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Chapter 243 - She’s His Fire Extinguisher (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 243: She’s His Fire Extinguisher (1)

    It was a piece of paper. The words were written in a vigorous and powerful way, and it stated a time and venue. Xu Weilai recognized the handwriting. It was Gu Yu’s.

    Just as she expected, Mrs. Lin said, “Before he left, Young Master asked me to give this to you after you woke up.”

    No explanation was given, but Xu Weilai mmediately understood his intention. In the end, Gu Yu still helped her to ask Gu Xue out…

    Actually, Xu Weilai wasn’t unfamiliar with this side of Gu Yu. He had always been someone whose actions spoke louder than words. In the past, when they were together, he never said any sweet words to her. However, all the things he did for her were all extremely heartwarming and showed that he doted her very much.

    That was why she fell so deeply in love with him past the point of no return.

    The night before, she could sense that that his emotions kept changing. She didn’t know what she did but in the end, she still offended him. At first, she didn’t have much hope that he would help her anymore.

    Xu Weilai took the piece of paper in a daze. There was something simmering in her eyes. For a moment, she didn’t know what she was supposed to feel.

    Mrs. Lin saw this and opened her mouth. “Young Mistress, don’t get the impression that I’m speaking up for Young Master but after I moved in, I could tell that Young Master still very much prioritizes your matters. It’s just that this child… Ever since Master and Mistress passed away, he started hiding all his emotions in his heart and doesn’t like to express them. However, it doesn’t mean that he’s heartless.”

    Xu Weilai subconsciously clasped the piece of paper tightly. She pursed her lips slightly and didn’t say anything.

    She did feel the change in Gu Yu recently but… she just didn’t want to think about it. Or rather… she didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

    A while later, she lowered her gaze to conceal the complicated emotions that surfaced in her eyes. It seemed as though she didn’t hear anything Mrs. Lin said. She just said, “Mrs. Lin, I’m hungry.”

    Mrs. Lin sighed. But, she didn’t pursue the topic. She smiled and replied, “Breakfast has already been prepared. I made your favorite egg custard.”

    “Thank you, Mrs. Lin!”

    After eating breakfast, Xu Weilai returned to her room to change her clothes before heading out. When she was entering the changing room to choose her clothes, she unintentionally saw the rows of suits and shirts. She squinted. Then, she took out her phone and sent Gu Yu a message.


    The phone chimed once.

    Gu Yu scanned his phone with his dark eyes lightly. He paused for a moment before he picked up his phone quickly and unlocked it. He opened the message.

    ‘Gu Yu, thank you.’

    He stared at the message for a long while. There seemed to be an unnoticeable slight smile dancing on the edge of his lips. He stroked the name of the sender with his fingertips lightly. A tinge of gentleness appeared in his eyes.

    He put down his phone and looked up at the manager of the strategy department who was trembling with fear. Cold sweat kept forming on his forehead. Gu Yu twisted the cap of his fountain pen and with a swift movement, he signed his name on the document. Then, he closed the file and threw it in front of the manager.

    The manager of the strategy department was stunned.

    It was obvious that Mr. Gu was dissatisfied with the proposal he came up with. He was even prepared to get a scolding after he saw Mr. Gu’s cold and dark face. But, the next second, Mr. Gu actually signed the document and accepted his proposal. The way he looked at him was like the sky brightening immediately after a storm.

    The message he received earlier saved him!

    A moment ago, he secretly took a glance at the screen of Mr. Gu’s phone. If he wasn’t mistaken, the contact name of the person who sent the message was definitely… “Wife”.

    When someone falls in love, no matter if they are male or female, they would be able to turn from a devil into an angel~

    Wait, that wasn’t right. Mr. Gu was still single. Where did his wife appear from?