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Chapter 301 - : Masturbation Can’t Neutralize I

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 301: Masturbation Can’t Neutralize It

    Yun Jiuge had heard of this Aphrodisiac before. If its effects flared up, a poisoned man would not even spare a female pig.

    She counted the number of peach blossom petals on the stall owner’s body. There were nine in total.

    It seemed that this stall owner had been afflicted by this poison for quite some time. She did not know how he dealt with his bouts of intensified sexual desire.

    “I heard that this poison not only arouses men, but it can also alter certain materials and Spiritual Bones in a particular way. Is that true?” Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang.

    “Extract some from his body and study it.” Zi Shang could see that Yun Jiuge was itching to neutralize the poison.

    “Alright. I will do a good deed and save his life out of consideration for his three thousand pieces of Spiritual Jade,” Yun Jiuge replied. She undid the front part of the man’s clothes, revealing his sinewy upper body.

    The man had the physique of a bodybuilder with well-defined, solid muscles.

    Zi Shang watched her fold his clothes to the side and furrowed his brow. He felt extremely displeased.

    Yun Jiuge was focused on assessing the poison. She did not realize that she had ruffled his feathers.

    “This poison is really interesting.” Yun Jiuge’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

    Generally, if someone was poisoned with an Aphrodisiac, they just had to masturbate to take the edge off.

    However, this Peach Blossoms Aphrodisiac worked the other way around. The more an afflicted man stroked his member, the more it would exacerbate the poisoning and hasten his death. Even if they continued to release semen to the point of dry orgasm or their d*cks falling off, it was no use.

    In the end, they would die a horrible death from the poison.

    This stall owner must have known of the poison’s potency, so he’d abstained from sexual release. Because of this, it was much easier to neutralize the poison in his body now.

    “Spirit Palace, Central Pivot…” Yun Jiuge managed to find the Acupoints that she needed to neutralize the poison in seconds. She positioned her Lightning Fire Needle, which was gleaming with faint Purple Spiritual Light, near the first Acupoint and started stabbing from left to right.

    Pink liquid oozed from the stall owner’s wheat-colored pores. The sight inspired affection in those watching, much like a young lady adored by everyone.

    Actually, the stall owner was quite lucky.

    Since he had cultivated a Secondary Disciples’ Yin Skill that could automatically suppress his sexual desires, he could stifle the effects of this Aphrodisiac to a certain extent. This was how he had been able to endure the poison’s effects without worsening considerably.

    If a typical Spiritual Practitioner were poisoned with this Aphrodisiac, it was highly likely that they would die from sexual frustration.

    After Yun Jiuge forced the Peach Blossoms Aphrodisiac from his body, she carefully collected it in a jade bottle.

    “You should thank me. Consider your three thousand Spiritual Jades wisely spent.” Ye Jiuge was thoughtful enough to move the stall owner to a safe, hidden spot, before walking away.

    Lang Ya regained consciousness shortly after.

    Before he opened his eyes completely, he was already checking the contents of his Magical Bottomless Satchel.

    “F*ck.” As soon as he opened his Magical Bottomless Satchel, he discovered that all of his Spiritual Jade had disappeared. Not only that, but the large bear bone that he often sat on was also gone.

    “Damn it! The scoundrel that bought the Gale Wolf’s bones from me today must have taken them.” Lang Ya had always been perceptive.

    He’d known that there was something unusual about that large bone.

    Unfortunately, despite trying everything he could think of to figure out the bone’s secret, he could not unravel the mystery. Therefore, he had been taking it with him everywhere and using it as a stool. He’d never expected someone who recognized its value to steal it from him.

    “Hmph, if I find out who you are, I will definitely seek revenge for what you did to me today,” Lang Ya vowed. Since the four Gale Wolf’s bones had a distinctive appearance, he would discover the culprit as soon as they used them in his vicinity.

    Lang Ya stood up. All of a sudden, his body felt funny. He had not experienced such a pleasant feeling for a long time.

    He loosened his collar and discovered that the peach blossom petals on his lower collarbone, the ones that the women from Hehuan Sect had given him, had disappeared completely.

    After that, he reached down and touched his golden cudgel. His persistent erection was finally gone.

    “Is it possible that the poison was neutralized?” Lang Ya was ecstatic.

    Some time ago, he had chased after a Gale Wolf and ventured into the Hehuan Sect’s territory, the Mysterious Beasts Forest. He had been caught off guard when the wanton women had ambushed him and poisoned him with their Aphrodisiac. He almost lost his life because they kept toying with him.

    It had taken a lot of effort to get away from them. Sadly, he could not find anyone who knew how to help him to neutralize the poison. Therefore, he’d had no choice but to meditate and use his Yin Qi to freeze the three-inch stiff member below his navel.

    The discomfort from his blue balls was really becoming unbearable!

    If he had been unable to find anyone to treat him, he’d planned to summon up the courage to seek his future Master, Elder Bai Gu, for help. He’d never thought that the poison would disappear from his body after being attacked.

    At first, Lang Ya had wanted to find the person who had robbed him and avenge himself. However, he changed his mind now. It would be hugely beneficial for him to get to know a master who could produce Medical Pills and neutralize poison. In the Yin Corpse Sect, they were far too few of them.

    Yun Jiuge did not know that Lang Ya was thinking of a way to gain her favor.

    After she returned to her room, she prepared a pail of black ink and immersed the Gale Wolf’s bones in it.

    Not many Secondary Disciples possessed this kind of Spiritual Bone. If she displayed them in public still with their original appearance, they would be too eye-catching. She needed to change the way they looked.

    After Yun Jiuge finished with the four Gale Wolf’s bones, she took out the large bear bone and asked the Treasure-hunting Scorpion, “How is this a treasure?” Why couldn’t she feel any Spiritual Energy coming from it?

    “I don’t know. There are two luminous dots in the middle of this bone, so it is definitely a treasure,” said the Treasure-hunting Scorpion earnestly while waving its huge pincers.

    “Luminous dots?” Yun Jiuge inspected the bear bone from every angle. She did not notice anything that might give her any information. She asked Zi Shang, “Can you locate them?”

    “I am not a Treasure-hunting Demon.” Zi Shang was only interested in things that could help him replenish his Demonic Power.

    “Forget it. I will cut it open and have a look.” Yun Jiuge acted immediately. Under the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s guidance, she used a small dagger to cut around the bright spots and removed them from the bone. After that, she examined the bones slowly. She finally discovered two thumb-sized pearls in the crevices.

    The pearls were as gray and dull as the bear bone itself. Yun Jiuge could not sense any Spiritual Energy coming from them, so she was not surprised that they did not have any luster.

    “Are these the Internal Elixirs of Pearl Fishes?” This time, Zi Shang was only able to identify the pearls when he laid eyes on them.

    “Really? I didn’t know that Pearl Fishes also have Internal Elixirs.” Although Yun Jiuge had never seen them before, the two ‘stones’ that she was holding did not seem like Internal Elixirs at all!

    “I reckon that the Spiritual Energy contained in them was sealed because the bear bone has petrified for too long.” Zi Shang took the small pearls from Yun Jiuge and squeezed them lightly. The mineral deposit encrusting the pearls fell to the ground.

    In the end, Zi Shang held two white, rice-sized pearls glowing softly in his palm.

    “Bears loved to eat Pearl Fishes more than anything. Only two out of one hundred thousand Pearl Fishes can cultivate an Internal Elixir in their bodies. I think that this bear ate these two Pearl Fishes against all the odds. Unfortunately, before it could digest them, someone killed it. The Internal Elixirs eventually fused with the bear’s bones.” This was merely Zi Shang’s conjecture. However, he felt that it was not likely to be far from the truth.

    “Then, what are they for? Can I consume them?” Yun Jiuge swallowed her drool. Ever since she’d been cultivating using the Ten-thousand Beast Technique, she’d become more animalistic.

    “These Internal Elixirs have been out of the Pearl Fishes’ bodies for too long, so you can’t eat them.” Zi Shang was afraid that Yun Jiuge would get food poisoning from the pearls. Zi Shang, on the other hand, regarded them as unworthy of his attention.

    “Cheep, cheep, cheep!” Just then, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion asked sheepishly, “Mistress, can you give one to my wife? She is going to experience metamorphosis soon.”

    “What is she transforming into? Will she be a Treasure-hunting Scorpion like you?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    She knew that whether or not a scorpion became a Treasure-hunter was determined at birth. As soon as it was born, it became a Spiritual Beast. But she had never heard of normal scorpions undergoing metamorphosis to become Treasure-hunting Scorpions!