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Chapter 231 - Ghos

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 231: Ghost

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Kill him!”

    The man with fish-eyes hit the ground and rolled rapidly, getting under a dirt-covered crane to take cover, and kept shouting loudly for his men to take action.

    Seven of his men aimed the submachine guns they had been carrying on their backs and began to fire away at Xiao Luo. Simultaneously, Hei Lang’s henchmen reacted just as quickly. They drew out the pistols from their waist holsters and instantly began shooting at Xiao Luo.




    The air erupted with the sound of gunfire. Hundreds of rounds were expended from the submachine guns and pistols, streaking across space between the gunmen and Xiao Luo.

    His intimidation tactic had failed!

    It wasn’t unexpected. These were hardcore criminals who would undoubtedly receive the death penalty for the smuggling of several hundred kilograms of drugs if caught. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain. These desperadoes would not be so easily intimidated by only a man with two handguns.

    BAM! BAM!

    With his first two shots, he had taken out two of Hei Lang’s subordinates. Xiao Luo then leaped to his side and hid behind an old derelict fishing boat, taking cover from the heavy gunfire coming from all directions.

    “You b*stard son of a Xiao-b*tch, I will kill you!”

    Mad with rage, the green-haired man kept shooting continually at the derelict boat, holding a gun in each hand as he advanced slowly towards Xiao Luo’s potion. The others fanned out and followed his lead, sustaining their fire on the old boat. Xiao Luo had to keep his head down and was unable to even put his head out for a second to assess the condition.

    The boat was a wreck in a terrible state of decay, its hull was corroded, and there were gaping holes and exposed beams throughout its metal shell.

    “I want him dead. Kill him!”

    The man with fish-eyes shouted hysterically. He was hurting from the wound on his palm and wished nothing more than to see Xiao Luo’s body riddled with bullets. He wanted to turn him into a bloody mass of flesh perforated with bullet holes!

    Without the slightest warning, a deafening sound, like a clap of thunder, boomed, and tremendous shock waves blasted from the direction of the derelict vessel. It seemed like the old boat was hit by a speeding train. It was lifted in the air and thrown towards the group of armed smugglers. It was surreal, and for those facing the incoming boat, time stood still for a second or so – a derelict vessel weighing several tons, seeming like it was floating in the air, then in a flash crashing into them at breakneck speed. The green-haired man’s jaw dropped, and he could only manage to shout, “Get out!!!”

    Five did not heed the warning in time, and they died where they stood. Fear lingering in their eyes for only the briefest moment before their lights extinguished the moment the boat smashed into them. They were thrown back and lay dead, looking like heaps of broken bones and flesh on the blood-soaked ground.

    Gone was the impassive, cold countenance that usually described Hei Lang’s expression. He now stared at Xiao Luo’s incredible display of force and power with his eyes and mouth wide open. He had just seen an old boat, weighing several tons, scythe through his men. This level of strength was not was something that could be attained through any form of physical training. The only logical explanation he could find was that Xiao Luo was a true master of the martial arts, and had cultivated his inner power to an impossibly high degree.

    “Is this fella a monster?”

    The man with dead-fish eyes stared in both horror and awe. He couldn’t believe that he had just seen a human propel a massive boat from a static position. Even pushing it on its side would have been unimaginable.

    BAM! BAM! BAM!

    From where the derelict boat had come to rest, Xiao Luo emerged like a swift shadow, wraith-like, and rapidly discharged three shots at his adversaries. In the dim light, his black smock visually evoked similarities to the Grim Reaper, here to collect his debt in lives.

    The three shots were accurate to their mark and immediately dropped three of the drug smugglers holding submachine guns, hitting them in the chests. As the bullets thudded into their chests, blood splattered in every direction, and the men grunted as they collapsed to the ground.

    “Damn it!”

    The remaining four men from the Golden Triangle saw that Xiao Luo taking aim at them, and quickly ducked, firing rapidly at Xiao Luo in return.



    Bullets from their submachineguns sprayed viciously in Xiao Luo’s direction, tearing into everything around him.

    BAM! BAM!

    Xiao Luo hit the ground rolling to his side and assumed a prone shooting position, fired another two shots, and killed two more of them. As bullets hit the ground around him, he dashed, nimbly jinking left and right, towards the two remaining men.

    The men wielding the submachine guns were a more significant threat and would be needed to be dispatched first. He had to take out their superior firepower, which had effectively tied him down and forced him to stay behind cover.

    The two men were panicking, they were unable to train their guns on the fast-approaching target, racing towards them in a deceiving zig-zap pattern. They felt a coldness run down their spines, their bodies involuntarily shook.

    “Oh, no!”

    Both men froze at once, their pupils dilated, cold sweat cascading down their bodies. Before they knew it, the black, cold steel of a gun muzzle appeared right in each of their faces.

    “Die!” Xiao Luo said coldly and pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

    BAM! BAM!

    The bullets penetrated their craniums, and both bodies hit the ground in a slump.

    In all, Xiao Luo had killed the seven men armed with submachine guns in the blink of an eye. Every shot he fired found its mark. These were seasoned fighters, each of them cruel and dangerous criminals who had been through countless such situations. Combatants who had long gotten used to gunfights and putting their lives were on the line. Armed with submachine guns, how was it possible that they were taken out so quickly? The man with fish-eyes swallowed hard. He was beginning to truly understand the meaning of fear…

    He only knew that this man was no mere mortal. He possessed skills and power that was beyond that of any human. They were no match for him.


    The green-haired man cursed loudly and aimed his gun at Xiao Luo. A volley of gunfire followed as everyone in the group all fired at once.


    Xiao Luo moved with lightning speed. With bullets ricochetted the ground behind him, he bounded across the field like a hunted wolf. Suddenly, turning around, he pounced towards the men and shot them dead from a short distance. The hunted had become the hunter.

    Hei Lang slowly clenched his fist, he felt his inner power surge within. He had kept count and knew Xiao Luo was running low on ammo. It was time for him to strike, he strode forward and… the cold muzzle of a gun was pressed against his temple.

    “Don’t move!”

    The short man cast aside his cover and stopped Hei Lang in his track.

    “You betray me?” Hei Lang looked towards him, coldly from the corner of his eyes.

    “I did not betray you, I am an undercover cop,” the short man said.

    Hei Lang immediately realized why Xiao Luo had put on a show that day. Zhuangniu was intentionally made out to appear like the informant, while the actual snitch was this insignificant toady before him.

    He sneered mockingly, “What a great act, a great act indeed!”

    Hei Lang showed no signs of apprehension even with the gun pressed against his head, and the short man suddenly felt nervous. “Hei Lang, you might be skilled in the martial arts, but this bullet doesn’t recognize your skill. I hope you won’t do anything dumb!”

    “Why not give it a try?” Hei Lang laughed coldly.

    Hei Lang had by now channeled his internal energy to his right palm, and in a flash, he smacked his open palm into the short man’s abdomen while pulling his head away, all in one quick motion.


    The short man reeled, as the force rapidly surged inwards through his body, and he felt his intestines churn from the shock waves. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he sailed in the air and landed hard on the ground.


    He managed to squeeze the trigger, but the shot missed its mark, and the bullet graced Hei Lang’s face. He sustained a superficial flesh wound but was affected otherwise.


    The sound of police siren pierced the air, as the red and blue flashing lights appeared from afar.

    Hei Lang stopped walking towards the short man and then turned and looked at Xiao Luo, who was engaging his subordinates. He made an immediate decision and leaped into the sea, and soon disappeared from sight.

    The smugglers panicked when they heard the sirens and saw that the police were upon them. Five or six police cars had screeched into the jetty ground, with task force units jumping out fully armed and ready. They force, led by their captain Wang Yongjia, quickly got the men surrounded. Their fighting spirits completely deserted them, and they threw down their weapons and surrendered with hands above their head.

    Only the green-haired man still held on to his weapon. He had run out of ammunition and just stood there glaring at Xiao Luo, seething with menace.

    “Put the gun down and squat down, hands above your head!” Wang Yongjia shouted loudly, pointing his pistol at the man.

    Xiao Luo smiled at the green-haired man. “Do you hear him, put your gun down.”

    The green-haired man dropped his gun, but was still clenching his fists tightly, and snarling like a feral dog.”If you think you are so capable, fight me alone!” He roared at Xiao Luo.