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Chapter 269 - Poor Little God

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 269: Poor Little God

    Ning Meng continued with her insults. "When you smile, even the wolves want to hang themselves. When you speak, even the chickens and dogs would flee. When you stand, you fill the whole room with your stench. When you sweat, the lice would suffer. When you dress up, you look worse than a ghost."


    Lu Jiahao could not stand it anymore. He stood up and charged toward Ning Meng, aiming to land a blow on her.

    "You stupid motherf*cker!"

    Ning Meng was prepared to fight back, but God shielded her from the front. The young man of tall stature dragged Lu Jiahao by the collar.

    "That's enough!"

    He usually spoke in a soft voice, and this was the first time Ning Meng had seen him burst into anger this way. God's bloodshot eyes were glaring at Lu Jiahao.

    "You can insult me, but you may not insult my big sister! Apologize to her now!"

    Lu Jiahao responded coldly. "Tsk tsk. How protective of your investor. Why is it that you're only bursting out in front of her now? Is this all for show?"

    God could not contain his anger any longer and raised his fist, landing a hard punch onto his stepbrother's face.


    Lu Jiahao fell back a few steps after being hit. He had been standing firmly planted on the ground earlier, why was he now retreating and staggering so much so that he even pushed the chair next to him onto the ground? Soon, he fell to the ground himself and yelled out, "Ouch! Ouch! That hurts!"

    Ning Meng and God were clueless about what was going on.

    While they were both confused, footsteps could be heard coming from the door, and soon, a pair of husband and wife walked in. The man was clad in a business suit, and he looked elegant, while the woman was fair in appearance. When they came in, they saw Lu Jiahao on the ground and shouted out exaggeratedly.

    "Jiahao, Jiahao, what's happening?"

    Lu Jiahao cried out, "Mum, I was being kind-hearted enough to help God but he not only rebelled against me, he even hit me!"

    As he said this, he held onto his stomach.

    ‘Did God not just hit him on the face?'

    Mama Lu looked panicked. "Where did he hit you?"

    After the mother and son play, Mama Lu turned to look at Papa Lu and shrieked, "Look at what your son has done!"

    Papa Lu furrowed his brows and threw an angry glare at God.

    "Since I knew that you were looking to join a club, I allowed the manager to sign you in and give you a way out. Look at what happened in the end? I even thought that since we were a family, we would take good care of you. Han Meilin is only your aunt. Her surname is Han, your surname is Lu. Why are you so rebellious?"

    When God heard this, he was so shocked that he froze. He looked at Papa Lu in disbelief. So, the reason that he could sign the contract was all his idea in the first place? God laughed coldly.

    "I don't need you to pretend to be nice."

    Papa Lu became angry upon hearing this.

    "God, can you be just a bit more obedient than this? All these years, all you ever do is cause a ruckus at home. You either hit your stepmother or your little brother. When I was trying to teach you a lesson, Han Meilin kept protecting you. She would not allow me to scold nor hit you, she even took you away from the family! I've wanted to see you all these years, but she wouldn't let me! I've always said that Han Meilin is not suited to be a guardian. She is sick and unmarried although she is forty years of age. It doesn't help that she's weird, too! Look at how she's raised you after fifteen years!? How dare you talk back to your elders this way!?"

    Han Meilin had raised him for fifteen years, but in Papa Lu's eyes, he had instead been turned into a monster. God was heartbroken.

    "Don't insult my aunt! What right do you have to insult her?"

    Papa Lu retorted in anger. "What right? Just look at how she has raised you to be useless and uneducated! And you want to enter the gaming world!? If it were not for your stepmother, I would have beaten you up long ago! It was fine that you wanted to join the world of online gaming, we have even allowed you to use this premise to practice and hone your skills. But then what? Instead of being grateful for this opportunity the club has given you, you decided to cause a commotion!?"