coming out of his hiding place and walking toward two people that were engaging in combat. However, he did not step into the battle himself, instead he crouched down and waited at one side.

    “Is he planning on waiting for the battle to finish before dealing with the one left?” Crocodile asked no one in particular.

    The ones that were fighting were a veteran and a freshman.

    The freshman was quite smart and did not fight the veteran head on, instead he was focusing on trying to press the button on his wristband.

    The veteran was quite experienced too so he did not let the freshman have his way.

    As the two battled on, their stamina continued to decrease, and the rookie was quite badly wounded too so he took a chance to swoop toward the veteran, his hands closing around his wrist to press on the button.

    The veteran immediately kicked the freshman, but the freshman did not even try to dodge, instead receiving the kick head on as his fingers pressed the button.

    After that, he was sent flying by the force of the kick, dropping onto the ground with a loud thump, but the match was set.

    The veteran did not expect that he would be the one that would lose.

    Even though his injuries were much lighter than the freshman’s, but it was still his loss.

    “Good job, young man.” The veteran smiled and praised him. It was a bit of a shame that he could not become one of the six, but there was always next year!

    “Thank you!” The freshman thanked him with a smile. “But I’m the one that has to thank you for holding back, or else I might have been crippled by that kick!”

    The freshman lay down on the ground and rubbed his chest gently.

    He wanted to rest for a while before he got up again, but suddenly a figure appeared and swooped over in his direction as fast as lightning.

    The two of them had evidently not expected someone to be lying in wait.

    To them, no matter who was preparing to ambush, they would definitely step in and help the moment they could!

    When the freshmen were teaming up to fight against the veterans, the same was said for the veterans, too.

    Therefore, anyone that was hiding would have long since made an appearance whether they were a freshman or a veteran, but this person only revealed himself now…

    The freshman’s reaction was quite fast, and he protected his wristband before quickly trying to get away.

    He was punched once, and when he stood up, he saw the person that was attacking him clearly. “Li Yibo?”

    This was their enemy!

    The freshmen had planned to take revenge against him but he never expected to meet him here!

    It was clear that things would not go as easily as expected.

    Li Yibo’s movements were fast and precise, making the freshman stagger backward.

    The freshman clearly felt that Li Yibo was not weaker than the veteran he just fought, and since he did not have a wristband to protect, the rookie only had two choices—Beat Li Yibo head on, or flee!

    Li Yibo’s attacks were like lashing whips, and the rookie had the wristband to distract his attention while he evaded the attacks, and it was simply too difficult!

    Li Yibo was not in a hurry to get to the wristband, he only focused on dishing out as much damage as he could to the freshman so that he could not focus on anything else other than fending him off. With the freshman’s attention shifted, Li Yibo quickly reached over and took the band off of his wrist, but he did not press the button.

    The freshman’s movements stopped immediately.

    In the surveillance room, everyone was quite surprised. “What does he want to do? Why isn’t he pressing on the button?”

    Crocodile could not help but speak up, “Does he want to create a spy?”

    Lightning heard this, and he quipped, “It’s rare that you have brains for once.

    Crocodile. “…”

    ‘F*ck you!’