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Chapter 302 - Every Lovers’ Quarrel Can Be Resolved Through Dual Cultivation

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 302: Every Lovers’ Quarrel Can Be Resolved Through Dual Cultivation

    “That’s right. I never thought that my wife would encounter such a favorable opportunity. If she can successfully metamorphose into a Treasure-hunting Scorpion, it will be easier for us to have a scorpling in the future.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion had always wanted to have his own scorplings one day. It would be even better if his offspring resembled his wife. It would undoubtedly be a beautiful little creature.

    When the time came, they could search for treasures together as a family and help their Mistress in fights. Then, they would definitely earn higher rewards for their work.

    “It never occurred to me that the Internal Elixir of a Pearl Fish would be so useful,” Yun Jiuge mused.

    Since she could not use the Internal Elixirs herself and Zi Shang did not need them, she did not mind giving them to the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    As the Treasure-hunting Scorpion had worked tirelessly to accomplish tasks for her, his request to have the Internal Elixirs was reasonable.

    She was about to agree when the White Bone Monkey, which had been squatting in a corner, rattled its way over to her.

    The White Bone Monkey stared at the Internal Elixirs in Yun Jiuge’s palm. The Soul Fire in its eyes flickered wildly, conveying its yearning to consume the Internal Elixirs.

    “Mistress, I asked for the Internal Elixir first. He should wait his turn.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion felt nervous right away. He felt anxious that Yun Jiuge would refuse him.

    After all, this new servant had helped Mistress to collect plenty of Yin Qi for cultivation, so it was more capable than him.

    “You are just a skeleton. Why are you butting in? Go away.” Yun Jiuge waved it away.

    The White Bone Monkey did not have its own Internal Elixir. It would be a waste to give the Internal Elixir to him.

    The Soul Fire in its eyes dwindled immediately. It had a dejected expression as if it were saying that all of its dreams had been crushed and now it had nothing to live for.

    “Alright, alright. I will prepare a bucket of Yin Qi Liquid later for you to drink to your heart’s content.” Yun Jiuge was really indebted to the White Bone Monkey. However, she could not help it. She could not gather a large amount of Yin Qi without it. Therefore, she had to ensure that its needs were met.

    Kacha, kacha! The White Bone Monkey rejoiced, moving its head from side to side. The Soul Fire in its eyes danced happily again.

    “Good boy. Now, return to your corner and wait there. I will make the Yin Qi Liquid for you later!” After Yun Jiuge appeased the White Bone Monkey, she rewarded the Treasure-hunting Scorpion with a Pearl Fish’s Internal Elixir and two bottles of Cherry Pills.

    After all, it had been the one who had found the Pearl Fish’s Internal Elixir. Even though she could not use it herself, she needed to keep the scorpion motivated to work for her.

    “Mistress, thank you very much.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was over the moon.

    Its former masters had treated it as a tool that they could order around. No matter what kind of Treasure it found, they did not recognize its efforts. They’d physically tortured him and his wife instead. Their current Mistress was the only one who had ever been generous to then.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion used its large pincers to hold the Internal Elixir and Cherry Pills and returned to the sack like a dog with two tails to find his wife.

    “Darling, look at the Internal Elixir and Cherry Pills that the Mistress has rewarded me with. After you consume them, you can be like me,” the Treasure-hunting Scorpion declared proudly as it placed the Internal Elixir and Cherry Pills in front of its wife.

    “She gave you that many?” The female scorpion’s eyes widened.

    Since it was getting ready to start the metamorphosing, it was always starving. It stuffed the Internal Elixir impatiently into its mouth. After that, it opened the bottle of Cherry Pills and started gobbling.

    The female scorpion crammed the Cherry Pills into its mouth as if it had not eaten for a few hundred years.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion swallowed its drool discreetly. It even advised its wife countless times, “Darling, take your time eating. No one is going to snatch them from you.”

    The female scorpion wolfed down nineteen Cherry Pills at once. When it reached the last pill, it finally remembered the Treasure-hunting Scorpion. It pushed the Cherry Pill toward the Treasure-hunting Scorpion sheepishly and said, “Hubby, please have the last one.”

    “I don’t want to eat it.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion nudged the Cherry Pill back to its wife with its large pincers and smiled teasingly. “You should eat more to keep your body healthy so you can give birth to our scorplings.”

    After the female scorpion consumed the last Cherry Pill, it did not forget to whack the Treasure-hunting Scorpion playfully with its tail. “Dirty old fart!”

    The nudge sent the Treasure-hunting Scorpion flying. However, the creature was in absolute bliss.

    He’d fallen in love with his wife’s robust body and tail, which were as strong as a bull’s. It thought: My wife has not hit me for a long time. It feels so good!

    Yun Jiuge watched the interaction between the Treasure-hunting Scorpion and its wife with an amused expression. After the female scorpion had taken some time to nurse its body back to health, its appearance had really changed drastically.

    The wounds inflicted by Liu Yunfei’s abuse had faded completely. A faint purple glow shone out from its brown carapace. It had a sturdier body than the Treasure-hunting Scorpion, while its tail was becoming thicker and longer. The female scorpion’s body was ready for pregnancy.

    “Fatty Scorpion, why don’t I give the remaining Pearl Fish’s Internal Elixir to your wife as well?” Yun Jiuge had a lot of faith in the female.

    She believed that it would give birth to a group of healthy scorplings one day.

    If every scorpling turned out to be a Treasure-hunting Scorpion, Yun Jiuge would strike gold. Even if she spent her days lazing around, she could still obtain treasures without lifting a finger.

    “There is no need for that. One Internal Elixir is enough for her.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion shook its head quickly.

    It hesitated for a moment before saying, “Mistress, why don’t you give the other Internal Elixir to the Black Fat Rat?”

    “Why?” Yun Jiuge raised an eyebrow. Shortly after the Treasure-hunting Scorpion had agreed to work for her, Pipi Jam had gone into hibernation. The two of them had not had any time to get to know each other!

    “I have a hunch that the dormant Black Fat Rat is the reason why my wife can now metamorphose.” The Treasure-hunting Scorpion said though it could not put its pincer on why.

    Still, it felt that the Black Fat Rat was a treasure as well.

    The Black Fat Rat was either a waste of space or so powerful that it was beyond the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s capability to determine why it was so special.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion thought that the latter was more likely.

    “Alright. I will give it to Pipi Jam!” Yun Jiuge took the Black Fat Rat out of the sack.

    The Spiritual Flower Pearl that Yun Jiuge had previously placed in its arms had vanished. However, it showed no signs of waking.

    “Stinky Brat, how long are you going to sleep for? You have consumed so many of my valuable possessions. When you wake up, I am going to make you my slave for the rest of your life!” Yun Jiuge petted the Black Fat Rat’s head, recalling the chubby, cute child that it transformed into before.

    She thought: I am really curious about Pipi Jam. I wonder what kind of creature it is.

    Yun Jiuge pressed the Pearl Fish’s Internal Elixir into the Black Fat Rat’s arms.

    Somehow, it knew that this was something beneficial to him, so it tightened its hug around the Internal Elixir.

    After Yun Jiuge bullied it with her fingers for a while, she placed it back in the sack and took the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect out to check on it.

    The pink cocoon had deepened its color. It was now similar to the intensity of cherry blossoms. The level of Life Energy that the cocoon was discharging was remarkably steady. However, the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect showed no signs of emerging.

    Yun Jiuge ground a Cherry Pill into powder with her fingers and sprinkled it on the cocoon. After it absorbed the powder completely, she put it back in the sack.

    By then, it was already late at night. Once the Treasure-hunting Scorpion and his wife had finished their dinner, they curled up together and slept.

    Yun Jiuge was exhausted after a long night. She yawned and decided to walk to her bed to get some rest. However, when she turned around, she saw Zi Shang standing behind her silently. His handsome face was extremely sullen.

    “Why are you standing here in the middle of the night? Do you plan to scare the wits out of me?” Yun Jiuge placed her hand on her chest.

    Although Zi Shang was quite attractive, he was also capable of inducing fear. When he said nothing, he was quite terrifying.

    “If you are so easily shocked, then why were you so unflinching when you undid that man’s clothes earlier?” Zi Shang’s purple eyes were dark.

    Zi Shang’s lips were pursed tightly. His whole body was sending the message: “I am displeased. I am unhappy. Lascivious sl*t, come here, quickly. Kneel and beg for forgiveness.”

    “What do you mean by ‘removing a man’s clothes’? I was trying to save him by treating his poison. Besides, I received payment for my medical service. Three thousand pieces of Spiritual Jade!” Yun Jiuge would never plead guilty to Zi Shang’s outrageous accusations.