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Chapter 232 - Interception

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 232: Interception

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    As if possessed, the green-haired man screamed at the top of his voice, gritting his teeth as he dashed toward Xiao Luo. He pummeled his clenched fist into Xiao Luo’s unguarded chest with all the force he could muster. But Xiao Luo did not even budge, remaining as stable as a mountain. The punch and no effect on him whatsoever on him!

    “Fight you alone?”

    Xiao Luo looked at him and snickered. “Do you think you can?”


    Releasing a quick breath, Xiao Luo let out a burst of inner power. The energy exploded out from his core, and the air currents around him instantly thrust outwards, slamming into the green-haired man. He flew backward for a good two to three meters and crashed heavily to the ground. It did not stop him, he was ever loyal to the Dragon Gang, and he bore a deep hatred for Xiao Luo. He picked himself up and rushed at Xiao Luo again, yelling hysterically. He knew that his punches would be of no use, as he ran in, he slipped out a short knife from his sleeve.

    It was a short and very sharp knife resembling a surgical scalpel, glinting as it caught the light. A quick thrust followed a deceiving feint, as the green-haired stabbed the blade into Xiao Luo’s chest!

    The move did not deceive Xiao Luo’s eyes in the slightest. Shaking his head, he instantly extended his right hand and grabbed the hand holding the knife, gripping it at the wrist like a steel vice. He applied force on his five fingers and snapped the wrist back. The green-haired man howled in excruciating pain, dropping the short knife to the ground.

    “Well, you’ve had your chance to fight me alone. When they execute you with a bullet to the head, just close your eyes,” Xiao Luo said coldly.

    As he said that, he delivered a thumping frontal stomping-kick to the green-haired man, right in the chest.


    The green-haired man was thrown back violently by the force of the kick, slamming into a derelict fishing boat like a cannonball. He spat out blood and then immediately slumped into a heap as he lost all control of his body.

    Wang Yongjia snapped out of his stupor and quickly reacted by ordering two officers to apprehend the green-haired man.

    When the officers reached him, they found the green-haired man had lost all consciousness. They gulped, then turned to stare at Xiao Luo, terrified. What kind of a monster was he that he could knock someone out with a single kick?

    Cheng Chusheng, the senior member of the squad, was having mixed emotions. All sorts of emotions, except happy ones. He had doubted Xiao Luo’s capabilities from the very beginning, even when Xiao Luo volunteered to be the vanguard, he was the first to object. To top it off, Xiao Luo had just taken on more than ten armed men all by himself. Now it had all come back to haunt him, it felt like getting slapped him on the face.

    “Xiao Luo is a freak!”

    Cheng Chusheng cursed silently to himself, but he could do nothing about it, other than to admit that he was wrong.

    “Hei Lang has escaped?”

    Xiao Luo looked around and asked.

    Wang Yongjia nodded. “It seems that the wolf’s sense of smell is exceptional. The moment he saw us arrive, he jumped into the sea without hesitation. It will be difficult for us to find him in the dark. Once we get back to the police station, we will immediately issue a warrant of arrest and get him listed on the Red Notice. I don’t believe he will get far.”

    Xiao Luo was slightly disappointed, but it was overall still a good outcome. He wasn’t complaining, as there were bound to be a few that would escape. He had, after all, taken on too many of them all by himself.

    Looking around, he suddenly realized that the man with fish-eyes was missing. “There is another who has escaped.”

    Out at sea shrouded in darkness, he could make out the faint outline of a fishing vessel, and it was likely that man’s boat. He had escaped immediately after he realized that the situation was not going in his favor.

    Xiao Luo didn’t plan to chase after him. He was only interested in cracking down on the Dragon Gang.

    Of course, had Xiao Luo known that the man with fish-eyes had detailed information on him and that it would pass on the Khun Sa, he would have acted differently. Khun Sa was one of the higher-ups of the Blackwater Company, and they had the means and resources to do real harm.

    “So, there’s one more that escaped.”

    Wang Yongjia was not in the best of mood. He had planned and prepared well for the arrest of Khun Sa, but the big fish didn’t even take the bait. Instead, only some insignificant people had come here in his stead. On top of that, Hei Lang had escaped, and that added to his frustration. “Cheng Chusheng, inform the Coast Guard at once to intercept that goddamn drug smuggler, we must arrest him!”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Cheng Chusheng responded.


    Suddenly, an overpowering sense of fear took hold of everyone on the abandoned dock. An incoming projectile! It was a rocket-propelled grenade, and it launched from the very fishing vessel they had spotted earlier. And it was streaking in at horrific speed, as the blast of propellant from its tail made a terrifying noise as it tore through the air.

    “Get down, hurry, get down!”

    Wang Yongjia shouted hoarsely. A rocket-propelled grenade could shoot down a low flying aircraft out of the sky, and it could readily destroy a reinforced bunker. Its effective kill range was a radius of fifty meters. It was a lethal weapon.

    They all heard Wang Yongjia’s warning, and everyone automatically took cover. As Wang Yongjia got down on the ground, he caught a glimpse of Xiao Luo. He had his black QSZ-92 pistol in his hand, and he flung it hard at the direction of the incoming projectile. It rapidly spun as it flew at a shockingly fast speed across the dawning sky. It was traveling in a straight trajectory toward the rocket-propelled grenade that was roaring in toward them. Would it intercept the incoming ordinance?

    It did. The two collided.


    The rocket-propelled grenade blew up with a deafening roar. A wave of heated air spread instantly in all directions, as the explosion expanded in destructive shock waves across its blast radius. The effects were visible to the naked eye, as a fiery ball of flame lit up the dim skies and violently disturbed the water’s surface on the calm sea.

    Against the glare from the ball of flame in the sky, an enigmatic figure stood alone. Xiao Luo.

    Everyone looked on in absolute shock; the police, Hei Lang’s henchmen, and the smugglers were simply stunned to silence. They had all watched war movies with preposterous scenes of its heroes performing impossible feats. Now, to see with their own eyes someone intercepting a rocket-propelled grenade by throwing a pistol at it, was utterly beyond belief.

    The speed of a rocket-propelled grenade reaches 300 meters per second. It would have been next to impossible to track its trajectory with the naked eye, let alone intercept it.

    “He’s a monster!”

    On the fishing boat, the man with the fish-eyes stared open-mouthed, in absolute shock. He fired the rocket-propelled grenade confident that it would kill Xiao Luo and those around him, but instead, he had intercepted it with nothing more than a pistol. Was this man even human?

    He put down the smoking launcher and pushed the lever to increase the fishing vessel’s speed, intending to get away as fast as he could. He could not believe that there were still people like Xiao Luo in this world. He made up his mind never to ever set foot in this country again.

    On the dock, Xiao Luo turned and walked toward Wang Yongjia, extending a hand to help him up.

    “Captain Wang, are you alright?”

    “I… I’m fine…”

    Wang Yongjia was still in a state of shock. He grappled with the way he was feeling at the moment. He couldn’t help thinking that Xiao Luo was not from this world!


    In the girls’ dorm in Huaye, after her endless and persistent efforts, Bai Ling finally got past the firewall of Mie and obtained the IP address — “Destroy.”

    “Why, you’re surprisingly in Jiangcheng. Mie, I have finally caught you!”

    Bai Ling’s pretty face lit up with a smile of triumph, a smile that carried the sweet satisfaction of finally having things her way.

    Next to her, An Huanhuan, who had been lying on her bed playing games on her tablet, sent a message to the headquarters of NSA: “Bai Ling had located Mie’s IP! ”