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Chapter 597 - So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 32)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 597: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 32)

    “Young master Qian, although your wound doesn’t need stitches, you have to be careful of infection.” The female doctor’s face was a bit red. This seemed to be her first time being this close to Luo Qian Zhe, so her heart was beating fast.

    “Un.” He softly replied before looking at Luo Qing Chen who was seriously looking over his wound, “Does my foot look better than my face?”

    His voice was very soft, but there was a bit of warmth to it.

    It was like it didn’t matter he was heavily injured, nothing else mattered as long as she was safe.

    “It really hurts, right!” She knit her brows in annoyance as a faint mist appeared over her eyes.

    This matter wasn’t handled properly by her, she shouldn’t have shown any mercy to that thin girl.

    As expected, one couldn’t stand firm if they weren’t ruthless!

    “It’s alright.” He looked at her and waved his hand, “Come over.”

    The female doctor very tactfully left the room and even closed the door.

    There were only the two of them in the doctor’s office and there was a faint alcohol scent in the air.

    “What are you doing?” She sat down beside him, but his hands took her waist and with a strong pull, she fell onto the bed.

    His head moved slightly as he softly leaned on her shoulder, “I really was afraid just now…..”

    She could hear a slight tremor in his voice when he said this.

    It was very soft, but she heard it.

    Luo Qing Chen raised her hand and rubbed his head in a pained manner, “Relax, I’m much more powerful than you imagine.”

    If Feng Xiao wasn’t in danger, she could have defeated them all, alright?

    Luo Qian Zhe softly held her as he said in a gentle voice, “From this day forth, no one in this school can bully you.”

    For sure, no one!

    Everyone that dared to touch her, he would make them pay a painful price.

    The snow was falling even harder outside the window as the cold wind blew. He pulled in and held her even tighter.

    This scene, it would have been awkward if people knew they were siblings.

    But if they were lovers, the white uniforms accentuated their youthful appearances.

    This scene, how perfect it was…..

    Since Luo Qian Zhe had hurt his foot, the butler drove over that night to take them home.

    When Luo Qing Chen sat in his Maserati Spyder, she received many envious gazes!

    No one had sat in Luo Qian Zhe’s car before, but this new transfer student was the first one!

    When they returned to the apartment, the butler wanted to take care of him, but he was chased off immediately!

    After finally leaving the school, he could be alone with her.

    Suddenly there was a light bulb here that was very bright!

    “Luo Qian Zhe, what do you want to eat tonight?” She tinkered around in the kitchen for a bit and found that the previous host didn’t know how to cook at all!

    Should she exchange for a cooking skill?

    When she was hesitating, Luo Qian Zhe had appeared behind her. His foot was tightly wrapped up and it looked very funny when he walked.

    “Take a bath first!” He looked at the messy kitchen before looking at her, “I don’t want to make it worse for my stomach!”

    Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips in a depressed manner. This kind of backhanded way to say that her food wasn’t good, it made her angry hearing it!

    But after half an hour, she felt that Luo Qian Zhe telling her to take a bath was right!

    That was because there was a delicious scent coming from the kitchen that made her stomach gurgle.

    It was so fragrant…...