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Chapter 189 - You Have To Remember It Yourself

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 189: You Have To Remember It Yourself

    At one o’clock in the morning, Su Cha slept awkwardly and felt a movement at the door.

    She felt sensitive recently, and immediately woke up when she heard the movement.

    But this is a five-star hotel room anyway, can the security be bad?

    I just won a scholarship of over 100,000 yuan, and I don’t enjoy it.

    There was a flash of thought in her mind, and she snapped the light switch beside her bed.

    The room was suddenly brightly lit, and Su Cha had just looked to the door when she saw a handsome man with a beautiful face.

    “Sleep so restlessly?”

    He didn’t seem to think something was wrong, but instead came to feel Su Cha’s uneasy sleep.

    Su Cha sat up and smiled helplessly: “Someone entered my room in the middle of the night. It wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t wake up. You’re not in the Imperial City, why did you come here?”

    Seeing Bo Muyi’s tall body walking towards her, Su Cha opened her arms and hugged Bo Muyi’s strong and thin waist. He sat down and touched Su Cha’s hair to bring her into his arms: “I think you are in a bad mood so I’ve come to see you. I will leave in the morning.”

    His slender fingertips touched Su Cha’s lips, “Do you miss me?”

    “miss you.”

    Su Cha is also very honest and answered obediently, and Bo Muyi was also very satisfied. He kissed Sucha’s cheek: “I miss you too.”

    Looks like melted sugar, sweet to the bottom of the heart.

    He just kissed Su Cha and did nothing.

    There are many things. After seeing Su Cha, there is no need to say more.

    She will have a decision in her heart.

    Su Cha lifted her quilt and patted the place next to her, smiling beautifully and calmly, “Do you want to sleep with me for a while?”

    Although the hotel is a place where many people live, Su Cha felt that it looked much cleaner and more upscale than her apartment.

    Let Bo Muyi sleep, and it should be fine.

    Bo Muyi also glanced around. Although some things are difficult to accept, Su Cha is here, even if you are not used to it, you can try to accept it.

    Su Cha is someone who can change all his rules.

    He kissed Su Cha’s forehead: “I’m going to take a bath, you go to bed first.”


    After watching Bo Muyi go to take a bath, Su Cha laid back on the bed again, staring at the ceiling lamp for a while, then closed her eyes.

    When she was not completely asleep, she felt the sinking next to her, and a faint scent came from the tip of her nose, which made people feel peaceful as she smelled. Su Cha turned over and hugged the man’s body actively, although she was not in the mood today. Very good, but now with Bo Muyi by her side everything seemed to be a bit better.

    As her shallow breathing fell into a steady rhythm, the man with deep eyes looked quietly at the serene face of the girl and at her delicate figure and face, like a scroll.

    How good, she is now by his side.

    Even if she forgot many things, it is not important anymore.

    Bo Mu also lowered her head slightly, kissed gently on her forehead, and her voice was very low: “You have to think of yourself.”

    The person in sleep heard his words, his eyelids moved, as if a little restless.

    I don’t know if she woke up or not.

    Seeing her reaction, Bo Muyi also slightly lifted her lips, and Sen Leng’s gloomy pupil was still gentle.

    Immediately, he raised his hand and turned off the lights in the room.