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Chapter 235 - Young Blood

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 235: Young Blood

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    Nobody would want to buy the shares in Mr. Qin’s hands if they thought that Jiang Yao, the majority owner, would ruin the hospital. Not being able to sell off his portion of shares would only make him even more anxious, lowering the selling price gradually until a buyer was found. At that point, all Jiang Yao had to do was to bargain for more and buy it off his hands at a lower price.

    Knowing that she wanted Mr. Qin’s shares, Huang Chengjing was impressed by Jiang Yao’s ambition.

    She had the idea back when he casually mentioned how Mr. Qin was preparing to sell off his shares while also complaining to the others that Jiang Yao was going to destroy the hospital. Huang Chengjing had to admit that this girl right there, was not to be messed with.

    “Absolutely, just wait for my news.” Huang Chengjing agreed without hesitation, even a little willingly. “However, you have to ask someone you trust to represent you when dealing with Mr. Qin. Do not let him know that you are the buyer. You know how much he hates you and that he will never sell it to you if he knows who the buyer actually is.”

    Jiang Yao thanked Huang Chengjing and thought about how he was still the experienced person here, being able to consider that crucial detail.

    She would not have thought of it right now. All she knew was to wait till the devaluing of the hospital’s shares. When Mr. Qin becomes desperate to sell off his shares, she would swoop in and take everything.

    Although, she did forget to consider the human nature. With the deep-seated hatred for her by Mr. Qin, he would never sell his shares if he knew that the buyer was Jiang Yao.


    She had an idea.

    “Mr. Huang, what if I request to buy Mr. Qin’s shares, provoking him in the process. Once he is pissed off, I will have someone else pretend to be my rival, wanting to buy the shares off of him. Do you think he would do something foolish, like selling the shares to my rival for an even lower price, just to make me bitter?”

    Huang Chengjing sat in his car, at a loss for words. For what seemed like ages later, he smiled and remarked to himself, ‘The young ones nowadays are getting better.’

    After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao felt much better. The issue now was to find a person who she could trust. But who could it be?

    She was not that sociable, and she just realized how few friends she had.

    Lost in thought, she walked around aimlessly, not knowing that she had reached the end of the street.

    There were several huge courtyards at the end of the street. The doors to the courtyard were locked, but they were decorated very grandly, just like how the rich lived back in the old days.

    Splitting from the end of the street were two alleys. Surprisingly, a couple of vendors had set up stalls in the alley. The vendors were huddled around playing cards due to the seemingly lack of customers.

    Jiang Yao walked into the alley. Hearing footsteps, which meant potential customers, the vendors abandoned their game of cards. They got close to Jiang Yao, wanting her to check out their respective stalls.

    “Miss, you don’t look familiar, is it your first time here? Let me tell you, someone bought a painting from me some time ago. He spent a thousand dollars on it and guess what? He sold it to a collector for twenty times the money he spent! Twenty times!”

    The guy got excited and dragged Jiang Yao to his stall when she was not paying attention.

    Once Jiang Yao was standing in front of his stall, the rest of the vendors left. There was a set of rules here in this alley that everyone followed. No one could nab someone else’s customer standing in front of their stalls.