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Chapter 244 - Shes His Fire Extinguisher (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 244: She's His Fire Extinguisher (2)

    The puzzled manager of the strategy department hugged the file and walked out of Gu Yu's office. He entered the elevator. While the elevator was moving down, he suddenly felt that Mr. Gu's expression seemed familiar for some reason.

    That's right, it was the Mr. Gu from three years ago!

    At that time, he was dating the daughter of the Xu family, Xu Weilai. He would smile every time Xu Weilai called him, messaged him, or came personally to look for him. No matter how unhappy or angry he was, Xu Weilai was his fire extinguisher.

    It had been such a long time… In the past, it was Xu Weilai. Who was it now? Who on earth was this ‘wife'? Who was able to melt the heart of the handsome ice mountain, Mr. Gu?

    If he was given the honor, he must pay his respects to the lady!


    Xu Weilai and Mei met Gu Xue at the arranged time and location.

    Maybe it was because it was the first time Gu Yu asked Gu Xue out, Gu Xue dressed up properly and even came half an hour before the arranged time. She sat in the private room obediently like a fair lady while waiting for him.

    However, Gu Yu didn't appear. Instead, she saw Xu Weilai. Gu Xue was stunned for a moment before she quickly realized what was happening. Her expression became dark in an instant and she was extremely furious. She glared at Xu Weilai with hatred as she gritted her teeth and said, "Are you the one that asked Brother Gu to ask me out?"

    Xu Weilai entered the room with Mei. Her dark gaze met Gu Xue's anger-filled eyes. She nodded and replied, "Yes. I have something to tell you!"

    "Hmph." Gu Xue snorted and stood up immediately. She carried her bag and wanted to leave. She didn't want to listen to anything Xu Weilai had to say!

    "I know that you don't want to see me. Similarly, I don't really want to see you either!" Xu Weilai wasn't anxious at all. Her tone was calm and she didn't seem to have any intention of stopping Gu Xue.

    Gu Xue stopped in her tracks abruptly. She widened her eyes in disbelief. "Xu Weilai, you were the one who asked Brother Gu to invite me. What do you mean?"

    Xu Weilai walked straight to the sofa and sat down. She poured a cup of tea for herself and took a gulp. Then, she opened her mouth calmly again. "I don't mean anything. I'm just saying the truth. This isn't the first day we aren't able to get along."


    Gu Xue was so angry she gritted her teeth. She clutched her bag with both hands tightly. The next second, she turned around and walked back to the sofa. She sat opposite Xu Weilai and poured herself some tea too. She lifted her head and drank the tea. After that, she said, "Since you don't want to see me, I will not leave! I will sit here and make you irritated!"

    Xu Weilai smiled. She had been at loggerheads with Gu Xue for a long time so she understood Gu Xue's personality very well. She was a pampered little princess who felt that she was the center of the universe, just like Gu Yu. If you kept coaxing her and relenting to her, she would disregard you.

    Thus, using the goading technique was the most direct and effective method!

    Xu Weilai cut to the chase. She took a file from Mei's hand and placed it on the table. Then, she pushed the file towards Gu Xue. She tapped her fingers on the file and explained, "This is Mei's medical report and… the record of Mei's three abortions."

    Gu Xue didn't even look at the document. She wasn't an idiot. The moment she saw Mei, she knew why Xu Weilai came to look for her. It must have been because of Rong Wang! However, she believed Rong Wang wholeheartedly. Was Xu Weilai planning to let her believe her lies with these pieces of evidence so that she would misunderstand her beloved Rong Wang? What a joke!

    Xu Weilai was expecting her reaction. She didn't force or persuade Gu Xue to look at the file. Instead, she signaled at Mei. Mei nodded and walked towards Gu Xue. Then…