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Chapter 526 - A Hundred Media Platforms Witness Together!

Medical Master
     On TV, Luo Jie was the first to enter the room and begin to use the Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease.

    The picture was also immediately turned from the main stage to the room.

    Through the camera, the audience could clearly see everything in the room.

    As he entered the room, Luo Jie immediately went to the desk and began to diagnose the patient.

    At this time, the scene seemed to be a little serious.

    But the next moment, just as Luo Jie opened his mouth to say the first word, many messages appeared on the screen beside him.

    These were all Luo Jie’s discoveries in the Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease.

    After every diagnosis, more information would appear.

    After the Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease were completed, the conclusion of Luo Jie’s four diagnoses appeared on the TV screen.

    Under these circumstances, while paying attention to Luo Jie’s performance, the audience also had to carefully look at a line of words next to him. Although Luo Jie and the patient could talk in the recording process, their conversations were not appealing in the eyes of the audience. It was more practical to look at the information.

    In front of the TV, the audience got a little tired of watching this scene.

    They were attracted by the participants and also by the line of words.

    But although they felt very tired as they constantly focused on the screen, they still couldn’t stop staring. Every line of words would immediately attract their attention.

    It seemed that the show’s crew had expected such a thing to happen, so they also made a line of subtitles to remind everyone to rest a little to prevent fatigue of eyes, and recommended some food ingredients to improve eyesight.

    Soon, Fang Qiu came on the stage.

    At the sight of Fang Qiu, everyone continued to stare at Fang Qiu all the time without even blinking for a second.

    But they didn’t expect that they got even more tired when they were watching Fang Qiu’s performance.

    On camera, Fang Qiu observed more carefully than Luo Jie, and the information that appeared in the blank space of the TV was obviously more than that of the previous people.

    After the observation, the screen directly turned to Fang Qiu’s individual interview.

    In the interview, Fang Qiu directly spoke out his final conclusion of the Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease.

    After hearing that, everyone immediately found that Fang Qiu’s conclusion was completely the same as Luo Jie’s, but Fang Qiu was much more elaborate than Luo Jie in detail.

    With just one look, it was clear who was better!

    All the people who were watching the live broadcast on the Internet commented crazily. The bullet screen was actually full of various comments, covering the whole screen completely.

    “Fang Qiu is awesome.”

    “He’s too strong. Compared with Fang Qiu’s, the conclusions of the previous people are too simple.”

    “No wonder he’s the master. He’s simply invincible.”

    “Champion, Fang Qiu!”

    In the beginning, everyone didn’t leave so many comments.

    After all, Fang Qiu was in the front, and there were still many people behind him. What if someone was more impressive than Fang Qiu?

    However, as they watched more people’s performances, they found that the level of these participants was almost the same, and the results of their Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease were all very accurate. But compared with Fang Qiu, they were simply not at the same level.

    This time, everyone’s comments became even more fierce.

    It simply seemed to show the feeling that Fang Qiu had won the championship in advance!

    Soon, as the audience was enthused by the show, it came to an end.

    At 12 o’clock in the evening, the data of the ratings had also come out.

    Because of the publicity of Weibo before the start of the program, coupled with the attention of tomorrow’s live broadcast, Director Li Huawen had high expectations for the ratings of this episode.

    Although the show itself was not as eye-catching as the previous one, it was not that bad.

    In the conference room, the staff of the show was waiting for the statistics of the ratings.

    At 12:05 a.m.

    As soon as the ratings report was printed out, it was immediately delivered to the conference room.

    “The ratings for this show have come out.”

    A staff member holding the report of the ratings walked into the conference room excitedly.

    “How is it going? How is it?”

    “We did a good job, didn’t we?”Updates by vi p novel

    “The ratings of the previous episode is too awesome. It doesn’t matter even if it decreases a little.”

    Everyone stood up one by one and spoke incoherently.

    “Well, it’s simply not bad this time,” the man said excitedly.

    Upon hearing that, all the staff was stunned, and many of them were confused.

    The last episode had broken to 6%. No matter how high the ratings of this episode was, it couldn’t compete with the last one. Since it wouldn’t exceed the last episode, why was he so excited?

    In the midst of their confusion, the staff member placed the ratings report on the conference table.

    Everyone immediately turned to look at the figure.

    The first line went, “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, the average number of the ratings in this period of time is 6.5%. The highest ratings at the same time are 6.7%.”

    Seeing this number, all the staff was stunned right away.

    This number was something that they had never thought of. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to think about it, but they didn’t dare to think about it!

    It was already a miracle in the variety show industry when the show broke 6%.

    This time, the figure actually increased by 0.5%!

    It was even more than a miracle!

    At this moment, everyone stared at the data report of the ratings, and they couldn’t help but be excited.

    This was amazing!

    Not only the staff present but all the people in each show of Central Television were also excited and ecstatic when they learned the ratings.

    The Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was going to break the record!

    In the past, even the most amazing variety show had only reached 6%.

    Now the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had broken 6%. And this episode had even reached a height that had never been seen before in variety shows—6.5%.

    With this kind of achievement, all the variety shows in the country would be inferior to it.

    Of course, they were not just excited about the achievements of these two episodes.Updates by vi p novel

    The real reason why everyone couldn’t help being excited was that they saw the possibility of the program keeping the ratings above 6%!

    Once the ratings of each of the following episodes could be maintained at least 6%, it would really make history, which made the show become a real benchmark for the industry, even a legend!

    However, although they were very excited, they also knew that it was very difficult to maintain such a high level of ratings.

    The reason why the last episode could break 6% was that there was a heated topic for people to talk about. The influencer came to the show to challenge Fang Qiu.

    The reason why this episode could reach such high ratings this time was mainly because of the publicity on Weibo. The show’s official account had announced that Fang Qiu was going to publicize his treatment tomorrow, which attracted a huge amount of attention, which was much more than the show itself. Therefore, it greatly helped this episode to reach high ratings.

    But after that, it wouldn’t be so easy to maintain such high ratings.

    Of course, all the members of the show were confident. As long as the program’s content was maintained at a high level, the ratings of the show should be able to keep above 5%.

    If they were able to do this, the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor would be regarded as the top variety show in the country!

    What was more, the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was an absolute original show!

    They were proud of the show and their work in the team. At the same time, they were also very grateful to Fang Qiu from the bottom of their hearts.

    In their eyes, Fang Qiu was definitely a powerful weapon in the variety show industry!

    “Fang Qiu really lives up to his reputation. He’s really low-key!”

    “Is he low-key? I didn’t see it when recording the program, but his sense of variety is really strong.”

    “You’re right. Fang Qiu has a strong sense of variety. Whether he’s low-key or not depends on his daily life. Think about it. If others had such great popularity, they would join so many variety shows by now. But Fang Qiu is so low-key that no one can see him at all except in this show. If he wants, he will even disappear for a period of time. Isn’t that low-key?”

    “You’re right. He’s indeed a low-key person.”

    “He deserves to be a doctor of Chinese Medicine!”

    Over here.

    Director Li Huawen didn’t pay attention to the ratings in the first place.

    He was not even in the conference room.

    After the news was posted on Weibo, his phone was ringing off the hook.

    Since this afternoon, all the media across the country kept contacting him. And some even asked him to leave a place at the press conference tomorrow, in order to make sure that they were able to get to the show.

    Under these circumstances, Director Li Huawen had no time to pay attention to the ratings.

    He could only keep answering the phone, constantly convincing them and smiling bitterly.

    Each time the people of the media made a phone call, he would ask his assistant to write it down.

    After all, for every media, it could be regarded as a big favor!

    As the director, Li Huawen would definitely produce other programs after the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. Maybe he would make a TV show series or film, so he could ask these media reporters to return the favor by then.

    Therefore, Li Huawen didn’t miss any one of the media but remembered all of them.

    Of course, writing down all these media did not mean that he agreed to give them a place in the press meeting. He just wrote them down for the selection.

    It lasted until 12:30 p.m.

    Li Huawen’s mobile phone finally stopped ringing.

    The phone was power off after talking for a few hours. If it weren’t for the fact that the phone had run out of battery, the phone would probably have been ringing until tomorrow morning.

    Originally, Li Huawen could call while charging the phone.

    However, for the sake of safety, he gave up this method.

    What was more, during this time when he answered the phone, he almost talked to all the famous media in the country. Now those who called were just some small, unknown, and incapable media reporters who wanted to make use of this opportunity to be famous.

    It would be just fine even if these unknown media didn’t come to the show.

    Anyway, the number of media had exceeded the limit.

    Next, he still needed to select the suitable ones among these media, so it was meaningless to continue to get more candidates.

    After taking a break from those endless phone calls, Director Li Huawen immediately asked his assistant to count how many media he had marked down.

    However, it turned out to be over 300 media.

    There were even many media that were far away from the capital.

    In this situation, Li Huawen gave a wry smile.

    He shook his head and said, “These media are so far away. What’s the point to sign up? Even if I promise to give them a place tomorrow. can they make it to the meeting tomorrow?”

    Director Li Huawen and his assistant removed all the media that were far away and then selected from the rest of the media based on their comprehensive strength.

    Finally, they managed to sort out one hundred media with great effort.

    After dealing with the media, Director Li Huawen didn’t even try to get some sleep. He immediately began to contact the hospital and the patients.

    All of this must be done before 3 p.m. tomorrow!