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Chapter 188 - Leaving This Instan

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 188: Leaving This Instant

    "It's alright Cha Cha."

    The man over the phone pacified her softly, "You have me, he is not worthy of being your father."

    When bringing up Su Mingzhe, Bo Muyi also frowned a little, with a trace of disgust that was hard to detect.

    "Then who would my father be?"

    Su Cha was very confused. If he was not her biological father, who would it be?

    "Am I an orphan?"

    If she wasn't an orphan, why didn't she have any memories of her biological parents?

    But if she were an orphan, why would Su Mingzhe say that - who is he sorry towards?

    He didn't want to let her go to the Imperial Capital, but Su Cha felt it was a place she had to go to.

    In this contradiction, Su Cha understood that perhaps in the Imperial Capital there was something hidden she could unravel.

    It was just that she didn't know what this thing was.

    "Cha Cha is certainly not an orphan."

    Bo Muyi also paused for a while, and said with a soft magnetic voice, "Cha Cha now needs a rest, you must sleep well. You will see me when you wake up."

    "How do you know…"

    Bo Muyi's words made Su Cha instinctively feel that something was amiss, but she didn't ask, she noticed another thing first. "Are you going to come? No, Muyi, you are busy with your own matters, I was just too surprised by this and called to tell you, I'm fine."

    She was just more shaken up than usual, but not to the point of death.

    For Bo Muyi to come over from the Imperial Capital, that would be too much trouble.

    "Cha Cha, just rest, listen to me for once."

    His voice contained a rare trace of dominance. Su Cha knew his character and sighed, "Okay."

    Hearing her sigh, Bo Muyi also frowned. "Don't sigh, this matter is really no big deal. Without him, you can have a better life."

    Su Cha: "…"

    But after all, it was her father who had raised her for more than ten years.

    She didn't say much. After hanging up the phone, she was originally prepared to rest well as Bo Muyi had instructed, but recalling that she hadn't practised enough, she continued to do so.

    The world was so vast, she had to carry out her plan step by step to reach her goal. Even if many unexpected things happened, her steps could not be disrupted.


    At night, in the Bo Family mansion.

    The quaint courtyard was filled with a foreboding atmosphere. Although the style and architecture here was extravagant, it couldn't hide the coldness within the courtyard of the mansion.

    With the same style as a courtyard house, in a place like the Imperial Capital with expensive land, its ancient years and value was highlighted. This was a place that others were absolutely prohibited from entering.

    Everyone knew that such a huge and magnificent courtyard was of the most famous Bo Family in the Imperial Capital, where they lived.

    It was known as Wang Ge.

    It had a simple and low profile name, yet it was a holy place that countless top class households in the Imperial Capital dreamt of entering.


    A person opened one of the courtyard doors, and a tall and built man walked out, still adjusting the buttons on his black shirt, exuding a dominating aura, which was daunting.

    "Young Master."

    Bai Kun hurriedly walked in from outside the courtyard, his expression a little cautious. "Are you really going out now? Let the Old Madam know…"

    The man's indifferent, cold eyes fell on Bai Kun, who felt a tightening in his heart, cutting off everything he wanted to say subsequently.

    Bai Kun immediately compensated with laughter. "I'm sorry young master, I spoke too much, I've already arranged it."

    The man then retracted his gaze, and Bai Kun felt the pressure subside tremendously.