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Chapter 268 - Meng Meng Roasting Again!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 268: Meng Meng Roasting Again!

    Stephen felt wronged, but he did not dare to voice it out.

    After Huo Beichen had hung up, his phone vibrated. He opened the WeChat text from Ning Meng: [The kid came over to borrow some shower gel. Don’t worry~ I will not commit adultery!]

    Huo Beichen replied in a straightforward manner: [I believe in you.]


    ‘That’s what you say!’


    The next day, the manager of CM came to Shanghai and met up with Ning Meng and God. They then headed toward ET.

    Ning Meng did not bother with formalities and went straight to the point. “Tell me, how much?”

    Usually, a player like God who had never entered the competition arena would only be worth hundreds of thousands. Millions at most. However, Lu Jiahao shamelessly said, “One billion!”


    ‘Hmph. An exorbitant price, huh?’

    She had never heard that a player would fetch a price as high as one billion! As Lu Jiahao said this, he crossed his legs and looked at God.

    “Take it or leave it. If God is to stay, he must play in the club for another two years. We can only negotiate after that.”

    God was a fresh player in this world of E-Sports. If he continued to stay in this club, his speed and reaction would plummet, rendering him unable to join any competitions. Of course, God would shine again after two years, but Ning Meng was not about to let him rot here for two years.

    Ning Meng closed her eyes halfway and faintly asked, “We are definitely buying him over. Are you sure he’s worth one billion?”

    “Of course.” Lu Jiahao laughed coldly.

    “Either you pay the one billion and leave with a good reputation, or you can compensate us with ten million and violate the contract. The only other option is to stay behind, there is no third option!”

    If he were to violate the contract, his reputation would suffer in the future. Also… Ning Meng loved money too much to even part with ten million! She crossed her arms in arrogance.

    “Since you’re not willing to negotiate properly, let’s talk about your fifteen gamers-for-hire! An impressive club such as ET has to open an online gaming factory in a clandestine locale? Are your players that underqualified?”

    Lu Jiahao was unfazed and continued rudely, “Do you have any evidence? If you don’t have any evidence, what kind of sh*t are you spitting out?”

    “Did you not brush your teeth today? Why is your mouth so smelly? Even your toilet bowl must be cleaner than your mouth!”

    Lu Jiahao was fuming with anger. “Are you insulting me!?”

    Ning Meng shrugged. “Well, there are some people who need to be pointed right at their noses for them to know that they are being insulted.”


    He stood up with a thud. “Why, you little b*tch! You…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, Ning Meng slowly stood up, turned her wrists, and stretched her neck.

    “What!? Are you looking for some action!?”


    Ning Meng continued indifferently, “Did you know? I used to have two hearts. One was the good heart, the other, the evil heart. But now, I only have the good heart left. Because when I saw you, my evil heart died!”

    Lu Jiahao continued in anger, “You little b*tch…”

    Ning Meng had not roasted people in a long time, and the words kept slipping from her mouth. She immediately cut him off. “Look at how pitiful you are. You don’t even have any new ideas to insult others? You keep repeating the same old words. I bet that when you were younger, you were thrown up into the air four times but were only caught three times. Your brain must have gotten damaged from that?”

    “… I know that you want to buy him over only because of his young-looking features!”

    Ning Meng chuckled. “That’s right. Look at God’s beautiful eyelashes. Now, look at you. Tsk tsk…”